GO SMS Pro V4.65 Update release

GO SMS Pro V4.65 released, we strongly recommend you experience the latest version. Come and download now. Please click here for more detail.

V4.65 Update (2012-9-27)
1. Added theme category in theme store
2. Supported to view GO Share video, audio through browser
3. Optimized the GO Chat login and profile UI
4. Optimized the record function of walkie-talkie
5. Optimized the notification for unread messages
6. Optimized the backup SMS to Dropbox feature
7. Fixed one download issue related to themes
8. Other UI/UE improvement and bugs fix



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- Download the newest GO SMS Pro: 1.Search “GO SMS Pro” in google market; 2.https://market.android.com/details?id=com.jb.gosms
- Visit our Blog: http://gosms.goforandroid.com
- Visit our official website: http://www.goforandroid.com
- Email to us: gomessanger@gmail.com
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76 Responses to GO SMS Pro V4.65 Update release

  1. dcigary says:

    In the “Individual Settings” menus, it appears that you can only use this for contacts that have phone numbers. I get text messages from automated monitoring scripts at work, and they come through a gateway which identifies them with an email address instead of a phone number. Is there any way to set individual settings in this case? I’ve tried storing the email address as a contact, and even trying to set it up with it’s own group in contacts, but GO SMS Pro just won’t do anything with it. Thanks.

    • TROLL admin says:

      Deepest condolences for the inconvenience.
      Your feedback already record.
      We will checking the problem you’ve mentioned.

    • We have a product that has been enhancing the user experience for GO SMS Pro for nearly a year. It’s called Font SMS (Pro) and it allows you to select from over 200 unique fonts for your text messages. Most users say that it is the defining add-on which makes GO SMS Pro the best text messaging app in the world.

  2. DC says:

    I’m not sure if it’s the GO SMS UI or something to do with Swype, but I’m having an issue with the cursor in messages. When I type a message, if I go to tap on a word (usually to correct spelling or select a different word), the cursor automatically jumps to the beginning of the word rather than stay where I initiated the tap. It seems to only affect GO SMS as I’ve tried the stock messaging app and it doesn’t have this issue. I’m using a stock HTC EVO 4g LTE.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have this same issue, it jumps to the beginning of the word and selects the entire word. Is there a setting for auto-select entire word? I want this to stop!
      I’ve tried other programs that use text and they don’t do it, just GO SMS.
      I’m using Samsung Stratosphere.

    • WATYF says:

      I’m having the same issue on an LG Optimus V. This seems like a universal problem that occurred in the 4.63 update. Is there any way to fix this without reverting to 4.62??

      P.S. It might also have something to do with the Swype keyboard.


    • Anonymous says:

      Same issue here. Samsung SGS2. Very frustrating, please fix

    • Nate Chodosh says:

      Is there still no fix for this? I like this app but I will stop using it if I can’t swype with it.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m having the same issue with the cursor jumping to the beginning of the word I tap on in Swype. Another problem I experience in 99% of the typing I do is the keyboard will be on the screen, then it goes down to the bottom, then it pops back up. THis may or may not repeat. Happens VERY often and it is quite frustrating, but obviously I like the app enough to deal with it or I would use something else. Anyone else experiencing this with Swype?

  3. Markus says:

    Hello. On Samsung Galaxy Mini is not working at all after the last update. I cannot read or send messages. Please fix it fast!

  4. Donhu Rickerby says:

    i recently upgraded to jelly bean and tried to redownload a theme i had. the theme doesnt work after installing from the market but if i install it manually with the apk, it works fine. Could be causing this?

  5. Cosmin says:

    it is not working on galaxy mini. it does not open and the phone is much much slower.

  6. Matt says:

    I updated my version and I absolutely love the app..but some of the people I text still receive duplicates of my messages. I use a Samsung Galaxy S (Fascinate). I’ve tried disabling the stock messaging and I checked the “uninstall stock” option in the settings menu, but that didn’t help. Can anyone help?

  7. Issa says:

    on samsung gt-s5570 (galaxy mini) it crashes, i can’t enter in the app. please fix. thanks

  8. Marius says:

    After update the app is crashing every time i open it. The popup window is not working and it hangs my phone when i receive a message. my phone is samsung galaxy mini.

  9. DT says:

    I am having problem choosing the right contact when sending sms. As u can see in the sceenshots , i may have 50~100 friends with the surname ‘Ooi’ , i used to be able to key in my friend ‘s full name (eg. Ooi Lan Hwa) to select from my contact but the latest GoSMS make the space bar become the enter button whereby IT will auto select the first ‘Ooi’ . Now i can only type Ooi and need to slowly scrolling down to look for the right contact which is very time consuming. Hope you guys could look into it and rectify the soonest possible. Thank you for providing a great SMS. App. P /s: my phone model Samsung 7.7 (GT 6800)

  10. Tom says:

    Please fix notification light! It won’t stop blinking unless I pull down the notification bar. Evo 3D on ICS

  11. Federico says:

    Please fix the GO CHAT icon in the conversation page in the top bar, it’s larger than the phone icon and it’s really really ugly. Thank you

  12. harsh gs2 says:

    unable to save sms to drafts with multi contacts and in beginning it automaticaly cut of the multiple contact and took only one contact..

  13. nodiaque says:

    Used the app since way before a pro version exist but something has changed that I really dislike: backup sms forced on the cloud. I don’t want to use the cloud, my sdcard is fine with me. This shouldn’t have been dropped at first, removing feature is very bad in an apps. Should simply have a local backup and cloud backup system.

    Also, I upgraded to ICS and since, my profile picture doesn’t load. I have all my friends facebook picture in my contact and default mms apps, but in go sms pro, only those with google+ picture account.

  14. dalebert says:

    For the last two updates, I no longer get a notification bar icon, thus no notification. Sometimes the notification icon will appear AFTER I open GoSMS but never before. Also, when starting a NEW text message, the cursor will not appear in the address line until I tap, it used to appear there, ready for my addressee to be inserted (I think it a waste of time to scroll down the list of prior recipients, thus MORE input not less). If this is a part of the “UI improvement”, it is an inconvenient step backward.

  15. MotoManiac says:

    Still no support for dual SIM… Please make that!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Dear developers please take note: Go SMS occupies the highest possible SMS receiver priority which directly conflicts with avast! Anti-Theft. I think it is indeed correct that a security software (avast! Anti-Theft) should occupy a higher SMS priority than a regular application (Go SMS), so please recommend how to handle this conflict.

  17. TECHinsider says:

    hi! If you make a conversation private and then you don’t see it in the SMS inbox, can youy transfer it to your PC? Will be transfered?

  18. Anonymous says:


    On my SGS plus i dont recieve mms delivery report. sms delivery is working fine. ps. great app! please help!!!

  19. Bury says:


    On my SGS plus i dont recieve mms delivery report. sms delivery is working fine. ps. great app! please help!!!

  20. adi says:

    hi, go sms pro … I’m loyal users go
    sms pro … I want the latest version
    go sms pro on features private box in the given setting sms
    repeated warnings (setting of reminders) …. I begthanks

    adi catur

  21. Yna says:

    Why is it that I can’t use GoSmsPro on my Samsung Galaxy Y Duos phone? Is it not compatible to dual-sim phones?

  22. AlexB says:

    PLEASE… add the support for dual SIM. After I bought HTC Desire V, I can’t use your app – I can’t select from which sim to send.

  23. eran says:

    annoying friend request keeps poping up all the time. how to get rid of it?? h e l p !!!

  24. Martin says:

    Can’t send or receive doodle’s

    I have a brand new S3 (yes i am new to android, and love it already) I can’t send doodles, or receive them. It shows the spinning circle at 0% and then says “ERROR” with a hazard sign. If I try to open it in my browser it says it cannot find “gosms.3g.cn”

    Am I doing something wrong?

  25. Alexander says:

    I just cant understand why go sms haven’t fixed the “same contact multiple threads”-bug? I have a lot of friends who is using multiple sim cards in the same phone. That makes a lot of threads in Go sms (and stock sms app for that matter) when it’s from the same contact!
    Why not use contacts info to deside in wich thread the sms should go in instead of the phonenumber?
    Look at the app Contact+ they have figured it out….

  26. Anonymous says:

    GO SMS Pro define wrong sim number from which message sent on dual-sim phones.

    • Anonymous says:

      Same here! Istalled last version today 01.01.2013, but, even if I enabled only SIM 1 for sending SMSs, GO SMS PRO defines wrong sim number for past, and even the SMS sent by this app. Where do we report that in order to be taken into consideration for further bug fixing in an eventual update?

  27. Federico says:

    GOOGLE is not fixing the theme problem in Jelly Bean. PLEASE make it work. All you need is to add a place where themes can be taken: mnt/asec.
    If you add that path the paid themes will work again in Jelly Bean!
    Thank you

  28. Crisee says:

    ever since i updated, i no longer have the option of using swype. Swype is just gone and back to it’s regular format. I can’t even find a way to bring it back up. what is the problem? I have gotten so used it so it’s weird typing texts and things the regular way. Please Help.

  29. Moses harms says:

    Good night pals

  30. Toan says:

    Custom notification icons. BTW, I have one of my contacts using custom notifications (red toolbar icon). When I get multiple sms from that contact, the alert is red icon, but then reverts to default icon after I close the pop up window. The only unread messages I have are from that customized contact. I think it should remain the customized color (red) until either another message comes in or I’ve read all the messages from that contact.

  31. rida says:

    my go sms is not sending short messages. please fix my problem as soom as posible. i m using Samsung s1. and it supports go sms pro appropriately. pleaseeeeeee solve it and tel me the setings by which i can send short messages as wel. i ve swere problem that i cant communicate with ma friends. i request tel me setings as soon as posible

  32. Pietro says:

    I’ve Samsung Galaxy s Duos and I need dual sim support. When I send an sms go sms use always sim1, even if I change to sim2.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I cannot get any messages from just one of my contacts, that happens to have a Windows phone. Very very irritating. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this app but will uninstall if there is not an update soon. AND the multiple contact issue mentioned above is obnoxious. Please fix!

  34. Ysabl says:

    I’m using Samsung Galaxy S Duos, and I can’t choose between SIM1 or SIM2 when messaging. Unlike the original messaging app where I can choose between SIMS for every SMS.

    I used to have GO SMS Pro on my older phone (Alcatel OT-890D) and the Dual Sim features were fine, I could choose between SIMS for every SMS and all, but that was probably an older version of the app.

    I’ve researched online and some Dual Sim users have also been experiencing the same inconvenience with this app. I do hope they upgrade and get this fixed soon.

  35. Nate Chodosh says:

    When I receive a message that goes into a group thread I get a notification when the first message comes in, and then a second one when it gets put into the group thread. It’s very annoying when in a big group message since it makes my phone lag twice as much per message. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy SII

  36. gellie says:

    whenever i received and send sms the name of the contact doesn’t show only their numbers.. How will I fix it? HELP

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