GO SMS Pro V4.63 Update release

GO SMS Pro V4.63 released, we strongly recommend you experience the latest version. Come and download now. Please click here for more detail.

V4.63 Update (2012-9-17)
1. Add backup SMS to Dropbox
2. Optimize the theme store to grid view
3. Optimize the UI in GO Chat
4. Optimize the contact input box in conversation view
5. Reduce integrated themes(they can be download separately)
6. Fix screenshot can’t shot again after sharing
7. Other UI/UE improvement and bugs fix



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- Download the newest GO SMS Pro: 1.Search “GO SMS Pro” in google market; 2.https://market.android.com/details?id=com.jb.gosms
- Visit our Blog: http://gosms.goforandroid.com
- Visit our official website: http://www.goforandroid.com
- Email to us: gomessanger@gmail.com
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79 Responses to GO SMS Pro V4.63 Update release

  1. roy bottomley says:

    I recent;ly accepted the upgrade on my android phone. Went to use it sms and my theme had changed behind my back, now I can’t get my theme back and i have this rubbish new one, my installed themes don’t seem to be there as it keeps going to download them if i try and change and i have to mess around trying to find what i had. YOU ARE A BUNCH OF CHILDREN PLAYING AT HAVING A PRODUCT

  2. Dave says:


    The latest update is not showing the message content in the pop up window.

  3. Adrian says:

    After this update, fixing errors in the message you type has become extremely difficult. You can no longer correct one letter in a word – change ‘thus’ into ‘this’ for instance. And, after deleting the word entirely, you can’t go back to the end of your message to add more.

    • Erik Johannessen says:

      I have the same problem. Its really annoying how you tap the screen and it highlights the entire WORD, when you only want to change a letter. If they don’t fix it, I’m going back to my stock messaging program.

    • TROLL admin says:

      Deepest condolences for the inconvenience.
      Your feedback already record.
      We will checking the problem you’ve mentioned.

  4. Martin says:

    I was about to install this, but looking at all the negative feedback on the Android Market and the lack of response from the developers I am very wary now. As under the app description the developers say the ‘love’ to have feedback it would be interesting to know what they plan to do to resolve all the problems people have been encountering. I know quite a few people who feel the same way. Can you please comment…

  5. Jason says:

    After this update, when I begin typing a contact’s name and hit the space bar to type the person’s last name, GO SMS automatically puts a name in there and I don’t know what that name is. If I have more than one “Jay” in my phone, I don’t know if it’s prefilling with the first one in my list or the most frequently used or what, but this needs to be fixed. I shouldn’t have to type the first name then scroll through my contacts and touch the right one. I should be able to type the first name, space, then the last name. In other words, I should be able to filter it like I want.


  6. Edward says:

    I keep seeing an option to download the new version, it routes me to the google play store, but not a place to download….You guys should have an update specifically for those of us who paid $ 4.99

  7. Santiago Draco says:

    Alternatives to GO SMS?

    So, it’s pretty obvious the developer doesn’t care about customer feedback and is more interested in forcing them into cloud services payments (dropping local backup and charging for cloud anyone?)

    So why don’t we get a discussion going on the real topic… alternatives to GO SMS Pro? Anyone have any suggestions?

  8. Kesse says:

    I agree, there does not seem to be much response from the dev team :-(
    So I guess posting a question here will do me little good :-(
    I to am interested in alternatives…

  9. Glice says:

    There is bug on the conversation, there is a big space in between lines, the longer the message, the spaces is increasing. my phone is alcatel glory 918N

  10. jc says:

    I’m grateful that Go SMS is free. They always seem to be trying to get us to pay for themes. I WOULD pay to get my customized theme back that I had before this update. It’s long gone and I can’t seem to customize it now to get it to where it was before. I’m so sad about this.

    Really, really not cool to override the customizations that users already had in place. The whole reason I got Go SMS in the first place was so I could customize how it looks. Now it looks terrible.

    Seriously, I WOULD PAY TO RESTORE MY PREVIOUS CUSTOMIZATIONS. I’m sure they’re long gone now though.

  11. TROLL admin says:

    This SMS app is KAPUT…

  12. TROLL admin says:

    I own Galaxy S X with octacore CPU Intel Xeon 3.6Ghz & AMD RadeonHD 7990 GPU plus 16GB Radeon RAM installed.

  13. Eliezer says:

    i’m using go sms but a little bit disappointed because I can’t attach contacts unlike the first sms apps i used. pls update or pls give some advice if i’m mistaken!

  14. Jason says:

    Why can’t I type a last name to start a new message? I can type the first name, but when I hit space it just accepts the name. I have 100 John’s in my phone I can’t scroll all the way down to john zues just to create a text to him.

  15. I really hope this feedback isn’t erased like my the last one…

  16. Richard Bramwell says:

    I am amazed at this foolish update.
    Suppose I start a text in small screen, and go to large. Enter more text, then take an action that forces it (against my designs) to a small screen? IT DUMPS ALL MY LARGE SCREEN EDITS AND ADDITIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why was it necessary to place the large screen button several taps away from the text, and make stupid emoticons more important. This is spectacular as a UI failing, because there is room for both!

    Another dumb, but not new issue is the stupidity of not being able to scroll up text that is ‘under’ the keyboard displayed. Instead, we have to close the keyboard, move the cursor and then reopen the keyboard… which sometimes causes it to go to the small text window AND LOSE PAST EDITS AND ADDITIONS!!

    Fricken Fracken Forkin ridiculous. Every time I use GO SMS now, I get totally pi$$ed off at it.

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