GO CHAT plugin v1.3 update released

GO Chat plugin v1.3 update has been released, welcome you to download it!

GO Chat plugin v1.3 updates (2011-8-29)
1. Integrate SMS and GO Chat into one conversation
2. Add Doodle function and Voice Message
3. Add camera function when setting avata
4. Optimize mail binding
5. Optimize the add friend process
6. Optimize recommend friends function
7. Optimize the UI of changing password
8. Fix the black screen issue when entering profile
9. Fix when rotating screen, menu display issue
10. Fix issue that remove/add friends, the friend list don’t refresh in time
11. Fix some other bugs

[What’s GO CHAT]
1. Instant messaging, support for offline messages
2. Based on true identity, can help you find your contact friends
3. Recommend function, the system will take the initiative to push friends you may know, get more friends
4. Messages can be sent by GPRS/WIFI through GO CHAT plug-in, not SMS/MMS, save your money
5. Integrated with GO SMS Pro, SMS and IM msg can switch seamlessly, help you save money

GO CHAT should be used with GO SMS Pro main program, cannot be used alone. Click here to download the latest version of GO SMS Pro.

If meet any problems, please feedback to us, thank you.

Click here to download

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- Download the newest GO SMS Pro: 1.Search “GO SMS Pro” in google market; 2.https://market.android.com/details?id=com.jb.gosms
- Visit our Blog: http://gosms.goforandroid.com
- Visit our official website: http://www.goforandroid.com
- Email to us: gomessanger@gmail.com
- Visit our facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=178919808825035


81 Responses to GO CHAT plugin v1.3 update released

  1. Judy says:

    Would love to be able to block someone and have it auto reply with a message.

  2. ximent says:


  3. Jakob says:

    Have trouble logging in after updating to 1.3.1 (newest small fix)
    It says “Name or password error!” but i know the username and password is correct!
    Anyone know what to do about this error? (or is the server simply down?)

  4. Joe says:

    Not really a bug but I noticed today that if I go into batch mode and select a few unread messages and delete them the unread message indicator in the status bar doesn’t reduce by the number of unread messages i deleted.

    • Robbie says:

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  5. Douglas says:

    Noticed that when my HTC goes to screen lock, after unlocking, any text messages I have are gone, erased. Noticed it happening about 3 days ago. Have the most up-to-date version so not sure if changes made in the update caused this new issue.

  6. Cameron says:

    I updated to this version on my Motorola Milestone last week; now when I adjusted the volume while in the app, it changes the Media volume, not the ringer volume. Would rather have it the old way (adjust ringer volume from inside app without having to exit to the homescreen first). Otherwise, great!

  7. Limeade says:

    I can’t bind my mobile. The message comes as a MMS and ‘verify mobile failed’ shows.

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