GO SMS Dropbox Backup & Restore plug-in

GO SMS Dropbox Backup & Restore plug-in enables you to backup SMS, MMS, Private SMS, Favorites, Filter folder SMS and the specific contacts’ SMS as a compressed file, and save in your Dropbox folder.

How to activate and use the plug-in?
1. Uncompress the “test” zip file, and install GOSmsPro_v4.62.apk and GoBrDropbox_v1.0.apk to Android phone device.
2. Start GO SMS and slide to the left view to enter application center. Click on the Dropbox plug-in icon and to start it.
3. Login Dropbox and authorize to bind with GO SMS Pro. Then GO SMS Pro will create a dedicated folder in the Dropbox root directory, and own the read/write rights. Please be assured, GO SMS Pro would fully comply with Dropbox Privacy Policy to protect the integrity and privacy of the your messages.

1. About Backup SMS to Dropbox: Backup SMS to Dropbox feature enables you to backup all sms in the current GO SMS inbox, my favorite, filter folder and the specific contacts as a compressed file and upload to Dropbox server to save.
2. About Backup MMS to Dropbox: Backup MMS to Dropbox feature enables you to backup all mms in the current GO SMS inbox as a compressed file and upload to Dropbox server to save.
3. About Backup Private SMS to Dropbox: Backup Private SMS to Dropbox feature enables you to backup all sms in the current GO SMS private box as a compressed file and upload to Dropbox server to save.
4. How to restore backup data:
Method 1: Click on the “Restore messages” and login Dropbox first, then enter the restore data page, select a backup file, and then click the restore button.
Method 2: Download the backup file from Dropbox website or app client, and then save the file to /sdcard/GOSMS/backup/localbr, enter the restore data page, select a backup file, click the restore button.
5. Other tips: Please make sure the sdcard is usable and has enough storage before backup. During backup, do not restart or turn off the phone, so as not to cause data corruption.

DOWNLOAD the Test App

28 Responses to GO SMS Dropbox Backup & Restore plug-in

  1. Vagelis Fragkos says:

    I paid €4 for your go sms pro extra services only to find out that it is for a liomited period.I need full refund please!

  2. MJ says:

    I would like to know why the ability to save a backup of my SMS/MMS messages locally was taken away? That is a feature that I used to use to back up my messages?

    When is it being added back?

  3. LIZETTE says:


  4. Santiago Draco says:

    I would also like to know when LOCAL backup/restore will be returned to GO SMS? It’s pretty unethical for you to remove a feature just so you can force users to pay additional money for a cloud service they would not need had you not removed a feature that was in the product when we paid for it.

    Either restore local backup or be prepared to refund customers for your product.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hate to say it but you guys need to be fired. I loved your products and have spent over $50 buyim
      ng apps I like in under 7 mths. I would have gladly paid you IF you had first informed us certain free services were only temporarily. I feel most of us USA citizens would have gladly backed you and paid you. Many would have paid 2-3 times more than what your asking us to pay now. If u do not refund EVERYONE and restore services they used to get for free we will have no choice but to take every legal action necessary.We have the power to shut you down just in blogs alone. We love your products but you will not take advantage of us anymore. Americans are fed up. You have until January 15th 2013. That goes for restoring everyone from every country. Dont and we will uninstall forever,flood the net with blogs against you until everyone online all around the world knows what you did. We do’nt mind paying, we mind paying for originally free services never disclosed as temporary, “try now, pay later”. That is is never going to be allowed anymore. {Everyone start blogging asap. Stop whining and take control of your life!!!!!} Developers, study Sam Walton, deceased family friend who started WalMart. I promise you will learn how to run your business at a profit while making your customers want to buy your products thinking it is they who took advantage of you. Best advertisement money cant buy! My Dad calls it the “WalMart Phylosphy.” It made him rich too.

  5. sbadroe says:

    Apakah semwa kata pnya arti

  6. Denis Karimov says:

    Good day!
    I apologize in advance for the fact that I write a program translator Google.
    I enjoy your program Go sms. In my opinion this is the best program to work with SMS.
    But, unfortunately, I have the phone with two SIM cards, and your program sends SMS only with the first SIM card.
    I would be very grateful if you would have made the choice to send SMS or make a function that the program was based on the selection of a system for sending sms (android menu provides a selection of standard program and use it).

    Thanks for reading my letter! I would be grateful if you do this in your program.

  7. It is funny to find out how many sites there are on this topic I don’t know if I will ever have to come back here, but it’s
    nice to know I found the one that provides some useful
    info if this ever comes up for me another time.

  8. bdh says:

    how do i make sms pro dominate my default message system and prevent it from duplicating ?

  9. Rodrigo Jorge says:

    180 days only? Are you kidding with me? It was not clear when i bought. I want full refund now. Lets move a conjuct sue against Go Dev Team.

  10. James Williamson says:

    Hi Guys,
    Love the app but… I want to root my phone and upgrade to later version of Android. I need to backup my SMS. I have been saving SMS in the Folders option of the Application Centre. According to the description for this Premium Service these folders are not backed up. Also, the GO Backup product does not back up these folders.
    Please enhance the products to backup and restore user defined Folders
    and/or provide utilities to move sms from user defined folders to the Favorites folder, which apparently is backed up.
    Phone is Motorolo Defy with Froyo 2.2.1
    Thanks in advance, would appreciate a reply

  11. tyaz widya says:

    Can I see another sms that has been sent and have been erased?

  12. Becki says:

    I set one of my go chat friends to my private box. It never asked me to set a password or a security question but it asks for one when I try to get those messages. I have tried everything suggested to retrieve my password, nothing works. I just want to remove my contact from the private box. Please help. I’m tired of messing with it.Thank You.

  13. Octavia says:

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    It is beautiful value sufficient for me.
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  14. Jack says:

    I have used the GO SMS Dropbox Backup & Restore plugin many times and it always worked fine for me.

  15. truckkort says:

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