GO SMS Pro V4.39 Update release

GO SMS Pro V4.39 released, we strongly recommend you experience the latest version. Come and download now. Please click here for more detail.

V4.39 Update (2012-4-11)

- Reconstruct DIY theme to web style to avoid challenge
- Support send SMS through Web: webchat.goforandroid.com
- Support MMS group chat (enable in Send Settings)
- Add number type in associative contact list
- Support Push message
- Support Vcard
- Optimize Find Friend in GO Chat
- Fix vibration issue and receiving double messages issue for some phone model
- Fix voicemail confliction with some mobile operator
- Support GO Chat login simultaneously in Android and iOS!



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- Download the newest GO SMS Pro: 1.Search “GO SMS Pro” in google market; 2.https://market.android.com/details?id=com.jb.gosms
- Visit our Blog: http://gosms.goforandroid.com
- Visit our official website: http://www.goforandroid.com
- Email to us: gomessanger@gmail.com
- Visit our facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=178919808825035


153 Responses to GO SMS Pro V4.39 Update release

  1. Tom says:

    I love your app. But since the recent change i noticed when i use the Swepe, the suggested words keep moving up and down the lines as i type. Instead of being intelligent it is getting very annoying.
    Not sure if its caused by your recent updates or caused by the latest Google updates… Can u help to resolve?

  2. Federcich says:

    I like this app too. But with my Samnsung Galaxy S2 I still have a vibration issue: when I recieve a message, it vibrates as strong as the “haptics feedback” is setted in that moment. The “notification” vibration value in the settings doesn’t affect it. Sice I don’t want to keep haptics feedback too high, can you please fix this issue in the next release?? Thanks :)

  3. Chelsey says:

    I have the HTC Sensation 4G. Before this update, vibration was working correctly. Now it only vibrates when set to “Always” and, obviously, it always vibrates even in silent. Since I have individual contact notification settings, I have to turn vibration off in like six different places. I had this issue for a few months in January and February, then it was fixed. After the last update, this bug has come back. When it is set to “Only vibrate when not in silent” it never vibrates. In the previous version, it only vibrated when not in silent. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance in debugging :)

    • jen says:

      Suddenly vibrating stopped working, even after the update. I have it set to always on the system sounds as well.

    • Skipjacks says:

      Same problem on my Sensation.

      Vibrate doesn’t work when coming out of sleep. It worked great through 4.38. But 4.39 will only vibrate for an incoming message when the phone is already awake.

  4. Colleen says:

    I have a Droid 3 – since updating all text messages I receive are coming in twice on Go SMS Pro :( I’m going to have to find a new text program b/c this is annoying! I LOVED the program until today!!!!

  5. Rich says:

    I see that you added vcard support.. I’m able to send vcards but when I receive it. I can’t easily add it to my contacts. Am I missing something here?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I can’t get it to work with Imessages from iphone users. Samsung Galaxy S2 Epict Touch 4g.

  7. Mike J says:

    Getting double sms messages on Motorola Razr Maxx with new V4.39.
    Please fix.

  8. KAT says:


  9. Rene says:

    -stil receiving double messages on my samsung gio after update with V4.39,
    is there a solution to this issue

  10. Savannah says:

    I still have the vibration issue i tried everything possible…please try to fix this in the next update.

  11. Frank R. says:

    Getting double SMS messages on Samsung Epic 4G with the new V4.39 update.
    Please fix. VERY ANNOYING.

  12. Roman says:

    Not sure if this had been addressed/ fixed but I have the SGS2 and the latest update for this app and still receiving duplicate SMS. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,

  13. Devin says:

    Receiving double text messages on my htc thunderbolt AND my girlfriend’s droid bionic.

    Please fix!

  14. Ben says:

    Since installing the new update my Droid 4 is really slow, i am getting double or triple texts and the worse part is text are going to people i am not sending them to. I am removing from my phone and would highly recommend you all do the same till this issue is fixed. Text went to my boss instead of my wife, very embarrasing.

  15. Brock says:

    The app is really wonderful…but plz include a PATTERN LOCK for private box in the next update!!!itz really difficult to do the number lock for private box each and every time message appears

  16. Kris says:

    Hey and thanks for go sms pro, its great!

    Theres a couple things that “bugs” me hehe..

    1. When moving a contact into the private box all the individual settings for that contact stops working. It’s like the private box settings overrides the individual contact settings. Is this possible to fix? Its nice to know who just sent you a text just from the notification sound, even more so when they are in the private box..

    2. When exiting Go SMS Pro from the private box by just hitting the home button on the phone it will open straight into the private box next time you open Go SMS Pro. Not very secure. It used to work more securely some updates back. Is it possible to fix this permanently?

    3. No big deal but I use swedish as a language for Go SMS Pro, and the swedish word for “settings” is mis-spelled. Its spelled “inställningar” not “instälninar”.

  17. Psalm says:

    Hi, Im having some problems in my Sony Xperia Neo V. The latest version still makes me receive double messages. Please advice, what should i do to prevent this?

    Thank you and more power!

  18. gulshan says:

    recently downloaded go sms pro 4.39.. why it is more than 5.8 MB as shown at time of download it is actually taking 11.08 MB after download..

    plz.. help me on this

    As Soon As Possible..

  19. Anonymous says:

    Installed app. But I can’t find it on phone anywhere. What’s up with this?

  20. Rich says:

    Sorry…let me try this again. Install Go SMS Pro on Android phone using Google Play. App does not appear anywhere that I can see. Yet, when I tryed to install again – phone responded with “already installed”. Where is it?

  21. Kiara says:

    I have the Cricket Huawei M886 and now I am receiving all of my messages twice. I’m hoping you can fix this issue soon because it’s starting to annoy me! :( Please help!!

  22. Jeffrey says:

    Getting sms’s twice as well.. :( .
    Though it only started happening after i installed GO launcher..

    • Dave says:

      Just for the record, I have the exact same problem on my SGS2.

      Used to have Go SMS and everything was working fine. Installed Go Launcher and after that I started receiving messages twice.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Moto XT800+之前版本用的很正常,更新到4.39,结果运行出错。。只得继续用4.38了。

  24. maura says:

    Attempted to download update on my Galaxy Nexus… Update stopped during update — I shut down my phone and cannot get the phone to power back up. Tried everything – pulled battery & sim. nada. Verizon sending me a new phone. Anyone else experience this problem?

  25. charles says:

    I’m getting duplicate sms too on my phone with the new update

  26. lex says:

    It looks great but still no support for acer A500? Will it ever happn?

  27. rezzz says:

    I have noticed this problem when using Go Sms Pro. When you try to create a scheduled sms, you need to enter the date and time when you want that sms to be sent. The problem with that page is that it’s bigger than the screen. So when you try to change the date/time using the wheels, it starts scrolling the page instead of moving the wheel. The wheel does move but only a fraction before the page scroll kicks in. The end result is that it is almost impossible to set the date and time.

  28. Lazke says:

    Still having issues with vibration on my Sony Ericsson Ray. No matter how I set the custom vibrate pattern, it always comes out as one long vibrate. This used to work fine on this phone a couple of versions before this one.

  29. Anonymous says:

    the search feature in add contacts still doesn’t search nicknames

  30. alex says:

    it doesnt show contacts wtf dudes

  31. Guan says:

    Hi, I am a samsung galaxy nexus user. When I first downloaded your app, it was fantastic however, I do not have any idea what happened, the app do not allow me to send group sms chat to 21 people. In addition, it keeps telling me Unexpected Error Please fix it as soon as possible. Numerous emails have been sent but to no avail.

    This is the error report:

    PhoneModel=Galaxy Nexus
    Brand=samsungUnable to start activity ComponentInfo{com.jb.gosms/com.jb.gosms.ui.ComposeMessageActivity}: android.view.WindowManager$

  32. Nicola says:

    Hi, I’m using it with Huawei Mediapad and seems to work well.
    So, please, tell to market that it’s compatible!

  33. Jon says:

    When I use this for group messaging, the MMS’s dont download. This is new and I dont know whats wrong. Any help? It used to work fine, until recently. Could a theme have anything to do with this? Thanks

  34. Anonymous says:

    After update to gingerbreed 2.3.6 from 2.3.4 , go sms pro , handscent or any other locker is not working on stock messaging.i have tried everything.but i just cant lock my stock messages with any of these apps.

  35. Anonymous says:

    yeah same here after firmware upgrade yesterday, my stck messaging is not protected now.

  36. Anonymous says:

    After update to ICS 4.0.3 on my Galaxy S2 it’s sending only empty SMS.

  37. Drake says:

    You guys need to fix sending messages, the green arrow just keeps going and going then it will says an error code: -1 wth its very annoying it happens only when sending long messages, fix this asap

  38. Prathvish says:

    Hi, i am using Samsung galaxy M250s(Korean samsung galaxy S2)and i am using this phone in India. I am facing problem to send 146-160 character sms.its always failing to send and delivery report also not working.
    Please anyone help me to solve this.. plzzzz

  39. Christophe says:

    An improvement request:
    It should be possible to select a private contact directly from private box in order to send a private message easier…

  40. Milan says:

    Hi, GOSMS is great app. Unfortunately after update to ICS all my sms comes to recipient “empty”. There is no text at all…original sms app works normally…could you fix it???? Thanks.

    Galaxy S2, ICS 4.0.3

  41. texanfemme76 says:

    App was working great until recent update. NOW my privacy box is slow as H*LL and it forces close 50% of the time. Can this be fixed ASAP PLEASE?!?!?!

  42. John says:

    Update 4.39 totally screwed the pooch…now when I try to enter the name of a contact as a recipient, all that shows is a bunch of contact numbers…what did you guys do? Also, how come you never reply to your developer E-Mail???

  43. Aaron says:

    Just updated T-Mobile(UK) Samsung Galaxy S II to ICS and GoSMS is now sending blank texts messages, works fine in the standard Messaging app but that doesn’t compare!

    Just to let you guys know so you can come up with a fix.


  44. jason says:

    T-mobile Galaxy S2 ICS, sending blank texts. Great other than that lol

  45. James says:

    I too am sending blank messages after T-Mobile – ICS update for Smasung Galaxy S2.

    Everything was fine before the update.


  46. Don says:

    My wife allowed me to upgrade her phone to ICS and now go sms pro is sending blank messages. Making me look bad, lol. I do believe it has something to do with the t-mobile rom. Just would be really nice if GO was able to find a workaround for it, since we will probably be waiting for awhile for t-mobile’s fix.

  47. cody says:

    Since update (for EVO 4G), instead of Name and part of the message in the notification bar, it only says New Message where the name and message is supposed to be. And in the pop-up window it says the name and the message only says New Message. Main reason I chose this app was for its pop-up window, but now that its not working…..

  48. Dave says:

    Have anybody tried whether the new version 4.40 works with SGSII T-Mobile ICS (no blank texts)? Can’t do it by myself atm.

  49. Mark says:

    I downloaded the most recent update today (2012-04-25) and Go SMS keeps force closing on my phone. As a result, I can’t view any of my texts. Loved the program up until this point, but likely going to uninstall it and go with something else.

  50. Jarrod says:

    I pretty much echo what Mark said. It just keeps force closing. I’m using a HTC Thunderbolt.

  51. Dee says:

    Same here, ever since ICS update – keeps sending blank messages and freezing the phone :(

    Don’t like stop app, but nothing else works with it!

    • Dave says:

      I’m using Pansi SMS as a temporary solution. It works fine, except it doesn’t vibe on ICS, but it’s lesser evil compared to the stock app for me (carrier-blocked SMS length etc.)..

  52. p1n says:

    Hi guys, as I mentioned somewhere in this discussion I had problem with blank messages on T-Mobie CZ ICS 4.0.3 (firmware: I9100BOLPD/I9100TMZLP5/I9100BOLP5/I9100BOLPD). My FIX: I did full wipe, flashed “I9100XWLP7/I9100XEZLP1/I9100XXLPS/I9100XWLP7″ and now SMS works. F**K t-mobile I’m done with them.

  53. Yeap says:

    I can’t enter my private box at all despite setting up a new password,uninstall,delete the go sms pro folder in sd card! please help me fix this problem…thanks! On Samsung Galaxy S3,android 4.0.4

    • Craig says:

      I’ve had the same issue. I have a rooted Nexus S running ICS 4.04 and even though i’ve wiped the app and settings from the phone multiple times, when i set up the new private box password it still doesn’t let me into the private box. It keeps prompting for a password. Very annoying

  54. Gowtham says:

    I love your application but I have one problem Recently i updated to ICS in my sony Live with walkman after that i’m not able to access my private box i re installed and tried many times but still its not working.

  55. Sara says:

    I downloaded GO sms pro on my galaxy s2 today and also downloaded the themes for it, however I am unable to apply them to the app. The same is the case with the GO fonts. I was previously this app on my HTC hero and it worked completely fine. Please help

    • Reva says:

      I had the go sms on galaxy s2, then upgraded the software. Now i cant download any DIY themes. All the DIY themes had a download failure. Please someone help me, it worked fine before… HELP!!!!

  56. N@cho says:

    Hi everyone. ¿Can I save mty SMS in the SIM card?. I have a LG GT540, android 2.1-Update 1. Thanks in advance.

  57. Anonymous says:

    LED does not blink when the message is placed on the private box.. what should I do?

  58. lor says:

    LED is not working when there is message from the PRIVATE BOX!!!

  59. Me2756 says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S Blaze… I purchased the app so I could sync it with FB avatars again… It doesnt stay synced more than a few hours…
    I also have a problem with it dumping the “ring tones”… It randomly will stop making sounds when I get a text and will just vibrate. I have to go into the app and do a “notification test” and then most times it works again. Every few days I will have to set the tones back up… I like the look of the app and I have my default as a back up so it tones if GO SMS doesnt but it is getting annoying. I also feel as though my money was wasted by purchasing the app because it doesnt even do what I bought it for. Any ideas??

    My friend also downloaded the app yesterday and it wont send scheduled text. I had this issue when I first downloaded it as well but forget how I fixed the problem so any ideas would be great as well!

  60. DIAPK B says:

    I m a premium user of Go SMS Pro.
    For the better performance of My Android Phone I Force Close & Clear Application Data Of Go SMS Pro Using Application Manager. I lost All my Private SMS In My Private Box. Is there any option so i can regain These?
    Pl Help Me.. Or My Girlfriend will Kill Me… ;)

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