1. To make GO SMS Pro as default(avoid receiving two notifications), open stock SMS or other SMS app, in Settings, disable the Notifications, and in GO SMS Pro’s Settings, verify that Notifications option is enabled.

2. Warning about “keep getting duplicate messages”: Please remove other SMS related app and retry, if noneffective, please check or uncheck “Settings–>Important Tips–>Stock SMS related” correctly according to the TRUTH.

3. For GO SMS version uesers, you can backup your settings in “GO SMS Services–>Settings Backup and Recovery” and restore in GO SMS Pro.

4. If trouble with receiving MMS, you can check “Settings–>MMS Settings” first. And please don’t remove stock SMS app if you have MMS issues.

5. For time offset issue: If your messages receiving time is incorrect and disordered, please check “Settings–>Important Tips–>Disordered messages and timestamps”. (This issue mainly occurred in Droid 2, Droid X, Droid Pro, etc)

6. For I9000 settings issue, please check “Settings–>Important Tips–>Fix GT-I9000 invalid settings issue”.

7. To make automatically turn on the screen when receiving message, you can check “Settings–>Notification Settings–>Default notification Settings”, enable” Unlock screen”.

8. For personal message privacy: ①You can use security lock; ②You can set “Notification bar privacy mode” in “Default notification Settings”; ③Uncheck “Display message content” in Popup windows settings.

9. For individual settings: You can set it through Settings–>Individual Settings, or through menu in conversation UI (individual bubble settings are under dev, thanks).

10. GO SMS Pro only keep English and Smplified Chinese as default languages, and has take out other languages to make as a independent language pakages, if you need more languages support, please download the language pakages in”Settings–>Application settings–>Language selection ” .

11. GO SMS Pro DIY theme supports changing wallpaper, you can check “Settings–>Appearance Settings–>Inbox(Conversation)customization–>Change wallpaper”.

12. GO SMS Emoji plugin, enable you to send funny emoji icons to iPhone or Android phones with GO SMS and its Emoji plugin. Note that the emoji are sent by SMS, need no MMS. TO input emoji, go to compose message, and press “+” on left bottom. Emoji settings is in GO SMS’s Settings–>Appearance Settings–>Emoji encoding settings.

13. GO SMS Pro support swipe gesture function, you can do a left/right swipe GESTURE to move between the “Messages” and “Folders” windows.

14. For Facebook photos sync issue: Please login the application “Facebook for Android” and click “Friends” to load all your friends, then restart GOSms and check Settings–>Appearance Settings–>Facebook settings.

15. GO SMS Pro’s security lock apply for all SMS related app, you can check “Settings–>Security Settings–>Apply security lock globally”.

16. SMS backup and recovery issue: ①Binary format backup file is more safe, but couldn’t be used by other sms app. XML format backup file can be used by other sms app, and also can be view by notepad, but is not so safe; ②Support backup all messages or new added messages; ③Support thread and folder backup.

17. About scheduled messages: Allow to set a future point in time, and then send to single or multiple contacts, ring tone appears when sent successfully.

18. You can set signature in “Send Settings”, and set individual signature in “Individual settings”.

19. About Vote function: “Messages windows–>Menu–>help us–>Vote”.

20. For reminder for unread messages, enable option: Settings–>Notification Settings–>Default notification settings–>Reminder.

21. There are two MMS view modes: Long pressing the MMS, then select “View flat slideshow” or “View slideshow”.

22. Messages Group Mode means if two messages ‘interval is within 3 minutes, they will be grouped, the second message will not display time.

23. GO SMS support sending message to group: You just need to select multiple contacts (or group) from contact list.

24. “Resend” option is available in context menu for failed messages.

25. The relationship between GO SMS Pro and stock sms: It’s better to keep stock SMS. GO SMS Pro works well with stock sms. If uninstalled, there may be some problems with MMS sending or receiving. So it would be better to keep stock SMS for now.

26. Want startup faster every time? ①You may try “Enable GO SMS background service” in “Importance Tips”. ②From v3.20, GO SMS Pro provide Running Mode to let you select running features set. There are Lite mode(run fastest), Normal mode(run as regular GO SMS), Pro mode(include full features),User-defined mode. Can be changed in “Application Settings—Running mode settings”

27. Can’t send or receive messages? This could happen because you have used some tools to optimize the system, like Task advance killer, to remove or mask the relevant communication interface process. Please re-install  GO SMS Pro , if the problem persists, please email to us, thank you.


386 Responses to Q&A

  1. dave says:

    i’m having trouble with GOSmsProThemeMakerEnV2_0 everything is great at first but when i put my app on the market the customer cannot apply the theme. It works fine if the theme is sent to the person via email or if it is loaded from an sd card.

  2. karim says:

    btw, how to add some font?
    is it possible??
    i put some ttf font into root folder sdcard/gosms/fonts
    but it wont read, or maybe i did some mistakes???
    anyway, this is awesome, i love it so much, u did such a great job…

  3. Maxim says:

    Hi, great app, but have a problem. Can’t see a delivered icon on a message bubble, if I send sms using stock SMS and then view it in Go SMS – icon will be there. If I send from GoSMS and view it in stock SMS – icon will be there. Can you suggest anything? (btw, about a week ago everything was fine, but after I hard reset a phone yhis happened). Thank you.

  4. Arj says:

    I’ve been using GO SMS PRO, and its awesome. Thanks for the great application. I’ve a few queries. Kindly clarify.

    1) What’s the difference between Black Listed contacts and Private Message Box? When I move a thread to the Private Message Box, the corresponding contact is getting added into Private Box. There after I’m getting the messages from that private contact in private box. But, what exactly is Black Listed contact?

    2) What’s the purpose of Blacklist that’s available in Security page? If I uncheck “Show blacklisted messages in the Messages”, I cannot view that message anywhere?

    3) I’ve set the notification options (Ring tone, Vibration level, Notification icon, etc) for the Private Box. But I am not getting any notifications. What additional settings do I have to do?

    Thanks in advance !

  5. Will says:

    After the latest update the Custom Title option has disappeared from the private box settings. This means new message appears in the title bar instead of a custom message.

    • filip dextre says:

      I loved the custom title option.

      I don’t realy understand why an update removes functionality ?
      cant be for performance right.

      still love the app; but sorry to so that the feature is gone; will it ever come back ?

  6. Justin says:

    Is there a way to make Go SMS put “FWD:” on messages that are forwarded?

  7. Jose says:

    Great app guys. Keep the good work! I have a couple of issues to highlight after this latest update.

    1. I see you have now provided the option to add a new private contact directly into the private box. Great, as this contact does not show up in the general contacts list! However, a couple of things. There is no way to assign a name to it and most importantly …. there is no (easy) way to start a new conversation (sms) with it. Shouldn’t this be a menu option for the private contacts?

    2. There is still no way to reset the password for the private box!

    Also, please see Will’s comment above about the custom title option.


  8. Knox says:

    Is this a bug?

    You guys added a new feature a while back that I LOVE! “Send as split conversation: Group SMS will be sent as split conversation for each person.”

    However, if you send a photo (MMS) to multiple people, it does not split, even if you have that option turned on.

    Is this a bug? Can you add an option to split MMS also?

    Thanks! :)

  9. Plumbert says:

    Is there a way to turn the password off for the private box? I thought I remembered in earlier versions you could toggle the security on and off…

  10. mon says:


    • Att Systems says:

      I rarely leave comments, but i did some searching and wound up here Q&A.
      And I actually do have a couple of questions for you if it’s allright. Is it only me or does it seem like some of these responses look like coming from brain dead people? :-P And, if you are writing at other online social sites, I’d like to follow everything new you
      have to post. Would you make a list of the complete urls of your
      shared sites like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or
      twitter feed?

  11. rez says:

    is there a way to incorporate google talk into go sms pro? in a perfect world, having sms/mms, gtalk, and fb talk all in 1 app would make life so much simpler. any plans on adding a plugin for this?

  12. lifei says:

    got a problem:

    the sms doesn’t show contact names, just list of phone number, while other sms app show names ok.
    how to solve this?

  13. Mika Norén says:

    How come the Sony Ericsson devices aren’t in the google markets compatible list anymore? (specially the Xperia X10)
    I’ve just tested and it seems to be working just fine.
    What is not compatible?

  14. Emma says:

    I still cannot use Lookout on my sprint evo 4g – go sms pro caused it to quit working a few versions back. I just updated gosms to 3.69 and it did not resolve the problem.

    Are your dev’s working with lookout’s so this can be resolved? Luckily for me I was able to locate my phone but tons of people depend on lookout, and since it’s never failed me before, I had no idea it was invalidated.

    I see Lookout dev’s are trying to figure out what was changed within gosms, and one workaround is for some types of phones, but especially not android 2.3.3.

    I hope you can resolve this – I love gosms but if I have to choose between gosms and lookout, lookout is gonna win.


    • Shea Whittaker says:


      I’m glad someone commented on this. My phone was stolen yesterday and I am now unable to locate my phone due to Go SMS Pro blocking my Lookout capability. I’ve lost tons of priceless pictures, videos, etc. I wish there had been some kind of disclaimer in the app information section. Dev Team, it would be fantastic if someone, anyone would post some sort of reply of assurance that this is being addressed as thoroughly as the Lookout Mobile Team’s response to the issue.


      • Jeff Stewart says:

        Well… here it is January of 2013, and this issue is still unfixed. As others in this thread have said, there’s no question which app gets uninstalled. I love Go SMS Pro, but I HAVE to have Lookout functional.

        Go SMS Devs:If you want this product to continue growing, you really need to get with Lookout and figure out a solution to this issue. You have been aware of it for at least a year now, if you pay attention to what is posted here.

  15. mitch says:

    Droid x
    When i go to send a new txt msg i have contacts that are listed on my phone thru facebook and when i go to type their name in a new txt msg box to search them, the contacts via facebook will not show up. How ever if i use handcent / default messagin these contacts will show up. Is there a simple fix for this? i really dont want to go thru and add all of my contacts and then join them manually.

  16. hlr says:

    I’ve installed Go SMS Pro a few days ago, and for further testings, I’ve used the Private box by moving a conversation. The associated contact is automatically categorized as private contact, and all new messages from this contact are stored in private box.
    Now, I want to get back and restore this contact as a normal contact. For that, I’ve deleted the conversation in private box which makes the conversation to a non-private conversation.
    But I’ve a problem : now, when I receive a SMS from this contact, the new SMS is always stored in the private box.
    Did I miss a setting change ?

    Thanks for your help

  17. Taz says:

    f.y.i. possible bug/enhancement. When someone texts me from their email to my text number (i.e. they send an email to 8609861111@messaging.sprintpcs.com) I get the text but when I hit reply, it gives an error. The stock messaging app let’s you reply to this and the email sender does in fact get the reply message. Thanks for a great product…. Taz

  18. Twidina says:

    I use GO Sms Pro and today i don’t know why, all my sms disappeared. Is there something I can do to have them back? I had a lot of MMS with photoes and i really would like to find them :(
    Please help!

  19. Carl says:

    My vibrate function will not work on Galaxy s2. I have it turned on in every possible place i can think of and it won’t vibrate in, or out of silent mode. It vibrates on calls, but not SMS.

  20. Chris says:

    Im on Softbank in Japan. We send SMS&MMS to email addresses and not phone numbers. Can you update your software to support email addresses in the to field?
    Also – It would be cool if you could show the default useragent and mms gateway settings so we can see if we need to change them manually.


  21. Anna says:

    I was wondering is this app uses 3g/4g/wifi or phone service to send and receive messages?
    Textfree app is unlimited texting even though you don’t have any messaging feature through your phone carrier.
    Is this the same concept or what?


  22. Jereme says:

    When using goSMS Pro on my T-Mobile G2x I notice that I am not sending MMS messages in the same manner as the stock Messaging Application.

    Rather then sending a Message of Type: Multimedia Message(a real MMS), GoSMS is sending a Message of Type: Text Message(a SMS) with a link to “http://gosms.eb.3g.cn/D?f=50EPLBZK205jI_ViaGoSMS” and my message text; this link opens the other phone’s browser to display my image.

    When I send the same image via the stock Messager, the Message has Type: Multimedia Message, and the picture is uploaded directly into the receiving phone’s message string as soon as that string is opened to view.

    How can I setup GoSMS to send MMS properly? I have all the settings for MMS unchecked and all the data and Stock Messager options set as requested.

    • Landon says:

      This really concerning. My sister sent me an image and it sent me the link first like what you have then the imaged showed up. I opened up my laptop and typed in the address and it was on the internet! GO SMS is storing our images on the internet?! This isn’t right.

    • Vidkun says:

      Was there ever any solution to this found? I notice the same thing and really wish that GO SMS Pro would just send the pictures as a regular MMS instead of sending a link for my friends and family to click on. This is becoming very annoying!

  23. Gilan says:

    Can you add the option in Bubble Settings to set the “Start Lines of the Editor Box ” to 2 and 3.

  24. Pavel says:

    Is there any way to disable sim contacts in Contact list?

  25. Suzette says:

    How can we move a thread to a new folder? When I do a long click on a message, it doesn’t show any option for it.


  26. tony says:


    Quick query, when customising the conversation appearance, the example showing changes, (top half,) has the date left and right adjusted dependant on incoming or outgoing. I cannot seem to find where to set the position of the date. In the actual conversations it is centre adjusted under the bubble.

    Many thanks,


  27. Anonymous says:

    Having a problem with composing a new message in landscape mode.
    I enter the contacts number then when I hit next to move to the body the keyboard stops responding. (To continue I have to hit the back key then tap the compose box and it works fine ). It works fine on portrait mode.
    I tried this with the stock keyboard and smart keyboard pro and got the same results. I am using a Droid Bionic. Other than that one bug the program is fantastic.

  28. Sadie says:

    How do I load my own fonts for GO SMS?

  29. Adi says:

    Amazing app btw,
    I think I’ve found one issue though, there doesn’t seem to be any option to
    “Change Private Box Password”
    once you set it. I’m not using the “Security Lock” feature, just the Private box. Looking forward to a fix soon. (or maybe just I can’t find it, could someone guide me..)

  30. MrRaudo says:

    Seems a Great app,betten than I9100 stock app.
    Still have a problem, i can see only a little part of phone contacts.
    I’ve imported them in the phone with keis and cvs and they’re avalaible in stock sms app and contacts but non in gosms.I can only see contacts edited manually after import…can you help?

  31. brian says:

    This may sound like a dumb question.

    I have e-mails forwarded to me via SMS. I made a folder in Go SMS Pro called “E-Mail” but I have no idea how to move messages from my “Inbox” to this folder. I can’t find any gesture or action which allows me to move messages from folder to folder.

    • ray says:

      Long press the message (not the thread) and select Favorites in the popup menu. Your folder will be one of the choices on the following popup. It’s a bit confusing because one of the folders is also called Favorites.

  32. Khoa says:

    with 2.55 version I really liked insert vcard function. It’s really helpful when I want to send a phone number in message. But I can’t find this function in newest version.

    Please noted this bug

    • Rocky says:

      I agree. It really is a hassle having to either manually enter the number and name in, or go back to the default messaging app. An easy insert vcard function would be really handy!! I love all the customisation options, but this is just a standard function in messaging apps these days.


  33. Paul says:

    Please please please bring back the custom title option for private box notifications. If you can, a non go sms icon would be nice for private box contacts. Also, my private box is set to immediately lock and there are lots of times it isn’t locked. Great app though.. my comments are wishes not complaints.

  34. eugene says:

    is whatsapp integration coming soon?

  35. Eli says:

    I’ve poked around the advanced settings to no avail. When trying to attach an audio to a SMS message, it only shows audio files from the “Ringtones” folder. Previously, it pulled audio from ringtones, alarms, and the notifications folders. Is there a setting that I can put this back to what it did before? (pulling from all three). Did I change settings and not realize it? Any feedback is much appreciated.

  36. M says:


  37. dazzles says:

    go sms pro is really superb… but there is 1 problem which disappoints me…
    the facebook contacts are not being sync. properly with the new versions… please do something to it… i have tried all the steps mention by your guide… but still failed ;’(

    • Colin says:

      I am having the same issue. My standard messaging app on the phone has all my contacts, when I downloaded go pro for group messaging it does not have all my contacts, only the ones I have added to the phone.

  38. Arce007 says:

    I put a pin on my Private Message box and now I don’t remember the pin? What can I do to reset it.

  39. tracy says:


  40. tbgb says:

    Any way of forwarding individual txt messages?

  41. Lani says:

    I have several issues:
    First of all, I have difficulties trying to link a gochat contact to a gosms pro one.
    Apparantely my number remains undisclosed on the friends’ side while on mine it is visible.
    I on the other hand did manage to link this person..

    Also as soon as a contact is in the private box, none of the notifications work. No sound is being played nor is the icon shown in the status bar.
    So I never know whether a message is being sent unless I open the application to check.

    Can anyone explain how to go about these issues or could they be fixed in the next (soon to come) update.

    Thank you!

    • warno says:

      solution ???

      First of all, I have difficulties trying to link a gochat contact to a gosms pro one.
      Apparantely my number remains undisclosed on the friends’ side while on mine it is visible.
      I on the other hand did manage to link this person..


  42. Jin says:


    Hi, I have a lg optimus one 500 running cyanmod 7. I have delivery reports enabled in go sms, occasionally when I send messages I get a delivery report notification popup on screen while running go sms that says that the message has been delivered to a different recipient, i.e. not the one I sent it to. If I look at the message itself it still has the correct recipient at the top and if I view the message details the details are correct in there too. I’ve managed to reproduce this and it looks like the message goes to the right place but popup delivery report notification is wrong. It is difficult to reproduce but it appears to happen when I have a few draft messages to different people saved and if I have browsed a few message threads.

  43. rafa says:

    hi i would like to know how to let go sms pro handled my sounds and notification ?

  44. Anonymous says:

    i hv forgot my private box password, now how do i reset it? plz help.

  45. Betty says:

    Hi, just wanted to ask how doodle/handwriting works? will it be send as an mms? or as an sms? or do i need internet connection to send a doodle? thank you in advance.

  46. Karen says:

    Is anyone else having issues with the messages being in weird order? I send a message to someone (example: hello, how are you?) and the response is received but it’s above my message.


    Them: I’m great!
    Me: hello, how are you?

    If more messages are sent, mine stay on the bottom and theirs are on the top so it’s separated into two groups. Any idea how to fix this?

  47. Jada says:

    is there anyway to “reset” your password on this app? i downloaded it a while back and loved it, but when i had to reset my phone i lost the app. i decided to re-install it today, but i’m unable to read my messages because i can’t remember the password from before. HELP!!

  48. russ says:

    does this app use internet data to send and recieve mesasages because my data jumped up from 560 to 815mb after using it…

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m sure the app “phones home” some of your data. If we don’t have the source in front of us, assume it’s sending all your personal stuff to China. This is the way of things, you must be able to trust 3rd party apps.

      Also many people have noticed that if you send images via text messages over MMS, well GO SMS PRO does it differently, it uploads your image to one of their servers, and sends the recipient a download link, something like: http://gosms.eb.3g.cn/D?f=_ViaGoSMS –; meaning not only will your data use probably go up on sending, it will DEFINITELY go up on receiving from images from other GO SMS PRO users. Further, anyone who sits on gosms.eb.3g.cn and inputs URLs long enough will be able to pull down every image ever sent through GO SMS PRO. Not ideal, for sure. But then again, anyone who thinks text messages are private is a fool.

      I don’t think they’re doing anything evil here, but they really need to state how this action occurs. Maybe because it’s .cn there’s no need for a Privacy Policy statement? :)

  49. Inferno says:

    I just added a contact to the private box, and I can no longer access the conversation. When I try to navigate to the private box in the services tab, nothing happens (No password prompt or anything)

    I can still read messages from the contact as they come in, but I cannot move them back to the regular folder.

    Anyone have any advice?

  50. Haider says:

    Hi there,
    Thanks for a great app like it very much been using it for a while your effort is very much appreciated, I do have one small problem though not sure if it is a bug in the App or lack of knowledge of how to set up the App from my part! The problem is the individual notifications are not working when the contacts with individual notification is set for them are moved to the private folder, can you please help? I’d like individual notifications to work whether the contact is added to private folder or not.

  51. Suzanne says:

    LUV GOSMS but I recently got an HTC wildfire, installed GOSMS & everything works fine but the notification sound will not play. I’ve disabled notification from stock sms & made sure notification volume was up but still nothing. Even tried uninstalling & reinstalling 2 no avail. The sound doesn’t work when I receive a txt or when I try “test notification”. Any one else encounter this problem? TY 4 your time. PEACE

  52. Felicia says:

    I love this SMS app, been using it for several months. I recently updated my phone to Gingerbread OS, and since then, I don’t receive the number of unread messages over the GOSMS icon anymore (on my home screen).

    Is there any way I can get that feature back? I’m not sure if I need to install something else, that I missed?

    Thank you and keep up the great work :)

  53. Sacha Vietoris says:

    I have installed go sms and it has worked fine for ages, except now whenever I click the icon to access my messages it goes straight to the internet browser page and I do not know why. So I tried uninstalling and re-installing it but it was still doing the same thing and accessing the Browser page. I have the Motorola Defy and I do not understand how to get onto the Go sms page again so I can send and receive texts like I was before.

  54. Scott Karst says:

    I have been using Go SMS Pro for quite some time on my HTC Thunderbolt on the Verizon network. For the past two days I have been unable to receive text messages. I am still able to send text messages. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Go SMS Pro. Any help resolving this issue would be appreciated. Thank you.

  55. Mrs N says:

    I have a Galaxy S2. I am able to send pics using Go SMS, however, I am unable to send pics via Go Chat. Is this a known issue and will a fix be coming out for it?

  56. Rafnie says:

    I have a problem to edit my own profile. How to solve it?

  57. AJ says:

    i just changed phones to a thunderbolt and i use GOSMS. i di a few of the backups but no longer have the SD card they are on. I do however have a couple of the email files it sends. I tried to open that email and restore it and it didnt work! it showed 0/0 messages. what am i doing wrong? i know there was messages on it! please help….

  58. S.Kidd says:

    well i installed the easy battery saver and i guess thats wat messed it up. but i uninstalled it and now i still dont get any text messages and they dont go through. i have re-installed the app but its still not doing anything. : (

  59. Kashif Ali says:

    Some of received SMS in GOSMS, when i going to fwd to some person. it give error and do not send them. it does not happen to all fwd but many of sms. what is reason for that please help

  60. Kashif Ali says:

    I am using GOSMS on my Galaxy M110s , when i going to fwd SMS to some person. it give error and do not send them. it does not happen to all fwd but many of sms. what is reason for that please help

  61. Karol Gajda says:

    Great app but 3 things drives me crazy:
    1. There is no way to set Folder view as a default.
    2. In Conversation view there is an option Copy instead of Move, so when i want to move some messages directly to my folder i have to copy it first and than delete it.
    3. In Folder view there is no option to move messages between folders, so when i copy them to the wrong folder there is no turning back to fix it.

  62. Kristen says:

    I have a password set on my private messages, but can’t seem to remember it. I have a few messages in there and was wondering if there was anyway to reset the password to make it so i can get into my private messages.

  63. liran says:

    it is possible to change the time for backup the sms (like the setting backup)?
    or mute the sound of the backup sms?
    it’s wake me up every night , and i realy want to stay with this sms backup thing….
    plz do same thing

  64. sophia says:

    The photos of my contacts in go sms pro won’t show up, what will i do? Please answer my question. Thank you

  65. Paul says:

    Love the application, but, I have been noticing that the SMS notification tone changes to a different tone either it is a music file or a system tone) even though I have selected a specific tone for my notification. Has anyone experience this problem?

  66. Taye says:

    I’m having problems with go sms pro go share. I can’t send picture messages(mms). Sometimes when I can it sends them a web links. Please Help!! Love the app though.

  67. PAJ says:

    Tan i stop messages going to my message inbox while i have this app? The messages get saved in two places and consume more space.

  68. kiraluvst says:

    i’ve been using go sms for my samsung ace and i think its awesome. there is just one problem. i forgot the password for my private box. i see there are some ppl with same problem but there seems no answer yet. is there a way i can access the private box?or reset the password? please answer, thank uu so much :)

    • kiraluvst says:

      oh i figured it out myself. it turned out that i actually never set the password. it happens when you add a contact to the private box without setting the password first. so there is no way to access the private box.
      first i backed up my messages, clear application data, set a new password, restored the messages, and voila! i can access the private box with the new password! yay! :)

  69. johnny medina says:

    what i will do when i send a messge its always “messege not send” help me plss

  70. Min says:

    I lost my private messages, after i deleted GO sms pro. I didn´t delet any messages on my private box. Any help ?

    • kellyhoo says:

      oh my god, I did the same thing as you did just now! I uninstalled the SMS Pro for some reasos, and now i cannot find my private messages again any more!!!
      Maybe it’s a programme inside that the messages in the private box will be automatically deleted when removing the app???
      GOD!!!I need solutions! And if what I think will happen when removing the app is true and there are no solutions, at least give me an anwser!!!

  71. Mark says:

    how to re-size compose text input font?
    not the conversation but the compose input box text?
    i want smaller font

    thank you

  72. andu says:

    I’ve created a backup with this app of my inbox and outbox and it sent an xml file by email to my gmail inbox (as per my instruction) however, when I tried to restore this, it is telling me that 0/0 messages are restored…. what went wrong? I have some important business messages in that supposed backup.

  73. David Levick says:

    When ever i reboot my Galaxy S2 it removes the go sms icon from the set of four at the bottom of the screen. Anyone have the same or know how to fix it

  74. Natane says:

    I installed Go SMS Pro on my phone and my other app “Where’s my Droid?” stopped working. I don’t know how to fix it! Please help?!

  75. jovannie says:

    i had installed Go SMS Pro on my samsung admire… & i had accidently deleted it after making my account.. so i installed it agian && now i noticed that i have two accounts… how can i deactivate one of them???

  76. jovannie says:

    also… i had installed the go sms emojin…. && i sent some smileys to my cousin && she told me that all she sees is boxes… is my sms pro installed wrong or wat??

    • S-dot says:

      If your cousin’s phone does not have the ability to read Emoji smileys, then only boxes would come up. Every recipient cannot see the smileys unless their phone is compatible.

  77. S-dot says:

    Vibrate function on Go SMS pro is not working on my Samsung Galaxy Note (Android 2.3.6). Please fix this.

    • tamisha says:

      same problem for me on htc sensation. i really hope this can get fixed. i like gosms, but without a vibrate notification, idk when i have a new message.

      • S-dot says:

        I did some research and discovered that there is now some sort of bug (particularly with samsung phones) where Go SMS’s vibration feature is dependent on the “Haptic Feedback” vibration intensity setting. I adjusted this on my phone and vibration started functioning again for Go SMS. I did this: go to your phone’s settings–>sound–>vibration intensity. You should have three choices there, Incoming call, Notification, and haptic feedback. My phone initially had the haptic feedback bar all the way to the left, meaning “0″ or “off.” When I slid this bar over, then exited out and went into “test notification” on Go SMS, the vibration worked once again.

  78. Pietro says:


    the app is great. I receive the text messages but I can’t send any. It says: “Message not sent”. What should I do?

    Thank you.

    • ^^ says:

      I’ve the same issue, im using samsung galaxy S2 and i’ve installed go sms pro. it works fine when i try to send small messages but for a little longer ones it fails and gives message “message not sent” this happens every time when i try to send a long message. Please let me know if some settings needs to be done to fix this issue. I’m running ICS, please note that Korean mobiles with GB is running fine, i feel this problem is got to do only with the ICS upgrade.

  79. Ryan says:

    I’m having an issue with receiving two notifications for every MMS message that comes to my phone. To clarify, this is NOT the issue others have had where two messages or notifications are received because they have their stock messaging app enabled or something like that. The issue here is that I receive one notification when the MMS is first received, and then another notification after I download the picture.

    I have made 100% sure that my stock messaging app has nothing to do with this because after disabling it, I also disabled GO SMS notifications and sent myself a test MMS, downloaded the picture, and never heard a notification sound at any point in the process. The problem only occurs when GO SMS notifications are enabled.

    Although I have thoroughly explored the GO SMS options, I would appreciate it if you could tell me if there is a way to change this that I have overlooked. If not, I strongly believe there should at least be an option to change this because you do not need to hear a second notification sound after downloading a picture since you obviously know you have already received a message at that point.

    Thank you

    • Björn says:

      Hi Ryan,

      I’m confirming your findings since I face exactly the same thing on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus ICS 4.0.2. Would be cool if they could solve it.

      And there is another bug with the MMSs… Even though I request a delivery report for all SMS and MMS I send, it only works for SMS. For MMS, I never receive delivery reports, simply because when the MMS gets sent out, the delivery report request is set to “no”.. (I have access to MM4 traces for my messages so I’m absolutely sure ;) )

      Go SMS pro team, to the resque please :D


    • Tony says:

      Having this same problem, and while i prefer the look and feel of Go SMS Pro, I may have to go with a different SMS app because of it.

      I’m surprised to not find any solution to this anywhere online. Dev, do you have any workarounds to prevent this dual notification when receiving MMS?

  80. Brenden says:

    Hi I seem to be having a problem with the notification system on my android phone. I was deleting my messages when i received one from a friend. The message is deleted, but the notification wont go away. If i click on the notification, my phone opens go sms to a blank window with no contact selected. Any possible remedies to this?

  81. Elly says:

    hi, how i set the GO sms pro theme as a default? because there are two options to select, Go sms pro and messaging but i want to set GO sms pro as a default to easier for me to open message from homepage in one way…is there a way for that?

  82. Chris says:

    I just downloaded GO sms, and I was just wondering why it is refusing to allow me to send or receive sms or mms messages.. I have no idea of any way to fix it and it is driving me crazy,.. I have a Zio.. Anybody have any ideas as to what the problem could be?

  83. derek says:

    How do I text over WiFi?

  84. Jack Diemer says:

    If a Sprint Customer with Visual Voicemail downloads your application and selects all the defaults, it breaks Visual Voicemail. We have to instruct our customers to uncheck “disable other text notifications”. Please prevent this from being the default setting, or else please pass any data traffic from short code 9016 to the application that it was intended to go to. This issue is driving thousands of calls and costing sprint lots of money. We are hoping you cooperate, otherwise, we will contact google and ask them to assist us in pulling your app from the marketplace until this issue gets resolved.

  85. Monica says:

    Hi, I found some troouble to change individual settings. I’d like to make different background background for my each friend, but when I tap the image background box and pick a picture, it’s said that “sorry! setting background image failed!”

    What should I do?
    Thx :)

  86. Aaron says:

    How do I access Quick Reply and Quick Compose settings? I’ve been looking for a while now and can’t find it. >:(

  87. Mark says:

    Currently have this installed on a Wildfire S, and im unable to view my outbox or any other folder’s.
    Im meant to just swipe the screen but it doesn’t do anything… Help please!

  88. Infernus says:

    Hi, I need to know how the data from Contacts database is handled and cached internally in the app. It seems that Go Sms Pro hardly takes any time to load all the Contact data, no matter how many contacts do we have. If it would involve static data-structure to hold the data, it would get lost if the app is closed or Force Stopped and would need to reload the data…. Anyways, the bottomline… i would be glad if you help me out with how you quickly load contacts data along with group info… Thanks

  89. Melissa says:

    This app is fantastic and I love all the features on it… Today I realized that I accidentally deleted over 2000 messages in a thread with one of my close friends. Is there any way to get them back? I never backed them up before…

    So silly. I really don’t recall hitting the ‘Delete All’ button nor would I have intentionally hit ‘Yes’ to the confirmation window.

    Any ideas on how to help?
    Much appreciated.

  90. Brian says:

    I have backed up my sms’s to my email address, then tried ti recover them as per the directions that came with the email. But am having no luck as the buck up list does not allow me to press either the restore or delete buttons as they are faded.
    Backup is in the sdcard/gosms/backup/sms.
    Any help would be great, thanks

  91. Jon says:

    Go sms message grouping doesn’t work for me… if they send me 5 messages in 30 seconds, they each have their own time stamp. I’ve tried to turn it off and back on but that didn’t help.

  92. Mellis says:

    I love the app, but I have a problem. I’ve set different notification sounds for individual contacts, but when I turn the phone off then back on again, the notifications default back to the main system notification. Is there a toggle I don’t have set correctly, or do I have to reassign these tones every time I reboot? I’m using a Motorola Atrix, but my wife has a Samsung and has the same issue.

  93. Steph says:

    How do you take a screenshot?

  94. Gins says:

    I have a contact which is not in blacklist but still the messages from that contact are not notified.Please help.

  95. Sabreena says:

    Theres only one person on my contact list that aren’t getting my text messages. But I get all of hers. Why is that? Everyone else receives my texts but one person. I reinstalled it and even deleted all the texts between us. She still doesn’t get any.

  96. Michal says:

    I have selected “list view” during the first launch of SMS pro application and can’t find any way how to enable “chat style” now. How can I switch between these two styles please?

  97. Tony says:

    Since my Android version was upgraded to 4.0, many of my contacts in GoSMS do not show a contact picture anymore. Yet, the same contacts in the phone contact list, and the stock messagin application, show them correct.
    I’ve tried the different avatar matching settings, but doesnt fix it. Pleae, how can I fix this problem??

  98. dark says:

    hey everyone
    i just installed go sms but one question when i go to language selection there are three blank boxes,is that normal.

  99. Brian D says:

    Recover Private Messages in GOSMS Pro If You Forgotten Private Box Password
    1. go to sms pro
    2. click menu
    3. then services
    4. then sms b&r
    5. check all three (only really need to check private box for this to work but you will lose all of your other messages if you dont check the other 2.
    5.5. not required but you can also back up your settings
    6. hit backup
    7. exit go sms pro
    8. plug your phone into a computer in mass storage mode
    9. after your sd card pops up navigate to the GOSMS folder and click it
    10. drag the backup folder to your desktop and unplug your phone
    11. now on your phone go to settings —> apps —> go sms pro
    12. then hit clear data
    13. after return to home screen
    14. click go sms pro
    15. hit private box set your new password
    16. exit go sms pro app
    17. plug your phone back into the computer and go into mass storage mode
    18. navigate back to the go sms folder
    19. now go the your cpu desktop and find the backup folder
    20. drag it to the GOSMS folder
    21. unplug your phone
    22. now click the go sms pro app on your phone
    23. hit menu —> services —> sms b&r —-> restore sms
    24. check all that apply
    25. finish

  100. Lexi says:

    I have had Go SMS pro for a while now and have been loving it, until this last update, after the most recent update I have been getting all my texts twice through the app. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but its still the same, my phone was also turned on and off multiple times since this started. Anyone know how to fix this?? It’s driving me insane!

  101. Karen Teresa says:

    hey , i was wondering how i can take pictures of my conversations on go sms ap on my android phone?

  102. Jillian Taylor says:

    How do I remove someone from blacklist?

  103. che says:

    help! how to reset the password to private box? as i forgot the passwrod.. can someone assist me on this..thanks

  104. Elton says:

    Is there any option to lock my private box (force me to enter password again) once my screen turns off?

    • Holly says:

      in your private box
      select menu
      auto lock interval setting
      select immediately lock

      *also be sure that under settings, lock type is selected to automatic*

      this is also where you can change/modify your password.

      • Blu says:

        This doesn’t work on my phone. Only ‘auto locks’ if I use the back button to quit out of the private box. Even if I hit the ‘home’ key and then hit the Go SMS app icon again, it takes me straight back into my private box without me having to enter a password…

        • RS says:

          I have same issue as Blu has. Have to tap back to quit the private box. If you forget to quit the private box, it is not private anymore, and it doesn’t safe.

  105. Bhavin says:


    Great app btw…thanks for that…but

    My problem is that if i add a contact in one of the groups using the built in contact in samsung galaxy s2 then go sms shows duplicate group name in it’s group list. How do i get around this coz it’s frustrating.


  106. Uros says:

    I have a problem with Samsung Galaxy S2. Didnt have this problem on HTC wildfire. When T start typing message, if i go into landscape mode, then i only have one line to write in. It wont wrap text (lets say it like that) and if i do enter, my text just goes up. Of 3,or 4 possible lines I can write I only for some reason have one available. And if I write long message, it will go on in that one line.

  107. G.Hall says:

    How can I turn off the home screen preview of SMS/text messages?

  108. Sagar dada says:

    Sagar.tonpe. Facebook.com

  109. CT says:

    Does Privacy Box not work on the Verizon Galazy Nexus, i KNOW MY PASSWORD, but when i enter it, it never opens it. Now, I have moved a text thred to that box, and all new meesages I cant recieve. How do I fix it?

  110. Gena says:

    I just downloaded go sms and i have it set so that i have to unlock my phone to see text content, but with go sms i can’t see who sent the text until i unlock the phone (this wasn’t a problem with handcent until recently, which is why i switched). is there a way to see who is sending the text without seeing the content over the lock screen?

  111. yao says:

    can i ask is there anything to fix the backspace lag in version 4.50 sms pro? i am using ice cream sandwich galaxy s2. When pressing back space is lag think maybe is the animation.

  112. Moosa says:

    I am on ICS on Galaxy Note. I use Go SMS Pro and use GO CHAT a lot. I like to be able to send messages one after the other to the same person, just like a normal chat. However, after I press Go to send the message, the keyboard disappears. I then have to press the text box to make it re-appear. I have to do this EVERY time. Is there any way to make the keyboard stick so it doesn’t automatically disappear?

  113. Jadie says:


  114. GoSMSUser says:

    Android User. I have a notification of a new text but when i open my inbox it doesnt show. Furthermore, when i click on the notification, it takes me to the window to make a new message. Help?

  115. kamal says:

    Security Lock not working,,please help , using samsung galaxy pro gingerbread 2.3.6

  116. Frank says:

    Hi Dear,

    I’ve been using this app on my HTC Explorer, but now it seems to have failed to pull well longer bcoz i’ve almost 10,000 texts in my private box,
    while replying this app really gives me headache, it doesn’t function properly, it may be due to the big number of msgs in my private box.
    and now the problem is that this app doesn’t spare me, it doesn’t let me move my private thread out of it,
    It’s jus freaking me out! :(

    • Donell says:

      The over 10,000 messages is most likely the problem. I had the same issue and then i backed them all up to the cloud and then deleted them. Now my only issue is i cant find them in the cloud because ive done other backups since then. Since they are charging for the local backup feature, i guess my messages in the cloud are gone.

  117. Neil says:

    I’ve been using this app for ages and love it, just upgraded to the HTC one x tho which is running ICS and set it all back up but my inbox never shows any pictures for my contacts within the text message, where as before all my texts either the facebook profile pic or any contact pic I have added but they no longer show up and I have all the settings set to show contacts and to link with facebook and the stock message app shows the fb contacts and all contacts in ppl show them too, dunno its its a bug or something I need to do?, cheers!!

  118. Benjamin says:

    Im having the sam problem as Neil, photos dont show in this app in my HOT One X. had no problem with this in my old Desire but now photos dont show anymore. tried doing as you said in answer 14 but nothing changed, photos still doesnt show. what can i do to make this work again??

  119. kalin maggard says:

    ive been using this for a while and i love it. But my bill wasnt paid so i dont have 4g but it says you can still send messages with wifi. my wifi is turned on but i cant send messages. Help?

  120. Shawna zerin says:

    ok, my sister loves my themes i downloaded! she has go sms, but cant seem to find the themes! i wanted to share them with her, but it wont let me share my diy themes i downloaded! please if u can help me, email me asap……

  121. yan yan says:

    hi, does anyone know what the copy message text is all about? i accidentally clicked on it and nothing actually happened. can anyone enlighten me on this. thanx

  122. Lucas says:

    I cannot get this app to work properly. I bound it to my email, to my phone number, I have GREAT WIFI, and all my contacts and old messages synced to it, I just CANNOT send or receive a single thing. I went through all the settings I could find, and the website is set up by 2 year olds and I hate it. I just need this to work. I’ll never get my phone turned on by the carrier if I cant SMS and make money. Seriously, the app has some thing for diagnosing the issue with sending or receiving by sending an email to tech support I suppose, but the silly thing cant seem to figure out HOW. I have friends with this app, I use it on their phone, why doesnt it work on mine, when I paid MORE for the phone?!

  123. Taillon says:

    Hello, im using GO SMS PRO on my Galaxy S2 ISC.

    The standard text service offers a big cirle unluck thingie, when reciving messages, and the screen is locked.

    Can i somehow get this from GO SMS?

  124. Kimesia says:

    How do i set individuals pictures when they text ??

  125. rds says:

    I once set the “upload backup to mail” setting as Bluetooth and also made it as default now i want to change that setting how do i do that.?

    I need some1′s assistance here, i’ve tried even unistalling and installing Go SMS

  126. IMEI says:

    I have GOSMS Pro installed with the emoji plugin installed. How do I clear the most recently used emojis?

  127. xiao says:

    my mobilephone is motorola xt615.i find that when use the goSMS the Breath Light can not be lighten when i receive a message

  128. VJ says:

    How do I remove a contact or a number from the blacklist?

  129. TriciaLynn says:

    When I want to send a text to a contact’s email address, the only option that comes up when typing the contact person’s name is for their mobile numbers. Is there a setting to show all contact info (phone numbers and email addresses) for the contact I am trying to text?

  130. diana says:

    Hi. I’m using Go sms pro. whenever i delete a thread, the messages will be deleted but the contact will still be in my inbox, but there’s no message on it. how will i remove that too?

  131. Stassi says:

    How do you make a scheduled message? I cant figure that out… I accedently brought it up once, but cant remember how I did it..

  132. lyly says:

    i want to unblock contacts and i cant find how.. please help me… thanx

  133. Glenn says:

    I am having a real annoying issue…

    If I start a new SMS thread, I can send the message. However, if I try to reply, then it will not let me send it, because it doesn’t think there are any recipients.

    I am having no problems in my Private Box, but in the main SMS page, I cannot reply to any SMS since there are no recipients shown. On the main SMS page, there are multiple threads listed, but there are no name associated with any of the threads.

  134. Fred says:

    I have around 1500 msgs in the private box. It was working fine but now suddenly it won’t accept my password. Whenever I enter my password, the same prompt keeps opening in a loop.
    I cannot even back-up my private box via Cloud B&R and neither can I access it.
    Please help.

  135. Athan says:

    i cannot access private box anymore. after i set the password when i tried logging in, the private box just kept on asking me for password even though im supplying the correct one. how do i fix this? i still have my messages in the private box.

  136. Gautham says:

    i restored my sms through go sms pro… i had around 9000. now the default message is showing an error to open…. ‘m not able to access any of sms….. its urgent…. i can format my mobile but i need to restore all sms…

  137. gadi says:

    I was wondering if it was possible to disable automatic hyperlink and/or number highlighting, especially in the new messages popup. I get a lot of automated messages from a monitoring system saying that on 20120705 site http://www.something.org went down or up – in the popup this message is filled with blue underlined things, so everytime I’m scrolling through my new messages I either get a popup asking me if I want to call today’s date, or how I would like to complete the url action (opera or built-in web stuff).

  138. Nick says:

    Why can I only see certain emojis that are sent from iPhones?

  139. Lucas says:

    Hey. I love the app it is great. I had a question. I got a new phone. I can’t figure out how to get my old message off my old phone and put it on my new phone. Can you please help

  140. anne says:

    hello. my go sms SPACE DOWN is not working :’( when i cLick SPACE DOWN whiLe texting , its SENDING T_T can someone heLp me ? T.T

  141. Raul says:

    I saved my settings and sent it to my email with the xml file. How do I restore my theme settings to the GoSMS app? I have not figured out how to do it yet…

  142. jay says:

    i have go sms pro, i cant save or find any of the pictures that i recieve…any help please, i can fint them on my pc but not on my phone(galaxy nexus) anywhere in the gallery….

  143. deej says:

    I have moved all my texts to the private inbox just playing around. Now I want to move them back. The program will only move 224 messages. So I thought I would go and erase the messages it moved to the inbox from the private inbox as they were showing up in both place and then move the older ones over. But this erased the messages in both places. So how do you move everything once it is in the private inbox?

  144. Jim says:

    Having a problem with Samsung Instinct and the slide out keyboard. I cannot type an “a”. When I do, it selects all the text. Works fine on the touch screen keyboard. Any way to change it?

    Great app otherwise!!

  145. ane nav says:

    how can i view all messages in the folder view of go sms? like when i open sent or inbox folder, im able to see only the recent ones, if i want to go down i have to delete some new messages to view the old one, i use folder view mostly so its annoying not being able to see the whole list of messages present in any folder. PLEASE HELP

  146. Cyn says:

    How to retrieve the back up messages?

  147. aditya says:

    i am using samsung galaxy y pro. i like the intreface of go sms pro.. but the problem is i am bot able to send messages. i have tries almost everything.please help me sort out this problem

  148. carrie says:

    I can not change the theme in my private box does anyone know how?

  149. Moa26 says:

    No more access to my private box using the correct pin.
    Uninstall, clear data, reinstall didn’t work..
    What to do ?

  150. Shantel says:

    i need help to reset my password for my private box PLEASE…….

  151. Girish says:

    I formatted my mobile and re installed go sms pro ..before installation i took the back up on cloud …i forgot old account number …when accessing the restore option it is created new account …can please tell me how to retrieve my messages ..following are the details
    1. girishkumar518@gmail.com


  152. Anonymous says:

    Sorry guys this is not a Q&A. It’s more like a Q… no A

  153. Samuel Li says:

    Hi, I set up Twitter SMS alerts to be sent to my phone. However, I don’t want to be alerted via vibration ONLY FOR TWITTER, not universally across all my other contacts. So basically, I want to have a vibration alert for everything BUT TWITTER. However, it sometimes works, and other times, it doesn’t work. Is this a conflict with Llama or something?

    running stock gingerbread on a samsung galaxy ace, latest version of GO SMS Pro.

  154. lani says:

    Is it possible to have a “last seen” feature on GoChat?

    Also, I sometimes have to logout and log back in when using GoChat to see the online friends. I know they are online, but it doesn’t show immediately. This mostly occurs on wifi, but sometimes also on regular data plan.

    Please help!

  155. lani says:

    Is it possible to have a “last seen” feature on GoChat?

    Also, I sometimes have to logout and log back in when using GoChat to see the online friends. I know they are online, but it doesn’t show immediately. This mostly occurs on wifi, but sometimes also on regular data plan.

    Please help!

  156. Taylor says:

    I’m curious if there’s any way to link GoChat up with your computer, or to have some way to use it without your phone. I get bad reception in my house, and my wifi doesn’t work very well with the phone. It would be very convenient to have it link up with other chat programs, or its very own program so I could talk to people from my computer!
    (I know there are alternative chats and stuff, but I like GoChat and was curious if it would ever happen.)

  157. Jesse says:

    I’m using Go SMS Pro and the widget on my home screen. I used to be able to use quick reply but no longer. Is there a way to turn it back on? I have a Droid Razr Maxx.

  158. anaya says:

    i got”undelivered message” error while sendind messages in private box…messages sending failed…please do help me

  159. Bill says:

    First off thanks for the great App! I really like using it. With that said I have now purchased a Nexus 7, any chance you are working on Go SMS to work with tablets? If so that would be great.

    One item that I would like in the future is the ability to make folders to store messages in. ( at least I haven’t seen them).


  160. Rich M says:

    Regarding: #17. About scheduled messages: Allow to set a future point in time, and then send to single or multiple contacts, ring tone appears when sent successfully.

    How do you get it to STOP notifying you w/a ring tone that it was successfully sent? – I even tried turning off notifications and it’s still doing it.

  161. Brad Lafer says:

    I got a new phone and want to restore my messages I saved to the web how can I change my acct on the new phone. It created a new c number and I cant see where to change it. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail

  162. Cj Pacho says:

    How to disable the thing( i don’t know the term) which ask for the first time you use it to add recipients’ names to the messages. I want to disable it and my friends told me why their names were tagged in my messages…. I want to know where to find that setting in order to disable it ^_^

  163. The Freeze says:

    I am on Virgin Mobile and downloaded Go SMS Pro, but I’m still not able to receive group texts from iphone users. They show up as blank texts. Please help!!

  164. tleies says:


  165. Lyly Phuong says:

    I backed up sms periodically every week. I tried XML extension. However when I could not restore any of them. No message was recovered. What’s the problem with my Go SMS? Each xml is sized at about 16 or 17 KB only. Is something wrong with my file?
    Please any one could help me?

  166. Kevin says:

    ok, can SOMEONE please tell me what this message means!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Annoying message/notification

    com.jb.gosms.webbr.advancedfunnn Processing deal com.jb.gosms.webbr.advancedfunnn failed, please click to review. I am getting this message and I can’t clear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to be able to clear it but now it shows the new message icon in the notification area and the following message in the message area: When I click it says: Result of deal ———Not submit——– com.jb.gosms.webbr.advancedfunnn Order number: 349973122669449 Please make this go away. It pops up with the notification every time I open the program or reboot my phone. *****edited**** ok, now I have given this a 1 star. I am getting spam message ads from this program. THe only reason that I use it is for the Private feature, which I must use due to the nature of my business. Please get rid of the spamming ads that pop up in the Notiifcations area and get rid of the: com.jb.gosms.webbr.advancedfunnn Processing deal com.jb.gosms.webbr.advancedfunnn failed The notification and the new message icon still can’t be cleared.

    It is even worse now. I sent an email with photos. Now the message is in the ongoing task area and I still can’t clear it. Does anyone at GO even respond to user emails? Can anyone address this issue? Your customer service SUCKS!

  167. Waldo says:

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  169. Dennis S says:

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  172. K says:

    Two days ago, all the Go SMS emoticons appear as Chinese character symbols in all sent messages! I have not done an update, changed any settings, etc. Is anyone else having this issue? The stock Android emoticons appear as normal.

  173. Stephen Sines says:

    How do I get help? I paid for the premium upgrade on a previous phone, but it did not transfer to my new phone (which i’ve now broken, so i’m using yet another interim phone until i get the galaxy s II replaced). They want me to send back my phone, but I NEED my text messages for a lawsuit i’m involved in. I backed up my text messages (something like 5477 of them)to the cloud and locally, but I don’t know how to verify that my messages are there before I return this phone for replacement, and I don’t know if it’s possible to restore these messages to my new phone or possibly even merge them into the messages on the current phone i’m using. Please HELP!!!

  174. Chris Cinelli says:

    I just started to get an error message that says “Go sms emoji plugin is sending a large number of SMS messages do you want to allow this app to continue. ”

    After about 30 texts in a 10 min period i get this after every text. how do i fix it. This just started and is very annoying. I have been using the pro version for 6 months and never had this problem

    • Jules says:

      I too am getting this message, “Go SMS emoji plugin is sending a large number of sms messages do you want to allow this app to continue.”

      This is very annoying as it ruins the flow of text conversations. Has anyone found a fix for this yet? Thanks!

  175. CJ says:

    Um, I have very bad service at my home, and not unlimited internet. Is there a way to text using this over wifi? I really really need to know.

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    All messages from same contact are not combined as a conversation. Meaning I have some conversations in my inbox & then a lot of individual messages from same contact. This is making my inbox messy.

    I see there is a setting to combine messages into conversation if they are interval less than 3 minutes, but this is not good enough. I want to group all messages from same contact all the time.

    How can I do this?

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    Can you explane how to solve it?

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    also please clarify if u make my msg as Private msg using go sms pro will the msg still appear in the default SMS tool coming with my phone??
    M using Samsung galaxy Ace phone

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