GO SMS Pro 5.0 beta release

Hello, here comes our GO SMS Pro 5.0 beta, new UI, simple and fast.
It will be our honor to have your trial !!

We strongly recommend you experience the latest version. Come and download now. Please click here for more detail.


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1,219 Responses to GO SMS Pro 5.0 beta release

  1. Jeff Vaughn says:

    Can you fix the MAJOR glitch in GOCHAT where bots, from EVERYWHERE, are sending me these “wanna hook up?” type messages? I get it from 3 random ones a day and it’s driving me away from the app.

    My chats are mostly work related and i don’t need this kind of garbage being seen on my cell phone by customers/etc.

  2. kjm says:

    I ferl the same way. I have been getting random messages making the program a safety hazzard as a mom. Is there a way to get rid of the chat feature???? I love go sms but this is a major problem. If not corrected i will be forced to delete. :-(

  3. Rj says:

    Agree with other posters. Gochat needs to tighten up and not allow the randoms. Please address the issue.

  4. cindy gray says:

    I downloaded a free font packsge. I’M lost in finding it even after seeing the video

  5. Paul says:

    search by near in gochat is disappeared, why?
    i suggest to move gochat by slide to right, contacts page is unuseful there, replace with gochat
    for the rest, i love the left menù!

  6. icouture says:

    I can not send or receive mms picture messages

    • Tracy says:

      Same here! The update is awful.. between not being able to send/receive pics to the random messages from strangers/bots I am over GoSMSPro. Terrible.

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  7. Paul says:

    also reinsert the option for show only online friends in gochat

  8. Robert W says:

    Why am I now seeing a ton of spam messages with users somehow autoadding me as a friend.

    All sex texts. This is new as of yesterday. Get this fixed today or I’m uninstalling.

  9. Joe says:

    I have only friends set & I continue to be auto added & spammed. This has been going on for 4 days now & is becoming unacceptable. I see ChompSMS on the horizon if this doesnt get fixed soon.

  10. Noah says:

    Can you add a feature that lets you display contact pictures next to each conversation bubble? Like in Chomp and Hancent.
    Thank you!

  11. Ryan says:

    I was getting those messages as well. Now I just received a message from GoSMS stating that their “server was illegally hacked” and to log off if receiving those messages. I have attempted to log back on and now it is not recognizing my password. Anyone else having this login issue?

  12. Ryan says:

    I was able to get back in. I had to log off and re-validate my account (in order to what appears to have created a new account)

  13. Kly says:

    Go SMS for Web doesn’t work for me anymore…
    Please help. Can’t send from there and receive messages anymore since yesterday.

  14. GO SMS says:

    We have solved the spam problem. That is a attack to our sever.

  15. Rares says:

    Lots of options ! But, the limit is set to 14 sms (so ~2240 characters) and if you send for example 5 SMS merged in 1 message, you receive 5 delivery confirmations instead of 1. This is really annoying. Please fix that !
    I use Samsung Galaxy S Advance.

  16. Fish says:

    GO SMS Pro 5.0 is not good. No one is going to want it. Do not replace the nice looking app center with an ugly gray menu that is only accessible from the main screen. This ugly gray menu doesn’t really even provide any good resources. It just serves to remind us that we should buy more services or more cheap looking themes from you.

    Also why do the text bubbles need to have a line space above and below the text body. It just makes the bubbles really big and I want to economize the space on my screen. I can see that you want to make your app look better for tablets but you make it look worse for handsets. Just make a separate app for tablets.

    You are already getting millions of people to buy services and themes from you and when they send that money out of their own country and into yours a small sacrifice is made to the economy of that country. You should use some of that money to improve and enrich the app and services but instead of broadening and enriching it you only want to simplify and trim the application in a way that is only beneficial to you.

    Now what about all the themes we have paid for? Many people have bought themes from developers who have paid careful attention to the app center and made it look beautiful.

    I understand that the GO Team doesn’t usually pay any attention to the app center and you just plop the same boring icons in there but there are thousands of themes by good theme developers that have amazing looking app center icons that fit the theme and make it fun to use.

    Are you really going to ruin all the effort that went into those and replace it with a minimalistic drab gray menu that slides halfway out onto the main screen and obscures the view of that as well? You might make it simpler but you will take the fun out of it.

    If you publish beta 5.0 version in the Play Store to replace the current version I will never update to it and I will tell all of my YouTube viewers not to take the update or they should switch apps if they don’t already have a bunch of paid themes.

  17. Clayton W says:

    I just updated to the latest version (5.0) and installed the “Free Message”/ Go Chat Plugin. However, when logging into the Go Chat Web Portal, I’m unable to send message through my computer. What happened?

  18. Paul says:

    re-add the find near friends in gochat

  19. N7 says:

    Loved this app until this update, planning on restoring to 4.9 due to the huge text box that blocks half the conversation. Also, now I can only see 4 lines of emojis instead of 5, not a big deal but less is not more in this case. Instead of making it more sleek you guys just made it more bulky, revert the text box and allow users to see the same amount of emojis and I’ll update it to 5.0.

  20. Clayton W says:

    I just updated to the latest version (5.0) and installed the “Free Message”/ Go Chat Plugin. However, when logging into the Go Chat Web Portal, I’m unable to send message through my computer. What happened?

    This is the message I receive when attempting to send a message through the GoSMS Web Portal, “Please turn on the key ‘GO SMS settings – GO Chat settings – Enable Web SMS’in mobile device”. But this option is no longer available in the 5.0.1 version of Go SMS Pro.

    And to user “Paul”, I do not see that setting in the 1.0 version of the stand alone application “Free Message/ Go SMS Chat”.

  21. Laura says:

    Why doesn’t the input box for writing a text increase in size when you click the + sign? I just wasted a lot of time going through all the settings and there’s nothing to change. It was automatic before.

  22. Tammy says:

    Sorry but I don’t care for the new 5.0 version. I use the voice recording option in past versions a lot and in this new version it take two or three menus to get to it. Sorry that is not quick and easy in my book. Stop messing with something that is already a good thing!

    • Clayton W says:

      I actually was getting ready to compose a message with the wording you use in the latter part of your message. I think what has happened is that instead of updating core components to recognize new technology, an unnecessary overhaul was performed on an already seamless application. With the recent rash of negative comments, I’m hoping someone at headquarters is really paying attention to these messages, as whoever authorize these changes to go into actual production, gets the ax!! No way these errors should have gotten out into the general public with so many issues.

  23. Paul says:

    Quick texts seem to have disappeared altogether?
    Other than that I like this update

  24. Frannie says:

    What happened to the filter folders… I can’t find my texts that I had stored in filter folders.. And now keywords that were filtered out are coming back in my inbox. Why do you take away useful features and not tell us.

  25. Owen says:

    Why was the quick text option removed. I had 15 of them I used all the time. Please put it back. Soon.

  26. Syd says:

    Sorry but not a fan of this version. No need to add that extra duplicate side bar when the normal menu was perfect.
    MMS pictures no longer resize according to the limit you select in the setting you just get an error.
    The settings menus for the S4 already are over stretched and cut of part of the check bubbles.

  27. Yuuki says:

    5.0 is actually not that bad. it is definitely faster as compared to before. and for me who dont use go chat, i dont find any problems for them to separate it. what i missed is the nice looking application page. also, i cant seemed to find the message counter and filter folder in the new ver. please put it back. those are useful features to have.

  28. Dude says:

    There are a ton of major glitches in the upgraded version on go sms AND go chat! Is anyone else having issues with switching from go chat to go sms via the “go” button on the top right corner of the message screen? It isn’t recognizing that the same person is also on go chat so I have two message contacts in my list for the same person, only one is for go sms and one is for go chat. Also if I am in go chat, I can not press the call button. It just says to bind the number to the go Chat account, but that doesn’t do anything. I was happier with the old version of go sms. Fix the issues please.

  29. Don says:

    In addition to many issues previously listed about the latest update, the emoji bar under the test window is completely gone and I can’t find a way in settings to bring it back. Maybe this issue only applies to my phone, but it was working fine before the update.

  30. Don says:

    make that the “text window”

  31. Nick says:

    Please restore the large composition window button. I sometimes send very long texts, and the normal entry space is too small. Also I found the ability to disable sideways swiping useful. How do I put 4.9 back on?

  32. lester says:

    Please tell me where i can find the settings of go sms pro v5.0.
    How can i disable the pop-up?

  33. Xosweet says:

    The emoji selection box is too small & while selecting emoji,it slides to the next menu very easily which is very annoying.

    Since the new update, The emoji selection box is half the size it used to be. Now it feels like my eyes slant when try to choose from all 300+ emojis. And plus it slides to the next menu very easily & its very annoying.

    And I have been begging the Go Team to fix mms for the past 6 months.I cant send nor receive mms via go sms pro. I have sent all the diagnostic tests to your gmail multiple times.Still no luck.


  34. Eric says:

    I’ve installed GO SMS app and it is a great app for messages. There are tons of additional software like themes, pop-up window skins, language packs. But i would like to have better and more notification icons to choose. There are only few icons and i cannot find any extension pack or anything else which add theese icons. Does anybody have an idea how to add theese icons to GO SMS app? Thanks for help

  35. Carmelo says:

    please bring back the option find near friends in free messages

  36. Sil says:

    What.the.HELL did you guys do? I’m on an old phone, android 2.3 and half the time I can type all I want NOTHING gets in the box. Please fix this, I loved your application. I even accepted the fact that I can not turn of those irritating emoticons.

  37. pk says:

    What have you guys done to it. please help me. im in huge trouble. i have lost my private msgs. nd the people who were on my private msg list msg me i dont get their msgs. I dont even remember who was there and who was not. please help. its urgent and important. i want to get rid of the big editor too.

  38. Jennifer says:

    Where is the setting tab on Go SMS Pro , I can set any ringtones for my text messages anymore… What happen to this app? I want the old Go SMS Pro… Please fix this…..

  39. Jennifer says:

    Where is the setting tab on Go SMS Pro , I cant set any ringtones for my text messages anymore… What happen to this app? I want the old Go SMS Pro… Please fix this…..

  40. lester says:

    Where is the SETTINGS menu? how can i disable the pop-up function!!!!! help please!!!!

  41. lester says:

    Where is the SETTINGS menu? how can i disable the pop-up function!!!!! help please!!!!…….

  42. lester says:

    Where is the SETTINGS menu? how can i disable the pop-up function!!!!! help please!!!!!!….

  43. pk says:


  44. warren says:

    how can i add the quick text in my menu? it is gone now and it is also no longer in the advance application settings. does anyone know?

  45. lala says:

    What the hell happened. I really liked this app a lot but when I went to open it today to reply to a text message it wouldn’t open & I can’t access my private messages. Now the icon has changed on my phone!!!! Help please!!!!!

  46. lala says:

    There is a green & white picture of an adroid with the name com.jb SMSpro that has replaced the SMS pro icon that use to be on my desktop. Since the icon is changed I can’t open SMS pro to access any of my text messages!!! Does anyone know what com.jb SMS pro is or means?

  47. michael says:

    I can’t find the setting to set the running mode anymore. I want it to be in lite mode.

  48. eddy says:

    please add ‘speak now’ and ‘quick text’ options at the front page like it used to be. thank you.

  49. Kly says:

    GO SMS for Web is not working again… :/ Please fix it asap.

  50. Josh says:

    I am still getting double notifications when I receive a group message (mms group chat enabled). Has this really not been addressed in the 5.0 release?

  51. ryandigweed says:

    my GO SMS app runs dreadfully slow, probably because i’ve got around 10,000 messages in girlfriend’s thread. I was wondering if theres a way other than backup (because you can’t read the backed up messages unless you restore it which takes ages and freezes), to archive the messages so that you can read and search through old threads and messages, and keep less messages on your actual inbox when you’re texting using the app. I think this would keep the app light and make it run faster. I would love it if you guys could implement it. :)

  52. Kly says:

    Please fix Web Chat. I downloaded GO SMS for it because other apps don’t have the Web Chat feature…

  53. FRanco Proctor says:

    Version 5 downloaded and installed on my phone without me even knowing, can’t work out how to start a new text message as there used to be a little ‘new text’ icon which has now disappeared and where has quick text gone?

  54. vee says:

    excuse me… i instal sms go pro from android market a week ago.. but i don’t know the version and why cant i send sms use sim2? by the way my smartphone is dual sim… can you explain me how to use both of sim with sms go pro… thank you

  55. Ahmad says:

    Please put a something in setting for set delivery report notification sound Thanks

  56. kevin says:

    I have been using GO SMS for years the best. I can’t wait for. The new update :-)

  57. RedDart200 says:

    I cannot send sms messages!?
    Please fix.

  58. jason says:

    where and how to find the filter folder on this version also the direct link to private folder

  59. Griffon says:

    Please!!! Make a dual-sim support!!!!

  60. Dylan says:

    This is driving me crazy! Before the upgrade I could attach pictures, now the whole attachment bar is missing (Emoji, picture, video, soundclip, etc). There is no paper clip, nothing but text and a send button. How am I supposed to attach a picture? I have to use the stock messaging to do it right now. If I have to continue using stock, then I might as well uninstall.

  61. nikki says:

    im using samsung galaxys duos.. we all know this phone is dual sim.. i really like this app. the go sms i want to install it to my phone but the big problem there was no option for dual sim.. pls pls pls do something i reaaly like go sms to install to my phone…tnx

  62. Carmelo says:

    re add the find near friend option in gochat please

  63. Coco says:

    Is there ANY way possible I can go back to the version before the latest updates? I can’t deal with the spam messages or the fact that I have to press the menu button to access the big editor instead of the little box on the screen; that’s what really did it for me. It’s really annoying & I can’t figure out how to disable automatic updating. I don’t see the selection box on the Go SMS page. If anyone could help at all, I’d appreciate it.

  64. Kly says:

    Fix Web Chat please.

  65. Jan3 says:

    I cannot use the voice text with this new update around June 13. I used it all the time. I need it back. Or will have to use another app. Please bring it back. Also I can receive pictures, but cannot send pics. It keeps saying, check to see if gochat is online. How do I do that? This was a great app, now it is very frustrating.

  66. Jan3 says:

    I want the Web Chat Back!!! Very important!

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