GO SMS Pro V5.01 Update release

GO SMS Pro V5.01 released, we strongly recommend you experience the latest version. Come and download now. Please click here for more detail.

v5.01 update:
1. Add big editor, you can find it in Menu of conversation.
2. Click “+” button of conversation to add emoji and other attachments.
3. Fix some bugs.
v5.0 Update
1. Brand new UI style, simple and fast
2. Add “Free Message” plugin, it needs to be installed for using GO Chat
3. Add a new style of sms widget on GO Launcher
4. Reduced memory consumption and other performance improvement



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- Download the newest GO SMS Pro: 1.Search “GO SMS Pro” in google market; 2.https://market.android.com/details?id=com.jb.gosms
- Visit our Blog: http://gosms.goforandroid.com
- Visit our official website: http://www.goforandroid.com
- Email to us: gomessanger@gmail.com
- Visit our facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=178919808825035


427 Responses to GO SMS Pro V5.01 Update release

  1. Carmelo says:

    VERY IMPORTANT thing to re-add:
    find near friends in gochat

  2. clark says:

    why it doesn’t work on my LTE galaxy note?? please help!!!! asap
    i can download but i cant send messages

    • Taylor says:

      I have the same issue, after the update I can receive regular SMS messages, but cannot send or receive any MMS or group messages.

      • Anonymous says:

        I can send, and hear a notification that a reply has arrived, but cannot see. Samsung Note II. I Removed GOSMS until they fix this. Not the first time lately an “improvement” has not worked out well on GOSMS.

  3. clark says:

    please email me with your answer

  4. Pierre says:

    Hi :-)

    I just have down loadet a pop up “washing Room” (that with the yellow duck) but it didn’t seems to work on my phone – Samsung Galaxasy s2 – at all :’( :-!


  5. Martin says:

    Can you PLEASE fix the issue with selecting notification sounds on the HTC One? When I press teh system ringtone button on the popup list – nothing happens. Nothing. I have an option of “default ringtone” (which weirdly – isn’t one i’ve chosen for anything else…in fact I can’t actually find it anywhere else).

    I’m not the only HTC One owner with this issues.

  6. Melinda says:

    Can’t find any settings after this new update! :-(

    Just that I can change theme, private box, SMS-blocker etc. Nothing about settings for sending, receiving, notifications, display settings (fonts etc). Where do I find them??

  7. gladys joy says:

    helow po!ask q lng ung go sms pro pu b e my byad?im so scared kc bka my byad kht n free download ang nkalgy bka pg gnamt q e my byad n pla….tnx a lot i nid ur reply.

  8. Sherria says:

    Suggestion: Is it possible for ‘us’ to choose the ‘reply’ feature that’s designed in the pop up window? I would like for the pop up to read “Dismiss Delete Reply” or we can select for it to have the reply feature embedded in the window. Just an idea. :-)

  9. Shy says:

    My husband and i used to love to use voice sms because it was an easy convenient way to send a text without typing. He drives so it’s much safer that way. Now it’s gone… we’ve both uninstalled and you probably lost more people too…

  10. isamudysan says:

    i have the latest version, 5.1, and am experiencing and issue in sending mms. seems the mms is stuck or not being sent, because i see the animated green arrow next/underneath the mms message. is this an occuring problem (as i read on other forums)? if this is, then, like many users out there, this app will be uninstalled. it’s a great app, but can’t have any kind of sms or mms message hang like this. thx.

  11. PinoyOutdoor says:

    Like to request on SMS Blocking window to be in descending order….

  12. Kly says:

    Is Web Chat already fixed in this update?

  13. Claire says:

    I really like the app & the fact that you really do seem to care about user feedback, however I’m having a few issues & also have a few suggestions. It seems that half the time messages take a long time to send & sometimes don’t get sent at all. Also, I get error message saying unable to send quite often, but the intended recipients are actually receiving the message. Also friends have complained about getting duplicate messages from me. Screenshots taken with my phone are often received too blurry to read. And videos are often sent & received too blurry to view. As for suggestions…I like to have different notification icons for different people. This works fine in the regular inbox, but individual settings do not work for the private box. More notification icons would be a huge plus. Also, it would be great if there was an option to turn off the unread message count that appears on top of the notification icon in the status bar…all I can see is the big orange circle with the unread message count instead of the actual notification icon, which defeats the purpose of setting individual notification icons in the first place. Thanks

  14. Martin says:

    Hello? Anyone there? Any chance of at least replying to the people asking abotu bugs like…not being able to select a ringtone…or any of the other things listed above?

  15. Craig says:

    I really like GO SMS. One of the things I would love to see that most SMS apps never seem to add or do correctly is a “notification mute” of a per chat basis. For example, I’d like to get txt message notifications from everyone except a certain person for whatever reason. I’d like to be able to “mute” their incoming notifications only but have it notify me of other texts. I don’t want to blacklist them but not have them bother me for certain periods of time.

  16. pk says:

    I don’t like v5.01.where’ra my signatuer,imtroduction,upload photos?What i do ?please reply me .how

  17. Anonymous says:

    Where can i find the “services” option? I want to disable my pattern lock. Help, anyone? Thanks

  18. Anonymous says:

    Many times upon receiving an MMS, I get an error stating “Please check that the network is available” when I clearly have a network connection via 3G or 4G. Clicking the “Download” button doesn’t download the message but gives me the same error again. I have to ask the sender to re-send the message and then the original comes through, as well as the duplicate. Please fix, this was never a problem until recently.

  19. Nakya says:

    I am also having a problem sending and receiving messages! This was NEVER a problem and ever since the update I am having MMS problems…

  20. Mikel says:

    No dual sim support?

  21. Roberto Ribeiro says:

    The app is slower guys, a lot more slower! I have a samsung galaxy ace and version 5.01.

  22. amber says:

    my device (o+ 8.31) is a dual sim. i install all the go sms pro at a time. one after the another. install. uninstall. this is because all the go sms pro different version are not for dual sim. only my sim 1 can send msg. and my sim can only receive msg. my sim 1 can receive and send. can you help me fix this. i really wanted to use go sms pro. thanks. c:

  23. amber says:

    my device (o+ 8.31) is a dual sim. i install all the go sms pro at a time. one after the another. install. uninstall. this is because all the go sms pro different version does not recognize my device as dual sim. only my sim 1 can send msg. and my sim can only receive msg. my sim 1 can receive and send. can you help me fix this. i really wanted to use go sms pro. thanks. c:

  24. Chris says:

    MMS messages will not send or download when connected to WiFi. This was not an issue in previous versions.

  25. jean pomelo says:

    I hope go sms pro could also support sony dual sim phones. I m using sony xperia tipo dual. I’m really looking forward for this update. Thank you.

  26. lataisha says:

    Can anybody tell me how can I bind my mobile number because it don’t work if u do know how to bind the mobile number please send me a email or text message my email is lataishajohnson154@gmail.com and my phone number is (319)820-1901 thank u:-[

  27. Pedram says:

    please add dual sim card manager for send or receive text
    i have a samsung galaxy garand duos and i want to use GO SMS but the manage of duol sim for send or receive don’t let me to use

  28. galaxy grand i9082 says:

    Ver.5.02 support most Samsung phone but doesnt work properly in my cellphone
    Please check it and support galaxy grand i9082 duos

  29. Ian says:

    I can’t seem to find an option to forward a previously written text to another phone number. It seems you have to rewrite it every time? surly I am missing something I would have thought it would be a basic option can anyone help? Go SMS Pro v5.02 on a Samsung Galaxy S4

  30. Manning says:


  31. Jolene says:

    The lastest update is not good put back free go chat with sms pro instead of having it seprate!!

  32. Carlyn Nugent says:

    Like others here, I’ve not been able to use group messaging since the update. Ones I send don’t go through, ones sent to me require me to “download” and don’t ever actually do so. I have to go back to my stock msging app to read messages or not use the group messaging feature (which is the only reason I installed this app–so I could participate in group msging with my iPhone colleagues).

  33. Jeff says:

    Since yesterday I can no longer do group texting MMS. I have htc one S. When a group text comes through I get notification from my stock text and it come through as a single text. Loved app prior but now I fear I have messed up my settings trying to fix when it is a issue many others are having.


  34. Susan says:

    I am also having issues sending MMS. Please fix this.

  35. amalia grove says:

    I’ve been having complaints from friends receiving my texts that when I send pics or video it’s hard to open or view. is there anyway to fix this? also is there anyway to back up themes created by self in the event I have to do a factory reset and have to start over? it’s an annoyance having to start from scratch for all my contacts I text.

  36. Brad says:

    Where did the setting go for enabling “lite” or “regular” running modes? Did that option go away? I can’t stand the accidentally scrolling left or right on the main messages list, any way to disable this now? And the “message center”, you have to now click on your messages/ads and open the play store just to clear/check your message/ad as read? And there is no way to delete them now? WTF?

  37. Me says:

    Since AT&T updated ATT Messages, my messages in the private box start out private, but once I read them they go into the ATT Messages box and are no longer private. Please fix! I use a Samsung Galaxy S3.

  38. ceejey says:

    Group text mms not working after the update. Please fix!

  39. Valerie says:

    Is there any way to uninstall the update and go back to the version before that that was actually functional?

  40. ktsak says:

    After last update, app does not support dual sim devices running JB 4.2.1 and later. Any plans for fixing the problem ? A lot of people is using dual sim phones and the need this app !!!!!!! Any progress ?

  41. Thomas Vanderburg says:

    To the users having an issue with group chat not working after the update, restart your phone. This has worked for me for past updates.

    Now my issue. This will probably fall on deaf ears considering the number of “bug reports” in the comments here, but I know of no better place to put this message.

    On my phone, the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3, the processing of group chat messages is rather slow, and it contends for CPU time with the UI rendering of the keyboard. The outcome is that if I have a group chat with multiple individuals messaging quickly, the processing of the messages makes me unable to type because the keyboard UI will freeze until its done processing the messages.

    Ideally the processing of the message should be in its own thread so that the UI can stay responsive in its own thread.

    • Valerie says:

      Restarting the phone did nothing for me – still unable to send group chat :(

      I was starting to have those keyboard freezes as well in group chat.

    • Carlyn Nugent says:

      Also using the Galaxy s3. I attempted restarts, multiple times, as well as uninstalling/reinstalling the application…twice. Reset to defaults and then redid settings. Group messaging is not functioning, no matter what. Prior to the update, I would also have the freezing problem if group texts and replies were coming in quickly, but I dealt with that in order to have the group messaging function at all. I still find it strange that android phones don’t have this commonly needed capability without installing special apps, but even more frustrating when the only app I can find to fix the issue isn’t working.

  42. Néstor Enrique Heredia says:

    Excuse me, this update made the character count on sms unreadable, is too small. Please, fix it because that is critical issue for me, I really can´t see it.
    On a unrelated note, there is a bug since forever: I use a Motorola with keyboard and if I accidentally pulse the menu key, the keyboard´s “a” is then blocked into “select all” mode. I have erased text accidentally a lot of times this way. I don´t know if other phones experiment this issue.

  43. Isaac says:

    FIX THE GROUP TEXT MESSAGE!!!!!!!! I am going crazy right now, too many individuals messages I received and I know it is related to group texting so I cannot follow it.

  44. jason says:

    Please fix the group text.

  45. Mike says:

    MMS messaging busted, read other comments for more info.

  46. Mik says:

    Love the app, but would it be possible to make it use the date setting of the system? Or, to allow the user to select date format, as for time format?
    I mean: date of received messages is shown in month/day format, while I would like to have day/month.

  47. Mcsticks says:

    where did the mark all read and the running mode go? .. now I app itself takes 1 minute to send. just requesting to bring those back and make the next 5.03 version perform faster.

  48. meran says:

    i can’t find near me option either :( please fix it

  49. housi says:

    i get this error yesterday: please check that the network is available.
    today all works fine, but my friends phone now get this message.

  50. Danna says:

    I downloaded this program several months ago just to be able to send & receive mms because my stock app refuses to do so. Now your app won’t either. Downloads fail & sending just results in the flashing green arrow without it ever sending. I end up having to delete the message & not send. I have a galaxy s2. I WAS happy with your app but now I’m going to have to find another if there isn’t a way to fix so mms works.

  51. mike L. says:

    I can’t send mms with the app. Please fix. Email me so I can know what to do

  52. Anonymous says:

    I use to be able to send and receive pics with this app. Now it’s not receiving or sending pics. Can someone tell me why I’m having issues? My email is martez3225@gmail.com.

  53. zian says:

    lov pro sms bt i cnt change d font…evry tym i scan for font dn after dat all black will aper…pls fix ds…

  54. melanie says:

    I have a new phone but the system wont allow me to transfer or back of the messages and transfer to my new phone

  55. Lacey says:

    i used to love this app but now after the update i noticed that my pop-up for Go sms pro stopped working..when i sent a text message via pop-up i thought i have sent it to the recipient..but when i checked even my reply wasn’t even in my convesation..does anyboady experiencing this or is it just me or my phone..i have sony ericsson xperia ray..

  56. Alden says:

    hello, i need help re this Go SMS Pro.

    i installed this App 3 days ago a super like it very much.. i am using a dual sim phone, while i was still using the Messaging App, when sending text messages, my phone always ask if which network i am to send, this feature is great for me, after i installed the Go SMS Pro, it didnt ask me anymore which network to send. So this is my urgent problem as i have to manually disable the other network using the phone’s Sim Management.

  57. raimichells says:

    None of my contact photos show up in the app. They used to on my pervious phone without having to do anything. I have a Note 2. I dont want to sync with facebook, just use the contacts with photos that are stored on my phone/sim.

  58. BoBY1 says:


    Great job but can you fix dual-sim detection on Jelly Bean ?

    Thanx in advance.

  59. John says:

    This app was very helpful and a perfect replacement for the messaging app on my galaxy s3.

  60. Jose Lorenzo says:

    Why is it that GO SMS does not work properly in my android? The spacing in the conversation is bad. As the message goes longer the spacing between lines is increasing. Please fix this. Phone is Alcatel OneTouch 918N. Thank you. :)

  61. Kaelyn says:

    I need to screen shot, i cant find where you do it Can anyone help me!?

  62. Murasame says:

    Great. I need to restore my SMS and There is no Service > SMS B&R anymore…

  63. american jane says:

    This is a marriage wrecker app. When the phone is locked and in standby mode, an incoming will turn on the phone and pop open with the message on screen for everyone to see. Just wrecked a marriage. I am going to sue your company motherfucker!

  64. tomas says:

    where is the dual sim option when sending sms? can you bring it back? thanks

  65. Andy says:

    Can somebody pleas tell me where the private box is now?? I just can’t seem to find it anywhere!!

  66. Ray says:

    Hi, my name is Ray and I’ve been using this app for a while now. Within that amount of time I have noticed a number of things that aren’t wrong with the app, but ways it lacks qualities I feel all messaging systems should have. Now don’t get me wrong I love this app and in reviews I gave it 4 out of 5 stars, but I would love to change it to 5 out of 5 if you make these changes. First, you should change it so that it tells you what time you send a message and receive one under each message. Finally, and most importantly, you need to add a feature that allows you to see when a person has opened and read your message, but also tell you when they are typing a reply. The perfect example of this is the Facebook messenger. It tells you when read and when the other person is typing. Again, I would love to change my reviews to 5 stars, but first I really need you guys to make these simple changes. Thank you.

  67. Sandra says:

    last update , can’t send chat anymore

  68. Adam says:

    How do we get the big editor in Android 4 (like an HTC One S)?
    There is no system Menu button, and you have not provided a 3 dots menu button like new Android apps are supposed to do.
    The old way, with the button to the left of the single line entry was so easy, yet you’ve taken this away and not provided an adequate replacement. If even the menu button was available, it’s still 2 clicks to get the big editor instead of one. Deeply disappointing.

  69. Mike says:

    Hi, I use your app and really love it except for one problem. I cannot change the font size for the character counter in the bottom right hand side of the screen. The text is so small and is grey text on a white background. This is important to me because I always like to keep my texts to 160 characters or less so that I only send one text. If you don’t want to make it adjustable, then please make it larger with better colours to improve the contrast. Have a look at Handcent SMS because they have got this just right, but I’d much rather use your app. Thanks

  70. John says:

    My app does not allow me to see the times I receive/send messages. It only allows me to see it when the messages came late. I tried changing the date color font and everything, but nothing. I have also tried changing the themes, but nothing. I also have deleted and re-installed the app. Help?

  71. Doug W says:

    The app is very good. I am impressed with the level of customization. With one exception; you cannot adjust the font size / color of the character counter in the bottom right of the input window. The small font in grey color on white background is next to impossible to read. An adjustment option, or a better selection of default font size / color would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  72. Cal Mac says:

    Where are the settings found on GO SMS? In your previous answers, you have said to push the menu button on your phone. I have an HTC One, and there is no menu button. How do I find the GO SMS settings on the HTC One?

  73. vernell says:

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