GO SMS Pro V4.30 Update release

GO SMS Pro V4.30 released, we strongly recommend you experience the latest version. Come and download now. Please click here for more detail.

V4.30 Update (2012-1-17)

1. Improve group texting, support to insert and edit appellation(in Recipients Management box)
2. Improve DIY theme
3. Add ‘Shake to find friends’ in GO Chat
4. Add Easter egg for Spring Festival (Happy Spring Festival, Happy New Year)
5. Fix one rare cases bug that may sent to wrong people
6. Fix can not send GIF bug
7. Fix bug of screenshot can not be showed in photo album
8. Fix bug of night mode theme can not be reverted back to original theme
9. Launch new translation platform http://crowdin.net/project/go-sms-translate, welcome and thanks for all your support



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- Download the newest GO SMS Pro: 1.Search “GO SMS Pro” in google market; 2.https://market.android.com/details?id=com.jb.gosms
- Visit our Blog: http://gosms.goforandroid.com
- Visit our official website: http://www.goforandroid.com
- Email to us: gomessanger@gmail.com
- Visit our facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=178919808825035


280 Responses to GO SMS Pro V4.30 Update release

  1. Raquel says:

    How/where do you enable screenshots?

    Nexus S

  2. Rob says:

    -an opportunity to save draft without contact(s) too
    -accented characters (those that lean to the right), a change of one character than sending (like Handcent) (Á,Ő,Ű,…)

    (sorry for my bad english)

  3. Paul Christian Abad says:

    I’m still requesting for a schedule in night mode…

  4. Berti says:

    I like gosms but it’s annoying me every time I go to type a message how large the font is in the compose message editor box. I see a way to change the other font size settings but not this one.
    Is it possible to change it or do you work on it?


  5. Stefan says:

    I like Go SMS Pro but PLEASE make it store received SMS/MMS on the SD card. Currently, it is storing everything in the built-in memory and this is totally eating up the very limited memory size we have on Japanese phones (less than 150 MB on the 005SH, for example).

  6. Edward says:

    I like Go SMS Pro a lot, but it seems really bulky, takes a lot of systems resources, and is SOOOOOO slow in sending a txt, and more often than not i can’t do anything while its sending the text.

  7. Oliver says:

    I like GoSMS very much but French translation is broken since the last release. Some part of the program are in french, other are in english…

  8. Adam Leonard says:

    What does “Improve group texting, support to insert and edit appellation(in Recipients Management )” mean?

  9. bobby says:

    is there any way when forwarding a picture or message to a group to NOT have the groups replies go to everyone and just to me (the original sender)? or is this on their end? can i send a group message but have it go to each recipient as if i was justs ending it to them? thanks!

  10. Joni M. says:

    I also need to know how/where to enable screenshots. I have googled it and also have went through every option on my phone and I can’t find it anywhere. I have a Droid X2.

  11. Tammy says:

    I would like to know how to just send a picture without having to pick out designs. Just want to send a picture!

  12. Beernose says:

    4.21 and 4.3 have an issue with smooth scrolling on my HTC. When I first open GoSMS, scrolling the screen is very choppy. But if I gesture to the Contacts list, and then scroll back to the message list, NOW the scrolling of the message list is very smooth (like it should be). I have 120MB free RAM while running GoSMS so I dont see it as a low RAM problem (and my phone is very “peppy” with no problems with graphics transitions when using Go Launcher…even the cylinder and sphere effects are quick). Any ideas what causes this?

    • Beernose says:

      Sorry, I meant “gesture to the Contacts list and then GESTURE back to the message list, then the message list scrolls very smooth”

      • sueba13 says:

        I am also having the same problem with the choppy scrolling since the update. My other apps do not have this problem, so it is the GO sms app only. Since I use this feature a lot, if it is not fixed relatively soon, i will have to change apps.

  13. Black Eco says:

    A interesting feature to add would be an option to warn user when he’s sending a message to more than X addressees.
    I would be very useful for people that have a plan that limits addressees per message.

  14. Paul Christian Abad says:

    When will the schedule on night mode be put?

  15. Roy Choi says:

    Go SMS Pro is awesome but it still cannot show my facebook contact pics

    • Beernose says:

      My HTC shows facebook contact pics in Go SMS Pro. But that’s because HTC does the link within the contacts. So SMS Pro shows whatever picture is saved with the Contact.

      You ARE correct that Go SMS doesn’t allow you to choose a Facebook pic directly. That WOULD be a cool feature so that I can override the user’s Facebook profile picture.

  16. supaflyboy says:

    iam using lcd density changer, because i have ldpi device.i use 100 and 110 dpi instead of 120(it is standart for me) and go sms alwayse falling down! please make a support of changing lcd dinsity!

  17. Homeuser says:

    Keep having issues sending SMS messages of all sizes..I’m not getting any replies from here at all..Please respond!

  18. PAvo says:

    Can you manage dual sim? Thanks

  19. Zeka says:

    How can I change the content of Quick text messages?

  20. Heinrich says:

    Dear GOSMS-Team,

    I appreciate your work very much. Your App is one of the best sms-apps on Android.

    But there are 3 functions, that I miss.

    1: At first, in the thread-overview: I’m not able to see wheter the displayed message has been received from the respecting contact or was sent by me. Often I’ just not able to decide if I still haven’t answered, or the displayed text snipped is already my text. I hope you understand what I want to tell you. My suggestion would be, that you add the option to display a little arrow for each thread that has been answered (like in an e-mail-application).

    2: The other function I miss is, to mark an sms “unread” (like in an e-mail-application). This would give me the possibilty to make a hint for myself, that I still have to answer this person, or consider this message for rereading… My suggestion would be, that you add an “press-and-hold-menu”-option which makes it possible to mark a thread as unread in the thread view. E.g. like on facebook-messaging… when you click on that little circle you switch between read and unread state

    3: A lot of customizing can be done. I like this very much. But you can’t customize e.g. the background-color or the text size for the input-filed or change the color of the send-button.

    I would appreciate it very much, if you would consider my suggestions in one of your next updates. Is there a possibility for this?

    What do you think of them? Please let me know! I would appreciate an answer very much!

    Thank you!

    Best regards,


  21. dominique says:

    how do i access the screenshots i take? where are they located??????

  22. Beernose says:

    All text search fields should not be case sensitive

    When searching contact name, Company name is still case-sensitive. So if company name is “US Bank”, and I type “us bank”, nothing will show up. I must type the capital letters exactly “US Bank” in order to show matching contacts.

    Request that all search fields are NOT case sensitive (or give us an option in settings to enable/disable case sensitive contact name searches)

  23. Beernose says:

    Contact search ignores “nickname” field.

    Would like “nickname” to also be searched when choosing contact.
    Or give users option of which fields to search for name matches

  24. mobisat says:

    I have a problem with version 4.30 if I try to create a new message then select contacts or groups then the phone freezes and the app has to be closed. Tried same with stock message app and it works fine for both. Anyone else having this problem ??

  25. Donn Hilton says:

    Everything works beautifully until I hit the send button then nothing happens. My other SMS app does not have this problem. Suggestions?

  26. Mike says:

    Works well, but a great pity GoSMS unlike Handcent does not pop up over the lockscreen.

  27. mobisat says:

    @Mike I use an app called “NoLED” on my Samsung Galaxy Ace and it lets me know I have an e-mail, SMS, Facebook message etc. on my phone. May not be exactly what you are looking for but suits me perfectly

  28. Shadowhawk says:

    With the last few versions, after receiving a picture via MMS, in the conversation bubble its a full picture, but when I open it or try to save the picture to the SD card from within GoSMS Pro it’s cropped…


    Stock messaging opens and saves the picture in full… but stock messaging sucks.

    I’m switching to Handcent currently because that also opens and saves the picture in full, but I’d rather have GoSMS Pro. So, can this be fixed? Like SOON?


  29. Demon says:


  30. Jon says:

    Love Go SMS Pro, but the private box isn’t working properly on the Galaxy Nexus. I can’t view private messages or move contacts from the private box into the regular box.

    • Tobias says:

      I have the same problem. I see that the Keyboard accept the touch inputs, but the numbers are not transfered to the input box. This situation occures only if you wan to use the private box. With global security feature the input works fine.

      -> Switched to handcent, until this error is not fixed

    • lil sara says:

      im having the same problem….i cant get in my private box but it keeps saying i have the wrong password????? how can i open it?

  31. ernie Aguilar says:

    Just installed gosms on two Motorola Razrs one a MAXX and gosms doesn’t find the restore file even though it’s in the correct place. /mnt/sdcard/GOSMS\backup\SmsFolders where i put in a copy of the .DAT file to see if GOSMS would find it and I’ve also checked in /mnt/sdcard/GOSMS\backup\SmsRestore\SmsRestore_2012-01-25.zip and notice that there is a Zip file Any help will be appreciated.

  32. Hermes says:

    I installed the gosms on htc sensation and the counter when i have new messages is not working in the app on the phone screen :( does any one knows why is that happening?

  33. Gal Nexus says:

    Had this app running on Sam Galaxy S running gingerbread 2.4 no problem, upgraded to Samsung Galaxy Nexus and no longer works themes are not fully supported with phone dialer and causes consent crashes using SMS have moved to Handset SMS ( they are compatable with ICS with there latest update ) until a release for ICS comes out. Great work so far…how far away are you to a Ice Cream Sandwich 4.01 release?? wanting to go back to SMS Pro

  34. Leo d'Ryabo says:

    All is well. But I don’t understand how I can remove password? Where are can I do it?

  35. robert says:

    i recently downloaded your gosms proggie for my phone, however, i have a slight concern.
    when sending pictures through sms to another phone, with the standard program that comes
    with the phone, or the stock sms way, the picture gets sent to the phone itself, comes up as
    a picture—which is very nice…..

    however, with yours, it ends a link to a website or something which i find very annoying
    and inconvenient. why does it not send the picture directly like the other sms programs do?
    why send a link? is there a setting or something in the program to correct this and NOT have
    it send a link? people don’t like to open links, even from other people they may know now
    a days and even myself, if i get a link from
    someone that’s in my contacts or whatever, i instantly delete it because im sure your aware,
    even viruses can access contact info. and have something appear on your phone that may seem like
    its coming from someone you know but isn’t.
    some phones that dont have data, cant open the links in the first place…..
    so why is it this way?
    i guess since this is a free program, i cant bitch about paying for it——

  36. Zia says:

    Go SMS is good, But no MMS report. This thing is annoying me. Handcent has MMS report. So switch to Handcent.

  37. O.Turpan says:

    我现在使用Go SMS。很好用。我想问下,软件上能不能添加现在没有的其他语言?你们能可以添加的话,我把词汇翻译给你们提供。

  38. Jerry says:

    Can you please make that when i clear the notification of an incoming message it becomes automatically marked as read? It’s very annoying

  39. Mark says:

    Go SMS Pro will not allow me to set my sms backup time (Menu > Services > SMS B&R > Configuration). The default to “Backup period: Auto Backup at 12:00 am everyday”. I use to be able to set the time to 8:55am. Is there a way for me to turn this feature back on? Thanks

  40. Moli says:

    I just switched from a dell streak to a samsung galaxy note ( i am digging this app, i love all the things I can customize for different contacts). My problem I have backed up all my sms to my sd card and tried to recover them in the galaxy note and it doesn’t show me anything. I even have it downloaded into dropbox and I still cannot recover any sms messages. Also my DIY Themes doesn’t work in the Galaxy Note but works in the Dell Streak. Does anyone know how I can atleast fix the recovery problem. I do see the backups on my sd card.


    • Anonymous says:

      My DIY themes do not work anymore. I can no longer download anything to my phone from DIY thhemes…

      • Yasmin says:

        Me neither but I thought it was everybody phone but a girl who work with me her DIY themes… Mine says something about we are constructing DIY themes please check the change log of later version for update..

  41. Matt Montero says:

    I just lost all of my texts/conversation threads after the update…

  42. Abbie says:

    My go SMS Pro used to pop up a notification which turned on the screen and unlocked it when I received a new SMS. This has suddenly stopped working. The screen turns on but I have to swipe it to unlock it (I have no pin code set). Why has this changed? I’ve checked all the settings over and over, and it is all set as it should be….

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