GO SMS Pro V4.56 Update release

GO SMS Pro V4.56 released, we strongly recommend you experience the latest version. Come and download now. Please click here for more detail.

V4.56 Update (2012-7-20)

1.Add Premium Feature Pack (Find Phone, local backup SMS/MMS/private box, etc) in application center
2.Add sync Facebook contact photos (Premium feature)
3.Add backup/restore MMS (Premium feature)
4.Add option to set default SMS program (in Settings->Basic)
5.Optimize My Location plug-in
6.Optimize Facebook binding with GO Chat
7.Fix security lock issue in ICS
8.Fix number lock issue in JB (Android 4.1)
9.Fix ring choice, notification issues in JB



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- Download the newest GO SMS Pro: 1.Search “GO SMS Pro” in google market; 2.https://market.android.com/details?id=com.jb.gosms
- Visit our Blog: http://gosms.goforandroid.com
- Visit our official website: http://www.goforandroid.com
- Email to us: gomessanger@gmail.com
- Visit our facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=178919808825035


124 Responses to GO SMS Pro V4.56 Update release

  1. martin posner says:

    Since I downloaded go sms pro I no longer get notification sounds on receiving a message. I think the settings are ok but don’t really know… Please help.

  2. Mike D says:

    i have 2 questions. how do i get premium features? and how do i sync Facebook contact pictures in GO sms and contacts

    • doktornotor says:

      - either pay $5/180 days ransom to these greedy guys
      - or (preferably) uninstall this spammy bloatware and use a different app. Even the stock one syncs FB pictures for free.

  3. doktornotor says:

    So, guys… you have the balls to

    - install absolutely unwanted features (notably the GoChat ubercrap) noone is able to uninstall
    - stick yourself to the top of my contact list
    - start spamming me with more crap right after that (messages, notification popups)
    - keep bloating the app with even more absolutely irrelevant stuff on every update to make it even slower and more messy – like “Find my phone”? WTH does this have to do with SMS/MMS?!?! You still recall what was the original purpose of this (long time ago great) app? You know, people use quality *dedicated* antitheft apps from *trustworthy* vendors for these things, not an SMS app “plugin” from devs who instead steal other people’s contacts via their GoChat cloud crap
    - want to charge me $10/yr to be able to backup *my* messages to *my* SD card and to do things that even the stock app does for free? You mad? Why don’t you charge a “premium” for storing the backups on your “cloud” somewhere in middle of who knows where? Yah, right, b/c noone would pay for such idiotic idea.

    I guess not. Take for granted I will not ever recommend any Go products to anyone any more. You completely damaged an app that used to be the best one, now it is the worst one, useless, bloated, spamming, intrusive. Way to piss off all your usebase. Uninstalled this junk, ktnxbye4ever, you greedy schmucks.

  4. Sunil Kolambkar says:

    Using GO SMS PRO Version 4.56 on Samsung Galaxy S2 – ICS 4.0.3

    My Phone is NOT Rooted.

    Issues are as follows –

    1. Individual Setting – Signature
    a. It allow to select the Signature Tab and allow to click on ADD
    b. It also allow to Select Contact
    c. However APP then goes for NOTIFICATION SETTINGS for that Individual Contact & shows all option of notification setting (contact name) and not the Signature.
    2. Individual Setting – Conversation
    a. SAME as above.
    3. Private Box
    a. At first time after APP installation, it allows to SET the password for Private BOX
    b. However, after attempt to enter in Private BOX, it refuses to accept same password. I am 200% sure on password given and entered.
    c. Then if I clear the APP Data of GO SMS PRO from Phone- setting -Applications, it again ask to set the password and again denied the access.

    Please correct these issues asap. This is BEST SMS APP if above issues resolved.

    • JAckie M says:

      Please help me! ATT told me to download this so i could save messages and transfer them to my computer and now when its not working they are worthless and no help. Can someone please tell me how to transfer all of my messages in converstaion form to my computer for court. Thank you!
      ALso if ocnsiderign a phone provider DO NOT go with AT&T. I have had to purchase three phones in three months, not to mention go through more than ten warranty phones because customer service and tech support refuse to assist with issues.

  5. Mr. Q says:

    Hi, Is there away to make the app group the conversations based on the Contact name? Right now what its doing is showing different threads for the same contact name because I messaged them on their different phone numbers. In my Evo3D stock app it will show them all under the same name even with different numbers all in one conversation thread.

    Sometimes my friends change their numbers so I just add the new number to the contact name and start messaging them on it and its confusing to have multiple threads for the same person.

    Thank you.

  6. Andrew says:

    This update says to have fixed ICS security lock screen issues, however, I still get NO quick reply popup on the security screen. I have to unlock my phone before I see the popup and can reply. Does that work for anybody else?

    • geezus says:

      same issues here no longer pops up quick reply when my htc sensation xe is locked. It used to before the update :( Maybe be uninstalling if next update doesnt fix this.

  7. Tanishq says:

    I had about 19000 mssgs in my private box . Backup option for private box was deafultly ticked yes. but now i have no mmsgs left in dat. please help dev dose mssgs were my life . Please

  8. Tanishq says:

    if i can get dose messages back please tell me how . it had al my memories forwards n my private chat ..dose msggs r very importanat for me
    help me dev ..

  9. Tibus says:

    I’ve paid 5$ for Titanium Backup, which backups all my sms/mms.
    I’ve paid 1$ for watchdroid.
    And you want me to pay 5$ each 180 days ?
    You should have made a paid application, and not a subscription application.
    I’ve uninstalled GoSms and started using Pansi SMS instead. It has fewer useful features (like private box), but at least it is not filled with unuseful features…

  10. Todd says:

    Since latest update, my Bionic is crashing several times a day. Anyone else experiencing same issue?

  11. mattYams says:

    garbage now…I have to pay for features that WERE free? nice job

  12. jackie says:

    i want to know why do the sms pro changes to default every few hours..?
    and about the “view messages” button to view old messages, it use to move up faster but now it only goes to the one up from the previous one… cant i get it to move up 5-8 messages up?
    i dont get why sms pro is making life soo difficult now…..
    does anyone know the answer?

    • doktornotor says:

      Well, keeping your configuration will be a “premium” feature in the next version, I hazard to guess… Only $20/yr., no worries. :P

      • jackie says:

        wot…. r u serious…. damn i want an older version now…
        used go sms pro for a yr was awsome now crap….
        i wont pay to keep ma configuration il jus unistall this app

  13. Anonymous says:

    This app keeps foreclosing on me everytime I text. The settings never stay. & I unstall it 3 times & the same thing happens. The updates are killing me. I like this app but it’s killing me.

  14. Saeed says:

    Using GO SMS PRO Version 4.56 on Samsung Galaxy S2 –4.0.3

    My Phone is NOT Rooted.

    Issues are as follows –

    1. Private Box
    a. At first time after APP installation, it allows to SET the password for Private BOX
    b. However, after attempt to enter in Private BOX, it refuses to accept same password. I am 200% sure on password given and entered.
    c. Then if I clear the APP Data of GO SMS PRO from Phone- setting -Applications, it again ask to set the password and again denied the access.

    Please correct these issues asap. This is BEST SMS APP if above issues resolved.

  15. MrG says:

    Is there a way to install an older version? This one is totally broken.

  16. Anthony says:

    I have used GoSMS pro for a couple of years now and love its features and rich controls, but I have one complaint in regards to GoSMS. I am perplexed with the consistency in which it loses connectivity with the server and the latency in the delivery of messages sometimes. Is there something that can be done to correct this?

    It appears to be a problem with the GoSMS servers. When I remove the option for it to be the only chat service all of my chats are delivered. It is when I rely on GoSMS that I get messages delivered hours after they were sent. Any and all support on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    • togbabe says:

      Exactly the same for me. I think this has something to do with how consistent the user at the other end’s data connection is. But you’d think they’d just use queuing and data consistency algorithms to make sure the message is delivered as soon as a sufficiently robust data connection is available. I really like the product, but the part that sends your messages through data is very flaky. I simply can’t rely on important SMSs actually getting there. I would have no problem with them getting there a little later; but not getting there at all in an SMS program is rubbish. Also I had to pay to send a video message of only 10 meg; and then it never arrived anyway. They really have to fix there algorithms for checking data integrity.

  17. Blaxer says:

    I backed up my texts on my old phone and i got a new phone and downloaded go sms. How do I retrieve my texts? I backed them up to cloud.

  18. justseesee says:


  19. MEEEE says:

    i have problems connecting to go chat. it connects to go chat while i am on a wireless network but it gives me network connection failed when im on HSDPA

  20. J says:

    i can no longer get the blacklist to work properly.. it used to allow me to add someone to the blacklist & their name/message from them would not show on my message list. now if i add some one, they still will show on my message list. i’ve figured out how to stop alerts from blacklisted people, but i cannot get the messgaes to hide like they used to ever since the blacklist feater got updated. :( :(

  21. Sean Conway says:

    Hi There,

    I was trying the encrypted mail box feature however when I try to go back in and enter my pin it does not work.

  22. Erendal says:

    Slow and Fat app >_<

  23. Chris says:

    Can you please fix the Galaxy S3 LED issue?!

  24. prash says:

    I too lost my private messages after updating. is there a way I can restore/find them? those were important messages for me. please let me know…

  25. AngelDeath says:

    This app use to be good, been using it for quite sometime, but the last 3 updates and all the bloatware is absurd. I liked this app for the 5 things I used it for: 1) Security lock the app, 2) Private box, 3) private box lock, 4) Scheduled Msgs, 5) Individual ringtones for sms. The rest is useless, if you want to make money here is a concept, leave the app exactly the way it use to be, take out all the bloatware, and make that .99c for the people that want it. This way it stops sucking memory. This current version notification does not work (Build 97) and I got 4 msgs today with no alert. Also looking at the task manager its sucking down 24MB of memory. Really? And before facebook pictures synced, now they dont, and we have to pay for this? Your joking right? I’ll give it till August 15th, if things dont change, I’m uninstalling the app, and I’ll find other means to achieve what I want to do, probably will use less space on my ICS 4.0 HTC one X anyway.

    Good job it destroying your cliental base. Have fun with that.

    One very Pissed off Customer.

  26. I do consider all of the ideas you’ve presented on your post. They are very convincing and can certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are too quick for newbies. Could you please prolong them a little from subsequent time? Thank you for the post.

  27. AdkWoody says:

    Your adding bloatware, making the app LARGER and stopped Facebook sync unless you pay?!?!?! Your out of your f#@king mind! I just lost all faith in you guys. I used to recommend SMS and launcher to everyone because it WAS awesome. I am deleting and going back to stock launcher and sms. I will NEVER look at or recommend anything made by you ever again. You wanna screw your main clientele base? Go for it. We can screw you harder.

  28. Piotr says:

    Hi, I’m GOSMS user and I see some software errors. Where I can report this bugs? There is something like GOSMS Forum or email to designers? Regards, Piotr.

  29. LoveGoSMS says:

    I love the app and is the best texting app I have ever used. However, is there a way to remove the check box to “Cancel send message confirm” on the “Send message confirm” prompt. I find that it’s easy to check that box and remove that feature by accident.


  30. Anthony says:

    Can you remove the sent notification but keep the sound and vibration?

  31. Diana says:

    How do I retrieve my backed up info that went to the “cloud”???

    • tom says:

      yeah, where are all my sms. important sms from my kids, my wife and other lovely people. is there a way to recover from that black hole ääääh cloud?? Please help

  32. Deletedyoass says:

    Was absolutely the best SMS app before you got greedy. Why would I “subscribe” to your app when I can find several others that do the same for free and aren’t bloated like a rotting corpse???

    Uninstalled Uninstalled Uninstalled Uninstalled Uninstalled Uninstalled

    Don’t know if I would ever come back at this point!!!

  33. Jason K says:

    This app is great , and its 99 cents, what else

  34. ppp says:


  35. t-minik says:


    Be careful Go Dev Team !
    all you apps are becoming a big bunch of crap and as you can read on android forums many peoples are complaining about that.

    login in to go Chat to backup and restore SMS was already a strange idea but here, with you 10$ racket you reached to the top.

    i’ll reinstall sms backup and probably turn on pansi SMS…

    I can suggest you to have a sit and see where you want to go.
    if you do not revert to a simpler solution, I’m not sure that many peoples will follow you in this way.

    it’s the same for Go launcher EX with it bunch of useless bloat.

    best regards

  36. aki21 says:

    Dual sim?? any update?

  37. mike smith says:

    PLEASE FIX THE GALAXY S3 notification light issue!!!! Handcent has updated their app to address the notification light staying on vs. blinking.

    PLEASE FIX!!!!

  38. 镜花水月 says:


  39. 彬彬 says:


  40. Bob says:

    Can you add in Settings, Advanced, Send Settings, Signature content – opiton insert data and time – in chat.

  41. flexjoly says:

    I like goSms very much and it has a lot of features. But now i am suprised that it seems impossible to mark an Sms as unread again.
    How can you set an read sms to unread again?

    Greetz, flexjoly

  42. Suman says:

    very true…it was a very good app. but now bunch of unnecessary apps complicated the whole focus. and also there is no other way to uninstall all those not required apps like go chat etc. also SD card backup should be the basic feature that you guys changed to under premium features. Please offer basic sms app excludingall the attached app that comes along with go sms now.

  43. joe says:

    im so mad they charge to backup SMS now, that was the main reason i used this app… on to the next

  44. dan says:

    What happened to the ability to back up messages to SD card? I do NOT want to back up to some “cloud” on some one elses hardware, I want to back up to MY SD card like I used to.

    This app is getting more and more useless features and losing the simple things it did so well. Is there some setting I have missed that allows me to back up again to my own storage?

  45. Heather says:

    So, today I purchased the premuium feature because i just could not stand any other messaging app and because I missed my facebook contact pictures syncing. SO I download this and go through all the steps, and my facebook contacts STILL don’t show up, HELP!

  46. Geno says:

    Okay everyone, I just found a way to back-up the sms LOCALLY.

    - First, you have to disable your phone’s wifi, and wireless data, or whatever way you connect it to the internet. Basically your phone should have NO internet connection for this to work.
    - Then run the backup. That’s it. GoSMS will detect that your network is unavailable and will try to backup to local.

    Same thing if you want to restore from local.
    Hope this helps

  47. Isha says:

    So, still storing our personal pictures on the internet? Isn’t there any other way to do it? I know it only seems to happen with larger files but what is stopping people from finding these pictures? Nothing. I’d like to think something like this would be fixed a while back, but no worries. Uninstalling.
    I’d like to have the smallest bit of privacy. Not everything has to be posted on the internet.


  48. Luigi says:

    I’d prefer buy for lifetime the premium features instead of paying them 10 dollars a year… -.-

  49. Anonymous says:

    GOSMSProV4.56 SMS restore is not working. I’m tryin to restore a backup .zip file but it’s tellin me dat there’s no backup file. The reason for this is because I’m switching to another phone. Can anyone help me on this?

  50. Anonymous says:

    How can I move out of the private box my conversations?

  51. BS says:

    Whenever I send a text message with more than a few lines in Go SMS Pro it randomly removes words and puts @@@@@@@@@ in! wtf is that. wont do it if I use regular droid messaging. Using a Samsung Galaxy S, SCH-i500. Like the program but need my messages to be delivered the way I wrote them!

  52. b pollo says:

    REALLY need the next update to allow customization of individual settings for incoming message by their EMAIL (not just restricted to their phone number as it currently is, I need to be able to say “if a message arrives with the sender as specific-email@whatever.com then use this notification sound and conversation style”).
    I receive alerts from network monitoring systems which send to my phone using email->sms and I need to have unique notification alerts based on the from email address.
    (Handcent SMS app allows this, but had other troubles so I changed to goSMS Pro)

  53. Mark says:

    Well after having been a happy GOSMS user, the app has become slow bloatware and is now penny pinching consumers for features.

    The local backup and restore WAS free, but now you have to pay for it? Really? Why should I now pay to do it through GOSMS when I can use an app on the market and do it for free?

    I’m very disappointed at the direction this app is going. I’ve uninstalled it and suggest everyone else do the same.

  54. Jinger says:

    I dare not update my very previous to the latest version! I am worried about restoring my backup sms. Can any problems happen? for example, restoring doesn’t work, password in private box will change, messages in private box of last version will go to the one of latest version or not, notification for private box can be disable/enable in the latest version, and messages can be backup to my sd card for free, or something like that? And, when I change another android phone, can I really restore them from sd card? Please advise or tell me how to do.

    Thank you!!!”

  55. Eldar says:


    Just switched phones to discover that the backup I made on my old handset can’t be restored on the new handset unless I register with your cloud service and/or pay hard cash to do so.

    Won’t be using or recommending Go SMS or any other Go product from this point forwards.

  56. alyssa says:

    Ever since i got my s3, my go sms pro notifications only work sometimes. sometimes i wont get any notifications at all when i get new messages, so i don’t even realize that i have them. doesn’t alert all the time, no LED or message icon sometimes. so i have to manually go into the app and check if i have a new message. all advanced settings are set to notify me, led is on, i disabled the original messaging app on my phone from giving me notifications, but still nothing. I even tried turning it on then off, no improvements.

  57. alyssa says:

    continued from my above comment, i have had the s2 and had no problems, ive had the galaxy s 4g and no problems.. just the s3..

  58. lor says:

    that’ my problem too.. but the thing is, there is no LED when the message is from the PRIVATE BOX.

  59. Morg says:

    Go SMS Pro seems to have good intentions with SMS and MMS and their chat service in not to bad. However there is a but and its a biggie. Stop spamming me through texts and allow me to uninstall extra features. This is so annoying I will stop using your app. Also why is chat so iffy. Sometimes it works great then suddenly is rubbish. I cannot find a reason bar that the app is unstable on the latest Samsung smartphones.

  60. Salik says:

    I Have Samsung Galaxy S1 Anycall Korean Version. Go SMS Pro Does not work on it. It receives messages but cant send any message, the messages stay in pending forever. Even though I have tried all settings and have entered the message center number of my network carrier but still it does not work.

  61. TA says:

    I have the Go SMS app installed on my phone. I’ve been utilizing the Private Messages within the app. I recently got a new phone. My messages are stored on my old phone, but when I installed the app on my new phone, they private message won’t transfer. I am using the same SD card. The private messages are still on my old phone. Is there anyway to transfer them to my new phone, or are they lost forever? Please help!

    Thanks in advance,


  62. TA says:

    I have the Go SMS app installed on my phone. I’ve been utilizing the Private Messages within the app. I recently got a new phone. My messages are stored on my old phone, but when I installed the app on my new phone, they private message won’t transfer. I am using the same SD card. The private messages are still on my old phone. Is there anyway to transfer them to my new phone, or are they lost forever? Please help!

    Thanks in advance,


    Needed a to resubmit. Entered the wrong email address!
    Thanks again!

  63. Marco says:

    Hi , i have Go Sms Pro and i like this application but i dont want receive any sms from c10000 (go sms pro or chat) how to proceed for remove from your mailing list?

  64. tracey says:

    It use to do it with my phone but i ended up having to completely reboot my phone and now cant get it to do it. Go sms pro use to have a check mark when my messages were received by the person i sent them to. Now it only shows me the time i sent it not if/when it is received. Is there a way to change it so it checks off next to the message when it has been received?

  65. Anonymous says:

    I am trying to set individual text alert sound. I receive it via an email for my ambulance service. How can I do this. When I goto individual settings it doesn’t come up since there is no phone number linked to it.

    Will this be in next update ????

  66. Anonymous says:

    How can I stop constant spam from c10000@go.chat. I have to PAY for sms. This is a REAL SMS because it also shows up in stock chat app. I had no idea when I “upgraded” to premium that they want to charge me $5 every 6 months. Will I get a warning or will they just charge me again without my permission? I have emailed repeatedly but get no response.

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