GO SMS Pro V3.65 Update release

GO SMS Pro V3.65 is ready, optimize a lot, hope you like it. Come and download now. At the same time, GO Chat plug-in has released v1.2 update, more details please click here.

V3.65 Update (2011-8-19)
1. Add option of “unlock screen upon receiving messages” in Notification Settings->Screen Settings
2. Update GO Chat plug-in
3. Update GO FB Chat plug-in
4. Update Theme Maker plug-in
5. Optimize the UI of MMS and GO MMS tab menu
6. Optimize the picture viewer, add rotate function and gesture support
7. Optimize contacts management for group texting
8. Optimize the sending and receiving of MMS
9. Optimize the MMS picture size when viewing
10. Fix one confliction with GO Input
11. Add one paid theme Machine City, please download and paid to support us



** Related website **
- Download the newest GO SMS Pro: 1.Search “GO SMS Pro” in google market; 2.https://market.android.com/details?id=com.jb.gosms
- Visit our Blog: http://gosms.goforandroid.com
- Visit our official website: http://www.goforandroid.com
- Email to us: gomessanger@gmail.com
- Visit our facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=178919808825035


52 Responses to GO SMS Pro V3.65 Update release

  1. soso says:

    I like applications .of Go Lanucher EX .. Especially Go SMS..I Given ★★★★★.. Five stars ..
    Keep up the progress ..(*^__^*)
    And we wont new themes..

    • Amber Cossins says:

      When I got my new phone HTC one x the contact pictures do not show up. When I had the HTC aria they did, but now I have to manually put pictures up and they often don’t stay?????? PLEASE someone help me so that I can have my contacts pictures show up when I am go sms which is the ONLY one I use now!!!!!! I love it but loved it more when the pictures came along with the messages!!!!! Please get back to me ASAP!!!!!

  2. behzad says:

    nice work. I just want to give you some feedback about smiley; it’d better if user can customize a smiley. and it should recognize smilies like :) and :(

    thabk you for your nice work

  3. Nikola says:


    I’d like to mention an annoyance I’ve noticed in your otherwise great app.

    With the “Show virtual keyboard” option on, when entering the conversation view, the application doesn’t distinguish between the user wanting to read the conversation and write a new message. If all the user wants is to read SMS, having a big part of the screen taken up by the virtual keyboard is a hindrance, and often the first thing a user does is close the keyboard as soon as they open a conversation.

    My proposal is splitting the behaviour into two destinct categories: reading and writing.

    So, when a user presses the “Compose” button (or get’s there via the long-press search button shortcut), i.e. when the user wants to write a new sms, show the virtual keyboard by default.

    However, when the user enters the conversation view in any other way (either from the conversation list, or via third-party “view sms” plugins/widgets and such), i.e. when all the user (initialy) wants to do is to read messages, hide it by default.

    Alternatively, You could add the split as an option (so, instead of one, we’d have two check-boxes: “Show virtual keyboard when composing” and “Always show virtual keyboard when entering conversation”.

    I believe this would improve the end-user expirience for people without hard keyboards immensely.

    Thanks for all Your hard work,
    Nikola Rajačić

  4. Tomek says:

    Good job!
    One thing keeps bugging me:
    It’s great that I can create my own folder but it is a little useless if I can’t move my messages there. I would like to have some kind of archived sms so they will stay on my phone but will not be seen in inbox folder.

  5. Leosion says:


  6. Desper says:

    Can not change the default SMS shortcut in the home screen, whenever I change and restart the phone it will come back.

    I am able to change the dialer and the contacts but not the SMS

  7. Sonia says:

    Can GoSmSPro pick up google voice text messages? It would be nice to have the option of selecting the google number instead of the carrier number for text messages.

  8. Anonymous says:

    transition effect background is black. May i can change it with pic or differend color

  9. BJ says:

    How do you edit & add canned texts to Go SMS Pro? Is their a way to add or modify the txt msgs in the Quick Text or is there another way to accomplish this function?

  10. Mark PL says:

    Hello, i have problem this phone in Go SMS PRO – im use telephone dual SIM – Two card SIM, but this Go SMS Pro not working good – not see two card, only one. Im testing in other telephone in android 2.2 dual SIM – this telephone working ok, see two card sim, please check and correct :) – very please, I think is problem in new android 2.3.9 – no dual SIM – Best Regards, Mark

  11. rrice05 says:

    Having issues with this version and the previous version sending unreadable symbols and text to the recipient of my messages. Love the program, but my messages are just not readable. Have uninstalled it and reinstalled, still doing it. Any idea’s?

  12. Kahil says:

    Why can’t you set custom popups for specific contacts? When you set a theme for that contact, it should also theme the popups, not just the convo list. Would be a nice update fix.

  13. 簇浪 says:

    XT702 FroyoPlus X2.53 安装这个版本的GO短信后,新短消息来后弹出即显窗口,关闭即显窗口后,手机仍未解锁。我在设置里面已经设置过解锁屏幕了啊

  14. Andrea says:

    Please, fix the bug that prevent use of autotext if there is a number in the word ;)

  15. BJ says:

    Has anyone had a chance to look into my question above, I posted the other day?

    “How do you edit & add canned texts to Go SMS Pro? Is their a way to add or modify the txt msgs in the Quick Text or is there another way to accomplish this function?”

  16. Ken says:

    There is a bug where I do not get the popup / quick reply on the lock screen with my Motorola Atrix. I have to unlock the phone to see the text and make a reply. Handcent works properly on the lockscreen and relocks the phone after I send a quick reply. Using the “Unlock Screen” checkbox is not an alternative for me being as it is unlocking the phone whereas it should all be able to be done without unlocking the screen.

    Also in Handcent there is an option “Show over lockscreen fix” for people who do have the issue with messages being hidden by the lock screen. But I do not have to use that being that is works fine for me in Handcent. It appears Go SMS Pro has the issue on the Atrix where the lockscreen is hiding the popup.

    Please fix this bug since I think Go SMS is better than Handcent, but I am stuck using Handcent until you guys fix this issue. A friend with an HTC Incredible has the same issue. BTW we are both running stock firmwares.

  17. Ken says:

    Another issue on my Motorola Atrix with Go SMS Pro is it does NOT auto download MMS, I have to click the DOWNLOAD button in the message to get the MMS. The default sms app on the Atrix doesn’t have an option to turn on or off auto download, it is always on.

    Handcent does auto download MMS properly, just Go SMS Pro doesn’t.

  18. Fernando says:

    Great app!! really keep that good work, I wonder, is there a way to show only the sender in the notification tray when a sms arrives?

  19. GoGoSMS says:

    请问能不能在Go 短信里取消超链接啊?看着别扭,不习惯。

  20. liy says:


  21. Erik says:

    I got a problem with the new GO SMS Pro. Ever time I get a messeage I get a popup of the new message. However It always says that there are 2 messages, the first being by sender “Unknown” with no text.

  22. kdlk says:


  23. mon says:


  24. Zeika says:

    Make go sms full screen please…

  25. Anonymous says:

    为什么从3.4版后发短信就不能发联系人资料。为什么。这么好的软件没有这个功能多不方便啊。handcent sms也一直保存这个功能啊。不能发联系人资料,发那么多图片有意思嘛。麻烦加上去吧,我现在都很久不敢更新了。

  26. Anonymous says:

    为什么从3.4版后发短信就不能发联系人的名片,资料。为什么。这么好的软件没有这个功能多不方便啊。handcent sms也一直保存这个功能啊。不能发联系人资料,发那么多图片有意思嘛。麻烦加上去吧,我现在都很久不敢更新了。给你们网站去信了也不回

  27. Anonymous says:

    为什么从3.4版后发短信就不能发联系人的名片,资料。为什么要砍掉这个功能啊。这么好的软件没有这个功能多不方便啊。handcent sms也一直保存这个功能啊。不能发联系人资料,发那么多图片有意思嘛。麻烦加上去吧,我现在都很久不敢更新了。给你们网站去信了也不回

  28. iron2000 says:

    Can someone tell me what GOSmsProService does, please?

    Don’t think it was running in background in the previous version.
    Are options in the settings triggering it to run in background?

  29. Andreas says:

    When listening to music this new version disables the headphones until I restart my phone whenever I send a SMS. Please fix this bug.

  30. Alexis says:

    I still have an issue with GoSMSPro.

    When I write a message, the text area looks like being multi-lines but, in fact, it’s not.

    I don’t have that issue with the “recipient” text area…

    Does anyone know how to fix it ?

  31. Brian says:

    After update this afternoon all incoming calls automatically go into speaker phone mode. Please fix ASAP!

  32. Patrick says:

    I have a request. When I choose to compose a new SMS and start typing the name of the contact, several options come up but none are actually labeled (ie: “mobile”, “home”, etc). For most of my texts this is not an issue, as I can usually identify which number is the mobile number. But for some contacts it is an issue, as I’ll find myself backing out of the app and checking my contacts, then going back to the app. Would you consider labeling the contact options in the “To” field please?

    Thanks so much for the amazing work!

  33. Double says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 in UK.
    £ does not work in GoSMS…
    If I type £ it shows up but when I press send it disappears & does not get to receipient.
    It only does this in GOSMS, built in messaging works fine with £.

    Please fix,

  34. Swede says:

    Thanks for a great app. However, there seems to be a couple of bugs that could force me to uninstall it.

    1. As for others, the phone automatically goes inte speaker mode most of the time when answering or making calls. I also have the “2 sms” bug.

    2. If I bring up the sms app while speaking on the phone, it mutes my earphones (haven’t tried using the speaker mode while checking messages). I don’t know whether the person I’m speaking to can hear me. Though the first bugs are annoying, this one is really alarming.

    Samsung Galaxy S2

    As I’d love to keep using the app, I would be delighted to see this fixed.

  35. Simon says:


    When using the private box option, I cannot turn off vibtate, or turn on “New Message”, even though the options are selected correctly.

    Samsung G2

  36. Jared says:

    Fantastic app, but one bug that I noticed with this latest release:

    When I am scrolling through a contact’s list of messages, it allows me to scroll up and read messages for a few seconds, and then automatically skips down to the latest message. That prevents me from reading back in the conversation or doing anything with past messages.

    If you could fix this minor issue so I can actually go through old messages, that would be great.

    Otherwise, a fantastic app. Thank you for all of your hard work!

  37. User says:

    App is way too bloated now. Closed by phone when i run other programs and no longer fictions. Not a case of app killer – app is too big for texting. Ditch the lame plugins. Stop hacking away screen real estate. Go back to the way you had it – it used to be damn good.

  38. Mr.Torture says:

    I used to love this app for a long time. But lately this app, as well as all GO dev team apps, is becoming bloatware. It’s using data transfer on it’s own, and it’s changing and updating just for the sake of updating, and not improving. The same is with GO Launcher EX. And also, there is this very annoying bug lately, with calls going to speaker, and it’s NOT fixed yet. You guys should test your apps before making them public and official. How useful an smartphone is, when you have to disable speaker every time after you recieve an SMS? You’re updating your app on the cost of messing some basic phone functions, or what? Improve this app, or I’m going back to Handcent / Chomp SMS.

  39. Can’t send normal MMS messages with Go SMS Pro, they stay forever on the tray, the only way they can be send is via GoMMS but the receiver gets only a message with a link, I research about this problem but in my particular case, I can not fix it like they did, any suggestions?

    Using Samsung Galasy S2


  40. Harry says:


    Great app. There is one small glitch I noticed. When sending any sms to multiple recipients, click on the + sybmol (top let corner of the window), opens Contacts, Groups & Recent tabbed window. In Recent tab, it only shows the recent calls made or received and not the recent sms sent/receieved, so each time I have go thro’ contacts to select the receipients. The default SMS app in android 2.2.1 has this feature though. Can this be addressed please?

    Using Galaxy Ace

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