GO SMS Pro V4.67 Update release

GO SMS Pro V4.67 released, we strongly recommend you experience the latest version. Come and download now. Please click here for more detail.

V4.67 Update (2012-10-29)
1. Add personalized message popup; add popup themes in theme store
2. Update Emoji plugin,support IOS6 Emoji
3. Add Halloween themes
4. Optimize GetJar theme’s payment and download process
5. Optimize Application center
6. Optimize Backup&Restore
7. Other UI/UE improvement and bugs fix



** Related website **
- Download the newest GO SMS Pro: 1.Search “GO SMS Pro” in google market; 2.https://market.android.com/details?id=com.jb.gosms
- Visit our Blog: http://gosms.goforandroid.com
- Visit our official website: http://www.goforandroid.com
- Email to us: gomessanger@gmail.com
- Visit our facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=178919808825035


141 Responses to GO SMS Pro V4.67 Update release

  1. tehiyo says:

    can you please make it a dual sim support. . coz i am using samsung duos. so please make it works on duos… Thank you!

  2. Federico says:

    Please GO SMS Dev Team, I’ve contacted you by email and wrote here several times. Why you are not fixing the GO SMS Pro jelly bean paid theme bug? Is there a way I can publish my themes as in app purchase?
    Because all the go sms pro paid themes installed from the market are broken in jelly bean and you haven’t fixed this from the os release date. Please answer back or write here what are you planning to do with this situation.
    Thank You

  3. Byteguy says:

    How do you turn OFF that new dancing Halloween stuff that started showing up after the latest updates? I use my phone at work and it’s annoying.

  4. Ricky says:

    Is there any support coming that will allow sending of mms messages? I can do it with the native app and handcent, but not with this one. I am using handcent until that gets resolved, I want to use yours because yours is much smoother, but I hate switching back and forth just to send pictures…

    Please let me know.

  5. mvsrinivas says:

    hi good eveng admins godev team
    1st i would lik to thank for da GREAT project GOSMS.
    everything fine but i would lik to request for one new option.
    while replying for new pop sms theres no option to add emoji icons to that pop window.we have to OPEN n then add emoji icons.
    so could u pls add emoji icons option to that pop window soon in da coming future.
    pls pls its very comfortable to have ths option with new POPUP window.thank u wil give 5 after this feature added
    thanks a lott

  6. Alessandro says:

    è possibile avere una versione del programma compatibile con i dual sim dispositivi? (Example Galaxy Y Duos)

  7. Alessandro says:

    You can have a version of the program compatible with the Dual SIM devices? (Example Galaxy Y Duos)

  8. Scugnizzo says:

    Please make compatible with Galaxy Duos :-(

  9. MotoManiac says:

    I can not beleive you didnt add dual sim support! I check every day for an updates, for mounths, and still nothing???
    PLEASE add DUAL SIM support!!!
    HTC desire V

  10. Cvrle says:

    We are all waiting for dual sim support… but they obviously dont care…

    • Anonymous says:

      First few months, i have no problem with dual sim using go sms pro. but now, i have the same problem, sim 1 is the only one recognized. Seems like the developers are not paying attention to our complains.

  11. Emina says:

    dual sim? dual sim? dual sim?

  12. bane says:

    Also need dual sim support!

    • Pearl says:

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  13. Maxi-Taxi says:

    yeah, dual sim!!! PLEASE

  14. Belthazar says:

    When forwarding a text (long hold), it use to put the fwd: in front of the text. Now I cannot figure out how to have it put the fwd: automatically. Any suggestions???

  15. Logan says:

    Swype still refuses to place the cursor in the middle of the word and instead jumps it to the beginning or end. Very annoying, would appreciate this to be included in the next update. 4.62 works fine, just 4.63 and after that won’t. Hope this helps, thank you!

  16. Kris says:


    I installed Go SMS about 3 weeks ago. All was working well – sending FREE sms’s, until somehow my Telecommunications company worked out I was using go sms and somehow, now have intercepted all my sms’s going out via GO SMS and charing me money for each and every sms I send using GO SMS. How did they do this? How can I circumnavigate around them to make the sms’s FREE again? I have Huawei Android 2.1/2


  17. Dejan says:

    DUAL SIM support ???

  18. Dejan says:

    When will you make DUAL SIM support???

  19. Paul says:

    Please return back application center default icon sizes. Why did you do it? Now, some themes will look terrible! :(

    The example in the screenshot:

  20. Spence Blood says:

    Why can’t i get the new ios6 emojis? I updated the app, but they still dont show up in my emoji menu.

  21. Michelasso says:

    Any chance to have an option for the new messages notification ringing 2 or more times? The notifications of my Samsung phone are very poor and ringing once usually is not enough. Thanks.

  22. IsisBlue says:

    Why isn’t mu facebook friends pics showing in my contacts>? If anyone knows how to resolve this please let me know. I’ve emailed them multiple times and no response. The only thing I saw was that you have to purchase the ability to have the pics show. I hope this isn’t the case. If so I will go back to stock contacts.

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  24. Djuka says:

    Can you realy add DUAL SIM support?

  25. Kenneth B. says:

    Bug report:

    A message intended for third party applications does not go through to the application.

    (In my case, SMS authentication for login to my bank.)

    This is a need for me.. so I had to uninstall the application to be able to get the authentication code for the bank.

    Otherwise, it was a great application!

  26. Russ says:

    I just recently installed GO SMS Pro on my Samsung Galaxy S II. I have the newest version 4.67 and I keep getting a notification “com.jb.gosms.weber.advanced funnn” when I click on it a screen pops up with a “resubmit” button, with a long order number. What is this, i didnt order anything. It is becomming annoying.

  27. GSilva says:

    I bought the premium package but when I try to download It sends me to the google pay page.
    Google order # 855750266170931
    GO Dev Team LLC order # 12999763169054705758.1389513954100465
    Item: GO SMS premium features pack Qty: 1
    Date ordered: Nov 3, 2012

  28. Matt says:


    Please add an auto hide function for the kayboard after sending a message.
    Also I want the feature that you always return to the home screen.
    And last: show emoticons when using :) not only :-) .


  29. jason raso says:

    I have paid for the Premium Services, and Checked the “Display Contacts’ FB Avatars”, and “Matching by Name, and the Avatars still don’t show up… It went through the “Downloading all Contacts” part, but still nothing… :(

    Please Help….

  30. Kevin says:

    My GoSMS had an update this morning but I am still getting this when I turn on my phone, battery pull, etc :

    Processing deal com.jb.gosms.webbr.advancedfunnn failed, please click to review

    What is the purpose of this message? It is very annoying!!!!!!!


  31. Kevin says:

    ok, this is still happening, I get the message:
    Processing deal com.jb.gosms.webbr.advancedfunnn failed, please click to review.

    When I click it says:

    Result of deal
    ———Not submit——–
    Order number: 349973122669449

    Please make this go away. It pops up with the notification every time I reboot my phone.


  32. Rom says:


    This is my SMS application but there is some issues….
    - The sent icon in the notification bar is always the same (green), even if we change the notification icon.
    - When a SMS is sent, the notification message is always in English but I have the full French pack!
    It’s really a pity to not have the facebook contacts images in the basic since it was a feature we used to have before. Yes, it was since it used the system contact image which used facebook..

  33. Mel says:

    I have the same issue with the Processing deal error notification, and I’ll get multiple ones. Does anyone have a fix? It’s super annoying.

    • Jess says:

      im having same issue with that
      Result of deal
      ———Not submit——–
      i hate it…

  34. carlos says:

    Could the developers please add dual SIM support. I’m running a Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562?

  35. Muhammad Naeem says:

    Buy Q mobile from Pakistan guys. It supports dual sim in go sms. Love Q Mobile. I am using Q Mobile A6 and it is far better then samsung galaxy s duos.

  36. Anonymous says:

    can you update go sms pro to work on dual sim phone?

  37. gabby says:

    Why do my pop up always have military time???

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