GO SMS Pro V4.81 Update release

GO SMS Pro V4.81 released, we strongly recommend you experience the latest version. Come and download now. Please click here for more detail.

v4.81 Update(2013-5-14)
1. Fix the bug recieve same double text caused by Facebook Messanger.
2. Other UI/UE improvement and bugs fix



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159 Responses to GO SMS Pro V4.81 Update release

  1. negin says:

    Hi my gosms is not working about 4 days
    Plz help me
    Email me plz,tnx

  2. HKH says:

    plz add suport for doual sim phone in gosms

  3. Adriano says:

    Hi.. I’m having a little problem with this app.. It’s very good.. really.. no complains.. but when I type or receive big messages.. it starts to get a really big space between the lines.. like this:





    Have you ever seen something like that.?
    Sorry for the big comment.. but I don’t know what to do..


    • Adriano says:

      I ‘found’ a solution.. If I put an ‘Enter’ just after the end of message, the big space doesn’t appear.. And if i ask for someone send me a message with the ‘Enter’ after texting.. it comes normal too.. Well I think you developer, should know this!


  4. mehran says:

    Hello. , I want to install this version of the message that is not installed . ‘ve Cleaned the previous version . Would you help me ?
    Phone:Sony Xperia Sola

  5. rebecca says:

    well i got a new phone from boost mobile yesterday and its the kyrocera milano… i had go launcher and sms on my previouse phone with out issue. however i downloaded them both and disabled the stock messenger and every reply ive gotten has been doubble. ive tried everything uninstalling reinstalling and only when i use just the stock messenger do i receive 1 message from friends HELP its annoying and i cant stand the bland stock messenger

  6. marilag says:

    pls make version for dual sim phone..tnx!!!

  7. ray says:

    Older versions used to have batch capabilities within a thread to deal with individual messages. Now it seems batch only works on the thread level only. Or is it still possible. Annoying when I want to delete or organize messages individually

  8. crang says:

    STOP UPDATING! Every other day I have to fucking update this shit. Just fucking stop already! One update per month MAX! This app has become a joke with the number of updates and bloatware you’ve crammed into it.

  9. Max says:

    Hello, ever since this last update I cannot send mms. I can receive but no send. Please update or maybe give me a tip on how to fix. I have Samsung Galaxy S4 at&t model

  10. Santos says:

    I’m having trouble accessing the private box. When I input my passcode, it just brings me back to the same screen. I am not entering the incorrect passcode, either.

    Unfortunately, I paid $4.99 to access the premium features and thought this might be the cause, but I’m having the same problem.

    I will have to uninstall and switch messaging programs if you don’t fix this. I’d also like a refund if possible.

  11. karthik says:

    Support dual sim for jb…… pls

  12. jirkis says:

    Please, add support for dual sim phones with android JB. It used to work before, not now.. why?

  13. daviddadli says:

    what we can to improve this websits

  14. Tommy says:

    Since the latest upgrade I can no longer access my private box. How can I access the private box without sending a new text first?

  15. Franco Proctor says:

    Two queries, how can you tell if the message has gone successfully as there seems to be no notification? and how can you tell the person you’ve sent the message to has recieved it when there doesn’t seem to be a read/reciept facility?

  16. ta ejaah says:

    hi ..
    knp sy x blh send msg ?? n then kdg2 sy x blh trma msg .. tlg sy .. mn la thu ada y pntg tp x smpai

  17. Steve L says:

    I’ve tried many SMS apps, and this one is BY FAR the best. Thank you so much for such an amazing app!!

    Thanks GO SMS team!

  18. M says:

    Bought the premium, now my private box is totally hidden and can’t find a way to access it.
    When I receive a sms there, I can access that thread, but if I click back I go back to the Inbox and can’t see any of the threads on Private box.
    Can you explane how to solve it?

  19. Teo says:

    I can’t find how to set the order of contacts’ last name and first name order on conversation list. I want Last name followed by First name.
    Please help! Galaxy S3

  20. Anonymous says:

    I can’t see Flash-SMS (It is not saved and auto-popup messages).
    Phone receive it (other apps can read it) but GO SMS not show it!

    I see received Flash-SMS using the standard program, but I froze the standard program to the prevention of duplication of incoming messages, I use only GO SMS. After that I stopped seeing these messages.

    I want to see a pop-up window for the Flash-SMS, but I do not want to see pop-up windows for normal SMS.


  21. james says:

    would be a great app if it works with all dual sim phones … right i have uninstalled it on my samsung galaxy grand duos with android 4.1.2 jellybean … it dosnt give me an option to send on which sim :-( hope the dev team fixes this

  22. Ehsan says:

    As you see below link, there are 4 services for GO SMS Pro! Includes Billing service, SMS receiver service, Go sms pro service, GO IM service and it uses about 50M of my RAM! Plz let me know why this services begin running after reboot?


  23. john says:

    How do you get rid of the old private contacts and messages permanently? Ive unistalled reinstalled restore wont erase.

  24. Deki says:

    Hi. When my phone is locked and I receive a message a popup window shows and if I reply directly from that popup window when message is sent my phone goes locked but keyboard stays active. I need to unlock my phone and then keyboard goes down. Why is that? Any solutions?

    Sorry for my english. <y phone is Sony Xperia P.

  25. 紧急求助 says:

    二、过滤文件夹,这个做得好,但是,可以添加多个关键字么?比如“打折 促销 基金 开房”等都转移到垃圾短信?还有,根据号码的时候,现在好像是开头是什么号码,可以随意匹配么?比如106*匹配106开头的,106?123匹配中间一位数字,*234匹配234结尾的号码?最好是像联系人添加新属性一样,可以自己添加多个条件,关键字还好,如果像上面我说的一样一起添加多个关键字,号码的话,一定要多行啊,如果还能添加条件 “和” 、或,那就更强大了:-)

  26. ace amio says:

    SIr / mam. Please help me. Howto change my number. My number lately are Blocked. And i buy A new number. I use that. And iuse my account in my 1st number i had many friend there. And i dont want to loose it. And another prob.i got always disconected. But i didnt turn off the wifi. Please help.

  27. jonathan says:

    I love to use the gosms govoice thing, but it stores every audio clip I make! I have a million govoice audio files stored in my phone. How do I get rid of them? I could do it manually one file at a time, but that would take years to get through all of them!

    Is there not a way to erase all govoice clips? Or a setting to make it not store them after they are sent?

    Please email me!

  28. jessica says:

    Please fix go chat ! Always signs me on by itself when I don’t want to be signed in and always have randoms messaging me. I love this app but only hate the go chat. Please fix it!! I don’t want it to sign me in go chat by itself. Thanks

  29. iPhone says:

    I use 2 own a android love love love this app please make this for the iPhone PLEASE!!

  30. Teo says:

    Please let the user to set the Last Name/First Name order in the app!
    Jelly Bean does not care about it on Galaxy S3.

  31. vishnu says:

    I am using go sms pro since I got android…. bt I dnt knw to turn of popup for an individual… is it possible? pls help me

  32. Joe says:

    I recently had someone named “PurpleStar” or “c22066078@go.chat” with an avatar of some chick in a swimsuit add me and have it automatically approved without my doing anything, and this “person” sent me a message saying, “hi”. I do not like being hacked.

    • R says:

      Same thing for me and another user. We are both getting random, Hi, or What’s up?, messages from unknown people. We never accepted these randoms as friends.

    • Andrew says:

      Same here, and I have my “Add friends” option within Go Chat set to “Disable add me”. I’ve had 3 messages over the last 2 days.

  33. Marius says:

    This is a joke! Every link with the earlyer versions leads to the latest version. WTF?

  34. XPjplw7376 says:

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  35. Hi.. I’m having a little problem with this app.. It’s very good.. really.. no complains.. but when I type or receive big messages.. it starts to get a really big space between the lines.. like this:

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