GO SMS Pro V5.22 Update release

v5.22 Update
1. (New) Sms 4X1 widget on GO Launcher supports 3D core
2. (Improvement) Optimize private box
3. (Improvement) Contact icon popup supports animation
4. (Improvement) Package size reduces 600K
5. (Improvement) Speed increase of program starting
6. (Resource) Brand new theme STEEL, never been so cool



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- Download the newest GO SMS Pro: 1.Search “GO SMS Pro” in google market; 2.https://market.android.com/details?id=com.jb.gosms
- Visit our Blog: http://gosms.goforandroid.com
- Visit our official website: http://www.goforandroid.com
- Email to us: gomessanger@gmail.com
- Visit our facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=178919808825035


182 Responses to GO SMS Pro V5.22 Update release

  1. Mahdi says:

    I can’t use dual sim
    When the problem was solved???

  2. igor says:

    can you add the feature to choose in every sms if you want the sms confirmation or not?

  3. ray says:

    ugh – where the settings now?

    • GTV says:

      Yeah same here, completely lost the settings with new update. no way to access the menu at all. i’ve disabled the app and moved to Textra at least until this is fixed, if not permenantly. GO SMS is just getting way to big and buggy anymore. it’s a shame, too.

  4. Sean says:

    I love Go SMS Pro. I have a request though, based on Samsung Galaxy S4.

    - The “official” Samsung case that they sell in the stores operates like a “book” so when it’s flipped closed, it has a small window where you can see the time, and the status at the top (but not the LED). Would it be possible to blink this part of the phone when receiving a txt message instead of just the LED?

  5. Chris says:

    When I sent MMS with picture in the private box, it was not shown in the private box.
    It was out of the private box.

  6. syd says:

    sir about the contacts features of the Ap it has a bug when you type your contacts name in search bar the letters stuck at the press

  7. syd says:

    and sir my phone is dual sim can you give a settings for that thanks

  8. mario says:

    Still can’t change notification settings in private box ;/

  9. Larry says:

    Since upgrading to v5.22 text entry has stopped following the android keyboard settings for Auto-Cap and Auto-correct. All other applications do follow the android settings. This definitely stopped working following the upgrade to 5.22. Old Samsung T839 with physical keyboard. Doesn’t work with soft keyboard either.

    • Courtney says:

      Me, too! I have e-mailed them to let them know. I just wanted to see if anyone else was having the same problem on a different phone. And you are. It started as soon as I installed this update.

      Hopefully enough people who are having the problem will let them know so that they’ll make it a priority to fix it.

      (Samsung Epic 4G)

  10. Isaiah says:

    Great app but it takes long time to send messages and I have 4G and three bars of it so it can’t be my connection and when I want to send like paragraph of a message or anything it doesn’t send while my regular messenger send it easy plus the pop up Window won’t let me choose my smiley icons and last I don’t have the 3d feature on my lg spirit please fix this I really love this app though

  11. someone says:

    Please do add the dual SIM support… it’s a good app… it just needs dual SIM support

  12. Anonymous says:

    I have problem with my private box. I can’t find it. I still searching for it but can’t. Unless if I sent message it will appear but after you exit it you cant find it again. I’ve tried so many times. In settinga i cant find. Anyone? Knows how? Please help!! :’(

  13. Bob says:

    With the latest update, auto-capitalization and auto-puncuate no longer work on my Kyocera Rise in the GO SMS Pro app. The stock app works fine. It also works fine when I use the soft keypad to type in GO SMS, but not when I used the slide-out keyboard.

    • Courtney says:

      Me, too! I have e-mailed them to let them know. I just wanted to see if anyone else was having the same problem on a different phone. And you are. The only difference is that the soft keypad/swype is no different – still no auto-cap. It started as soon as I installed this update.

      Hopefully enough people who are having the problem will let them know so that they’ll make it a priority to fix it.

      (Samsung Epic 4G)

  14. amarnath says:

    Hi,I’m a paid user of this app!!!! I’m just in love with this app for the past three years. Anyways why is Facebook avatar sync removed! I had chance to use it only once and after that I wasn’t available for using anymore. Kindly add the feature again or inform me why was it removed. Thanks

  15. bob says:

    in 5.22 no emoticon in big edit. In private mode, send big edit create a new conversation in non private and nothing in private mode

  16. Dominic says:

    Cannot use emoji’s when pop up window comes up with a new text but only when opening the go SMS app

  17. Stacy says:

    Do someone know where the private box is? I can’t find it. My gooodness! What happened to GO SMS -_- I am finding it, in setting and others but failed to find. They say that i can find it in services but there is no services in this version just General and More only. And It was hidden but everytime i message a private contact there it will open but the only contact that you’ve send only then again. I want to remove my private contact there but cant find private box to change the settings. I wish my go sms didnt update. I dont like this version. And also in big edit there is no emoticons. What happened???? I hate it! :( (

  18. Alan says:

    “Since upgrading to v5.22 text entry has stopped following the android keyboard settings for Auto-Cap and Auto-correct. All other applications do follow the android settings. This definitely stopped working following the upgrade to 5.22. Old Samsung T839 with physical keyboard. Doesn’t work with soft keyboard either.”

    Same thing here. Samsung Galaxy S with slide out keyboard. Auto cap works on pop-up message window, but not in full message compose window.

  19. snup says:

    I cant changed my private box notification bar. It convert me to premium upgrade when i click the unlocked button. Please help

  20. Mark says:

    How to open the Settings where you can change the font styles? Don’t tell me to open Menu (the one with the 3 lines) because it DOES NOT SHOW ANY SETTINGS!!!!!!! Does it use gesture??? Fix it!

  21. Joe says:

    Private box not working. Texts show in normal box, even after sent, then also appear as a draft message in private box. Even came up under wrong contact after sending. Love this app but latest release seems broken :-(

    HTC One, Android 4.2.2

  22. leslie says:

    Ever since update I can’t send picture messages

  23. Don says:

    Is there a fix for the update that killed the ability to send picture messages?

    Everything was fine until the last update.

  24. joejoe says:

    I can also confirm the private box bug. Some messages don’t appear in the private conversation list after being sent. Instead, they end up as drafts in the public inbox. How did you manage to break a working feature?

  25. david says:

    Problem in private box. If I create a new SMS into private box and temporaly save it as draft, it appears in normal box and anyone can read it! Please fix it urgently

    HTC One Android 4.2.2

  26. jhing says:

    how can i download go sms pro in iphone 4 ?


  27. jb76006 says:

    Urgent! Drafts made in Private Box can be seen in Normal Inbox without password. Now anyone can read it! Very bad. I am now looking at other text apps to replace Go SMS.
    Galaxy S3

  28. mykl_dean says:

    Since installing v5.22 update I DO NOT have automatic capitalization or contractions! Use several “go” apps and this is a pain having to manually capitalize and add contractions!!! Is there a fix, or how do I uninstall v5.22?

    Anyone who has a way around this, by all means please post a fix…


  29. nancy says:

    your app is a piece of SHIT

    • Brian Naille says:

      Gee, that’s a constructive comment. You’re entitled to your opinion, but it certainly doesn’t help anybody if you don’t explain why you feel that way. Constructive feedback is how software developers learn to make the software do what the users want. They just don’t automatically think up these things.

  30. michelle says:

    I cant used my edited conversation when i apply it then i close when i open it again my edited conversation isnt there. please fix it.

  31. Natalya says:

    Can you use it for international texting? Use it to text numbers outside the US?

  32. vince says:

    When I save sms in the private box, it was not shown in the private box.
    It was out of the private box.

  33. vitalik says:

    Будьте добры добавте выбор SIM при отправке SMS сообщения….

  34. slimfit says:

    Private box broken here too!

  35. Renz Anthony says:

    Good day,

    Please add dual sim support in send settings.

    Thank you

  36. mai says:

    Hi can u help me how to get my private inbox back? I’ve lost it.. i might have touch something

  37. Michael says:

    Can you add a feature so we can choose which contacts are displayed in your contacts screen and which are hidden? Or at least hide the contacts that are in the Private box. Thank you.

  38. Please fix says:

    I have the same problem as other users, there is no more auto-capitalization prior to updating the app. It is very frustrating and it makes me use the default texting for my android. Please fix, I really do like this app.

  39. radek says:

    Hallo, i have lenovo p770 dual sim and i cant switch between sim cards. Can you help me?

  40. Marvetta says:

    Had to uninstall this and now it won’t download due to an error (940). Someone needs to email me asap, i emailed you guys and so far I’ve gotten nothing. Seriously upset i can’t download this!

  41. cc says:

    I deleted go sms pro & went back to reinstall it now I can’t find it in the Google store. PLEASE HELP

  42. tin says:

    Why is go SMS pro not in the play store

  43. Russel Griffin Jr says:

    OK so I was looking at the play store and go SMS pro was no longer there not even on any search I made thankfully I found this here cuz it almost pissed me off that I couldn’t find it

  44. asa says:

    Pls add dual sim support for JB.

  45. Joe says:

    Dual SIM phones still not supported. It’s a shame and the only reason I would buy the premium version of the app. And you would be the first and only supporting this feature, guys. None of the other sms apps supports this either, only a few simple stock ones…give it a serious thought, pls, instead of adding bloatware features.

  46. Ivan Vidicki says:

    Hi, I’am from Belgrade, Serbia.

    I’am very setisfied with GoSmsPro but i have one problem!!

    I can’t purchase it and upgrade it ro Premium version since app says that “my device does not support billing option”

    I have Samsung Galaxy S3.

    Still I think the problem is with my mobile network because you don’t have paying agreement with them. My network is MTS, is there any other way to purchase and upgrade to Premium?

    Regards, Ivan Vidicki.

  47. Brian Naille says:

    Just got 5.23 with the fix for the auto-cap and punctuation. Thanks for the quick turnaround! As a software developer, I certainly understand how these types of things can be a real pain.

  48. olya says:

    Private box disappeared. How do I get it back?????

  49. here says:

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  50. Minerva says:

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  51. Dan says:

    Private Box works on GO SMS. To enter into private box, follow these easy instructions (this is the default method):

    1) Open GO SMS

    2) Touch/Hold Down Messages at the Top of Screen for two seconds

    3) Password Screen will appear and you will type in the password you set it up with originally

    Note: There is a password reset option if you added an email address when you setup your private box numerical password.

    Hope this helps everyone out.

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  169. Lucile says:

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