GO SMS Pro V5.2 Update release

v5.2 Update
1. Optimize users feedback
(If you have MMS issues, try: Menu-Feedback-Diagnosis)
2. Fix problem Kyocera phones recieve duplicate messages
3. Reduce package size
4. Other improvements and bugs fix



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129 Responses to GO SMS Pro V5.2 Update release

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. mallari rizelle says:

    Baket yung go sms pro ko. D pwede mag send pag konti lang yung txt msg. Pag madame dun lng nag sisend? Bkt ganon

  3. vinoth says:

    Why did you removed shake to make friends? It was an useful feature to meet new peoples please try to provide that feature..

  4. Mike says:

    Hello ,

    I’ve got an issue with Go SMS pro on my HTC One S ! I can’t open “Seeting Menu” !!! Everywhere I see that I must to press the menu button but I don’t see it on my HTC one S !!!

    Is anybody can tell me how can I enter into seeting menu ?????


  5. Brandon says:

    MMS just plain sucks on GO SMS Pro. I’m going to switch to Handcent. I’m tired of my messages not going through or taking an hour to go through. I don’t see a fix in sight and my comments go unanswered. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S4 on AT&T and have put the correct manual APN settings in. Tired of fighting with it.

  6. Marius says:

    Been using GoSMSPro for a while with emoji plug-in.
    The problem is, sometimes when i open emoji section to choose a smiley face, there is none, just empty. So i have to force close goSMS and then they appear again. Any solutions?

    Happened on HTC ONE and Samsung Galaxy S2 (both stock)

  7. Roberto says:

    One year with gosms. Since ver. 5 the free messages (old Go Chat) is not working nice as it usually was. Messages even not going at all, and if they go not confirmation on reception…I have the pro version and now it works like the android native sms app. Really sad. I can not understand what is wrong with you, guys.

  8. Stirius says:


    please could you finally add dual sim support so we could choose which sim card to use? Dual phones are more and more common and this is quite a big issue, at least for me. And have to switch to stock app.


  9. Anonymous says:

    I just updated my Go SMS PRO. the problem is I can’t change the notification private box. It is need to unlocked and need to purchase the premium one. Why is it like that?

  10. James says:

    I have asked repeatedly to fix your Facebook picture sync issue and you haven’t. Why? I still have 4.73. I’m not going to upgrade until you do. I might uninstall it all together if you don’t.

  11. Yuri says:

    I’d like to put a number over the icon present on the application taskbar like Android 4.2 normally does.

    It is a simple, plain and efficient feature.

    Thank you,

  12. Milos says:

    Google Play Store is no longer allowing me to update Go SMS Pro. Says that it is not available in my country.
    It was fine befeore.

  13. Nice 1 says:

    I started using go sms because of less steps to attach pics compared to other text programs. New version takes 5 steps… press cross, attach, pictures, from gallery, gallery. People might think oh poor baby has to push 5 times to attach a picture. It does make a diff! That 5 extra seconds per picture adds up to 18 minutes of my life used a year pressing attach picture buttons. That was like two weeks ago and Im getting nagged to upgrade again. I like the older version better. How do you turn off the update notification. If not, now I have to find a different sms program with less steps.

  14. Pedram says:

    please add the dual sim options send the text with both sim

  15. Anonymous says:

    Samsung Galaxy S2 – Why won’t GO SMS allow any pictures to come through in my texts? Please fix

  16. messenger says:

    in new message section, the recepient suggestion list is white letters in white background… why?

  17. Slow says:

    This app is very slow. Pls fix!

  18. Heather green says:

    Am I the only one missing “free” themes? I see some really cute stuff but dont even look thoroughly into it cuz 1.) Its no longer free 2.) I hate the getjar BS! I realize this is a preference but curious why GDT wants us to go through the yet-another headache of installing more ‘stuff’! hace a lovely day

  19. Mike says:

    Just bought the premium version with unlimited themes. For around
    $20. Then i realized it does not support dual sim phones. How do i get a refund?

  20. spunky says:

    i just downloaded this app it had all my messages in it now they are gone does anyone know how to recover them as i need them for work
    Thanks for anyones help in advance

  21. ali says:

    please add the dual sim support ….

  22. 9vin says:

    dual sim support

    if Go sms supports dual sim then it would be high rating ….

  23. fan says:

    Hi team.. i wonder of you could make it support a dual sim phones.. thanks and more power!

  24. Reina says:

    Will you guys be making GO SMS PRO for iOS 6 ???

  25. Roddy6449 says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and GO SMS PRO 5.2 installed and have been using it for awhile now. My question is this, “How do I disable my text messaging on this phone so that the Go Pro is the default messaging app”? Like I said I have been using it for awhile and do not have a “Text” plan with Verizon thinking I can use this feature without cost. I got my bill and I was charged $53.00 for text messaging. What em I doing wrong? Please any help would be nice.
    Thank You

  26. rob says:

    I have a Galaxy S3 – there is still a problem with the same contact having multiple threads i.e. if the contact sends a new message it opens a new thread each time

  27. KaToya says:

    Having an issue retrieving my password fire my private box. I am receiving messages but can’t look at them cuz I can’t get my password

  28. HTC One. says:

    There are still 3 dots under the app. Waste of space.
    All it needs is that to be fixed.
    Already purchased app.

  29. Cr4zZy BipBiip says:

    it would be nice if orders by sms applications like “Cerberus” or “bitedefender antitheft” work when goSMS is installed on our machine. With the default sms, it works perfectly. So there is a concern in your application to this point. thank you

  30. HTC One says:

    The private box is very slow and laggy while scrolling or typing a text message !!
    But the normal conversation is fine.
    Please fix the private box part.

  31. eawells2 says:

    The Dev team has focused too much on additional cute or clever features that they’ve ignored improving the SWYPE intelligence. SWYPE’ing in GOSMS Pro is absolutely stupid, dumb and there’s no access to an internal dictionary of words. It doesn’t always remember or learn new words.

    GOSMS Pro will always get confused on simple words, like the word “set”. Simple to SWYPE but GOSMS Pro will always think its either “Sept” or “get”. I spend far too much time correcting this app’s inept mistakes.

    So… word of advice to the GOSMS Pro Dev Team: stop developing cute wallpapers and all the other nonsense you keep trying to get me to use BUT instead improve the SWYPE engine: it is on its own version level – v0000000.1 – in other words its completely antiquated, dumb and unable to learn. You can’t even capitalize letters to uppercase while you SWYPE. You have to hit the uppercase key – which you will hit far too often because its right next to the A key.

    Come on Dev Team… the texting feature in your app completely SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  32. mahlcoh says:

    bkt nd wlang sm1 at sm2?

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