GO SMS Pro V4.38 Update release

GO SMS Pro V4.38 released, we strongly recommend you experience the latest version. Come and download now. Please click here for more detail.

V4.38 Update (2012-3-27)

1.Auto show recent contacts when creating new msg
2.Add animation when sending (may disabled in Send Settings)
3.Add auto backup for Privacy box
4.Add “Composing…” feature for GO Chat
5.Optimize Contacts
6.Optimize Recent Contact to include recent SMS contact
7.Optimize Font selection in Appearance settings
8.Optimize multi-avatars in GO Chat
9.Fix send double msg issue in ICS Galaxy SII
10.Fix security lock can’t lock stock SMS in MIUI
11.Update iOS GO Chat accordingly!



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161 Responses to GO SMS Pro V4.38 Update release

  1. Justin says:

    For some reason, I am still sending double messages when using GoSMS on my SGS2 with ICS.

    I was using a pre-release APK on XDA which seemed to have fix it… after updating to 4.38 from the market, the problem has returned.

    I don’t seem to be able to roll back the change now either. I uninstalled the new version and reinstalled from the APK I have, but the double message issue persists. I’m very confused.

    • Kevin says:

      Same here. I have ICS on my ATT SGS2 but still sending double message.

      • racoon says:

        i’m using s2 but now no longer sends double msg. however go sms notification is faulty now. my hp does not vibrate upon receiving a new message

        • Dan says:

          Hi, I have alerted the developers of this issue.

          A temporary fix appears to be to install the “Hide It Pro” app from Google Play and to turn on vibration from the audio manager that fronts the app.

          Hope this helps.

    • Chris says:

      I’m sending two messages on my SGS2 with ICS. I’ve seen many others complaining about the same issue. Handcent SMS recently released an updated to fix this specific issue with their software, what are we waiting on here?

  2. Raistlin says:

    I love the product but on the latest release all the telephone numbers in my contacts vanished.

    How do I get them back without installing version 4.37

  3. Leon says:

    the pictures of my contacts wont show in GoSMS, i dont know why

  4. toluck says:

    First, I’d like to apologize for this very nice application
    May I suggest one or two things, if this is possible of course:

    1. When sending a SMS photo, would it be possible to have a option (somewhere in parameters) to avoid to have everytime the screen where we can choose Doodle, and effet (Lomo, the past, dream light…)

    2. When sending a SMS photo by using the share function of any application of android, (instead of sending it FROM go sms), the picture is not presently resized, according to the option MMS, but tried to be sent as it. It is sometimes a good thing because the EXIF are also sent, but most of time, the picture is to heavy, and the MMS cannot be succesfully sent.
    For instance when I want to send in MMS a photo situated in my home computer, I must send it to dropbox from my home computer. Then open dropbox on my android, and if the size is too big, I must first export it to my SD card, then open go sms to send it from here, which is not very convenent as I must look for the photo, and this takes time for me, and for android to scan the medias.

    but, the very important thing is to make go sms as quick as possible in every days use :)

    Anyhow thanks a lot

    • toluck says:

      Sorry, when I wrote SMS photo, I meant MMS photo of course…

      To complete my above point number 1:
      the intermediate screen (the one with Doodle, and effets), when used, could be completed with an option to rotate the picture, and why not to adjust the size of the MMS if different of the defaut size
      (for instance most of my correspondants can receive 600k but some of them cannot, only 300k)

  5. Brian Rubin says:

    Hi there! I’m writing because, for the first time ever, I have a bug with Go SMS on my rooted HTC EVO 4G running Cyanogen. I’m using Thumb Keyboard on its “Phone Split – Large Layout” mode, and before this latest update, Go SMS had no problem scrolling text downward in the popup window, as one would expect.

    Now, however, when using the popup window, the text doesn’t scroll down, so when I type past a certain point, I can no longer see what I’m typing. If you guys could fix this, that would be AWESOME.

    Thanks so much!

  6. Marvin says:

    Release 4.38 seems to have problems displaying phone number designations when composing new text message. Previously if I had multiple phone numbers in my address book for a person (home, mobile, work, etc.) there was a designation on the selection menu showing this. Now when I press the “compose” icon (upper right corner) and start typing a name all I get in the drop-down menu is their name and all of their different phone numbers. The “mobile”, “home”, “cell”, etc. designations are gone!

    • Holly says:

      Go into Go SMS settings and under “Send Settings” check the box that says, “show mobile numbers only.” Worked for me.

      • william says:

        I have done the setting suggested by Holly, but I’ve ALWAYS had this setting checked, and the problem persists. Perhaps my problem isn’t identical. Please allow me to describe what my seemingly similar problem is.
        When holding my phone in the horizontal position, I click to compose a new text message, and when I type to choose the recipient in the “To” box, as I type the name, only numbers appear without even a name association. When I hold the cell phone in the normal (prone?) position when composing a new message, entering/typing the name of the intended recipient displays the contact name, not only a list of phone numbers. Go SMS use to work the same whether the phone was held in the horizontal position or prone. What could possibly cause this?

  7. Vivek says:

    Is there a way to make the vibrate stronger? I can BARELY feel it in my hand and there’s no way I’d feel it in my pocket. (Samsung Infuse)

  8. Kevin says:

    Please make “show recent contacts when starting a msg” and option. It shows all the calls I made and I don’t want to text those contacts.

  9. eric says:

    once updateing htc vivid to 4.0.3 go sms wont show my contacts just there number and no photos probm is with ones sync from facebook

  10. Sam says:

    4.38 is just terrible. How could you miss the fact that the phone number descriptions no longer appear when typing in a contact? Also, I just a group text to a designated group setup in google contacts.. The message went to people that were not in the group and double sent to many. It also left out some in the group. How could this happen? Did you use a junior programmer to make this update? If so, please remind them that when you make changes to a program there must be extensive regression testing to ensure this does not happen. Please fix ASAP.

  11. Bill says:

    I don’t like the new optimized contacts one bit. Showing all contacts and all numbers is way too much scrolling to get to where you want. I adopted GO SMS because I liked the way that it handled contacts. Please follow these suggestions:
    1. Keep the new Recent Contacts list, I like that.
    2. Show only mobile #’s in the contacts list. Why would home and work ever be considered to be included?
    3. If a contact has only one mobile #, just show the name with a checkbox next to it.
    4. If a contact has more than one mobile #, then show Mobile 1, Mobile 2, etc. beneath the contacts name

  12. Landon says:

    For some reason go sms will not vibrate on notifications. What can i do to fix this?

    • Nick says:

      Happened to me too, I deleted the app’s cache, and it worked again for a bit, then stopped suddenly. I googled it and there’s some forums saying if you download “Audio Manager” and use that to enable vibrate, it will fix the problem. I’m about to try that now. I would prefer not having to use one 3rd party app to manage another, but until this bug is fixed, it’ll have to suffice.

  13. kiki says:

    after update, i can’t se what i’m typing in popup quick reply. hope u can fix this
    samsung galaxy mini

  14. Anonymous says:

    This program is not compatible w/the Motorola Razr. It sends blank msgs from VZMM (?) multiple times during the day & nite, keeping me awake all nite. I have installed it & uninstalled it twice. But your updates have not fixed this problem! Too bad, b/c I liked using it.

  15. Spili says:

    After update does not working Auto Locker.

    Cannot lock app with pin or pattern…
    Main app or safe box :/

  16. platosearwax says:

    Very frustrating. Once, ages ago, my wife had her phone number in Facebook with a country code at the beginning (+147…). She has since fixed that and I have eradicated every mention of that number in my phone. My contacts are fine. The stock messaging works fine (HTC Sense). Handcent works fine. Go SMS Pro STILL has the wrong number for her so I cannot send messages to her. I would love to use Go SMS as I think it is better than Handcent but it is impossible if I cannot send messages to my most messaged person. I for the life of me cannot figure out where it is still getting this number from. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and even went to the SD card and deleted any Go SMS folders. STILL with the wrong number.

    Frustrated I can’t use your otherwise fine product.

  17. Luinux says:

    I have a trouble, I have a LG P920 Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread and on the list of messages it shows their phone number and not there contact name

  18. Michele says:

    Latest update no longer properly displays the contact phone numbers using the call feature in.

    I see:


    where xxxxxxxx is a series of numbers and letters which I take links to a phone number in my contact book.

    Please help.

  19. Thomas says:

    This latest version broke the group send from being able to select the whole group in one click to just expanding the group and now I have to click on each person and confirm their number. That takes too long and was one of the main features I loved about this app. Please change it back.

  20. GermanBrot says:

    Please fix photo orientation please! Its ridiculous this app is even released and sends all your photos sideways. Even a manual rotate option is better than nothing… but seriously… -coming from a Samsung Note user.

    • Chris says:

      Ok, so the problem with this app sending pictures sideways is this old of an issue?! I’m on a Samsung Galaxy S3 I just bought, and it sends all pictures Landscape that are taken in Portrait. This is ridiculous and I’m about to ditch the app just because of that. Come on developers. Figure this out. Don’t give iPhone users a reasons to snicker at us….

  21. Will says:

    Hi GO Developers!
    I have a pretty good feeling that you’ve already have received much feedback about the Samsung Galaxy S2 Model: SGH-T989 about why it does not vibrate when it receives a text message. Many users of this phone also experience the same problem, are you guys perhaps by any chance making any progress? I really enjoy you’re applications, but my favorite would have to be GO SMS. Would you please take a look into this? Thanks in advance!

  22. kenneth says:

    I am having trouble with the emoji’s not showing up in the medium sized widget. They show up nicely in the conversation screen and people receiving messages from me with emoji’s see them, so that means that the emoji app works well.
    - I have tried using both the GO SMS and the softbank with no luck.
    - I have even tried to install the seperate widget with no luck.
    - I first installed the Emoji widget a month or so ago and no version of GO SMS Pro has had a emoji working widget.

    Using a HTC Gratia

  23. Petr says:

    I have problem on my Desire S
    I have set
    Privat box – Setting – Screen on – to off, so screen should not go on when message is received. But if sound notification and vibration are off on phone, screen goes on when receiving message….

  24. Eric says:

    I have an HTC Thunderbolt. I typically text in landscape mode. Since the newest update, if I am texting and recieve an incoming text, the phone freezes, switches to portrait view, and I have to wait for it to switch back to landscape before it unfreezes and I can continue typing. It’s only freezes about 4 seconds, but it’s aggravating enough to have to switch to another app. I do really like Go SMS.

  25. Jane says:

    Keeps erasing all of my messages. & says error when i try top restore them.

  26. Katie says:

    I can’t seem to be able to send sms’s to other countries? which is why i downloaded this app. what setting do I need to change so I can talk to my family back home?

  27. IamNotHere says:

    How can I disable auto show recent contacts?

    • iWantToHideRecent says:

      Same question here
      “How can I disable auto show recent contacts?”

      • Todd says:

        Don’t know how GO SMS compiles this list, but it’s way off. Contact numbers I have NEVER texted or called are there, recent ones are not. Even if it worked, I would not like it. My recent threads are already in the app. Why duplicate this??? Sadly, going to uninstall if this is not fixed.

  28. jan paul says:

    though it has a group message function, but it still lacks, it only appears as “Send to Many” function. i hope for the future updates, you can have this group messaging where the receipients of the SMS will actually reply to you in the same thread not in separate/individual thread. Like a group chat. been looking for this feature. i think handcent have it but its force closing everytime i choose many contacts. Would give 5 if this happen :)

  29. dip says:

    On my Samsung Galaxy S running Android 2.3.6 I cannot select any ringtone in gosms. When I try to select a ringtone only a menu with the following items is shown: “Silent, Default ringtone, Current ringtone, System ringtone, Music”

    Clicking on any of these items does nothing, so it is not possible to select a desired ringtone. For me gosms always uses the default system notification tone selected in the Android settings.

    Is this a device depending bug or does everybody has this problem? Please fix this bug. Beside this bug the program is great.

  30. addie says:

    Question: I just got the HTC Rezound and I have one of those notification charms for it (like on the Rhyme). The charm works fine with the standard messaging program, but not with Go SMS…do you have any plans to support the charm? I really liked using Go SMS on my Incredible and would like to continue using it.

  31. Ian says:

    Can someone tell me how to move messages into a user created folder ?
    I can create a new folder, but there appears to be no option anywhere to move a message into it!

  32. Murray says:

    C’mon guys, just downloaded 4.39 and still no contact picture from FB

  33. Davina says:

    Go sms pro isn’t letting me send pictures all of a sudden, I get a little error symbol after it loads 100%, when you click to “view via web browser” it says picture is expired? Is there a problem with the app today?

    • Candy says:

      Jul12Jill I have to say that I agree with you Catherine! But, my husband and I talk about it all the time how when we were little we would just wonder around our neighborhoods all day and our parents woln#u&d8217;t see us until dinner time and no one really thought twice about it. But I just can’t see our children doing that. It’s sorta sad. But I do remember my mom ALWAYS meeting the parents before I would spend the night at someones, especially when I was your son’s age.

  34. Darko says:

    Hi, great app but lacks an important thing IMHO.
    When creating a new SMS/MMS and adding contacts from addressbook, it vould be VERY useful if the contact’s number set as default would be presented first or signaled in some other way (different color, an icon, …). Other messaging apps already do this, I think it would be not so difficult to add as a feature to the program so please think about this for one of the next updates.

    Thanks for this great FREE app. :)

  35. nantax says:

    Can the team change the behavior of the conversation list so that the view will stay in its place regardless if you have sent or received a new sms message so you will not keep on scrolling back to where you were.

    The default action will be if you receive or send a new message, the cursor will jump to the very beginning of the conversation and you will have to scroll back up again to continue where you left off.

    Example will be if you have 5 something unread messages and you scroll up to read it and make a reply, if any new message will arrive, the view will go to the beginning. Also if you are sending text messages that are more than 150 chars, the same thing happens, so you can’t back read the conversation while sending the long text.

    Thanks and more power to the Go Team. :)

  36. Peter Duris says:

    Hi , why its not possible , to start conversation with contact always with SMS Chat ON, every time i must click on go chat icon.Sometimes i miss , and i send clasic sms (so i must pay :-( ) Would be great possibility to : Go Chat always on (if contact have Go Chat) , and then i click on icon only when i want clasic SMS.

  37. Evan Roberts says:

    Notification stays up when message opened?

    Love this app, but with the latest update, the notification remains in the notification bar even after I have opened the sms and read it and replied?

  38. Dany says:

    The app is incompatible with androidlost app… The priority of Go SMS is too high (a value of 2147483647). Please fix this (for example you could use a value of 1000)

    • Anonymous says:

      Indeed I’m facing the same issue with the high priority value, I had to uninstall GO SMS PRO and use HANDCENT SMS instead which is compatible with ANDROIDLOST !

  39. Chad Walker says:

    Love it! HATE the photo orientation problem though! Sends all my pictures sideways, wtf! Please fix that!

  40. Daevonda says:

    If i had a private box full of messages and i accidently deleted the gosmspro and i never did a b&r thing, am i able to get them back ?

  41. Brianna says:

    I cannot receive Emoji from other people but I can see it when I send it, how do I fix this?

  42. T4mpon says:


    i would like to turn of this: 1.Auto show recent contacts when creating new msg

    is it possible?
    privacy needed.

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